Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why is the protection on our power dropping now?

The USA is going to be short 7000MW of power, a trend starting this summer and moving upwards.

Some of this shortage is going to be made up by the Eastern Canada power grid. Permission Link. Much of the short fall will remain just that, a short fall.

Alberta is trying to triple it's output of electricity to meet this market place that promises to be lucrative. This is where you and I come in.

Under the Conservative scheme the prices we pay for power will be the same price as they can sell into the USA for. This will be considered the base the same as our crude oil prices are taken on New York prices.

The rules Klein put down for power lines is that Alberta must pay for all power lines in this province. That is, you and I pay for the power lines and the exporters use them to get into the USA.

This combination will force your power bills up 4 and 5 times what they are now.

We have adequate power for our needs in Alberta now. The door remains open for the AESO to export power to other jurisdictions including the US at higher prices than we are prepared to pay allowing us to suffer the "brown outs" and eventual power shortage and black outs as the summer moves forward.

The Liberals are doing their job and they are putting their plans forward as to what and how they would do things. Time for us to pay attention!

That is why I posted MacDonalds comments intact; a good read.
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