Saturday, June 03, 2006

Removal of Electricity Deregulation Driving Up Power

June 1, 2006
Electricity Deregulation Driving Up Power Prices Once Again
Edmonton Alberta Liberal Energy critic Hugh MacDonald says the Alberta Electrical System Operator's 2005 annual report is proof that once again electricity deregulation is driving up power prices in Alberta. The AESO report, issued May18th 2006, indicates that the Alberta average wholesale pool price of electricity rose 28 per cent from 2004.

"Despite all of the glib government reassurances that electricity deregulation would see prices go down, it hasn't happened and it will never happen", said MacDonald. Electricity deregulation has been a complete failure for consumers. MacDonald warns that consumers will see even higher electricity prices when the regulated rate option starts to come off in July. This will force consumers to pay the average pool price for electricity.

When the regulated rate option comes off, consumer's electricity bills will go up once again, said MacDonald. This government is failing to protect Alberta's electricity consumers. MacDonald says that Albertans' electricity needs would be better served by the Alberta Liberals Low-Cost Power for Alberta plan. The full electricity policy is available at Link

Attached: Alberta Wholesale Market Statistics, AESO 2005 Annual Report Go to Page 24

For more information:
Josh Stewart, Communications or Hugh MacDonald, Energy critic
(780) 499-5470 (780) 914-5270
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