Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Issue with Conservative leadership race.

On the merit point system Lyle Oberg remains a full 20 point ahead of the wishful Jim Dining. Mr. Oberg’s gain comes from some real forward and different thinking on problem solving, fixing those programs that will effect us all, at every level such as a clear water usage program and the municipality support as being the lynch pin for the better life for us all.

Mr. Dining on the other hand is busy receipting platitudes which has not effected the party rank and file. Mr. Dinning is using the same play on words that Mr. Klein has used for so many years and, got shot down for using! Mr. Dinning is putting through a lot of hot gas while his verbiage tells us he will defend the status quo.

The city police looking for more than 10% salary increases (in addition to their regular increments) and the City of Edmonton councilors asking for 15% plus their regular 7% + 7% increments. This all because of inflation and an over heated economy.

As I reported earlier Ralph, faced with trying to defend the lowest royalties in the world has done only what Ralph would do, bring on the new construction with promises of still lower royalties! As outlined in a recent Edmonton Journal article (didn’t capture the link I’m sorry) the oil production has been going up and the amount of royalties, percentage charged, is dropping quickly.

I would have to guess that Ralph has allowed the oil companies to deduct the prices of the leases bought from the Province by adding it into their construction costs.
Such Crap!

I am very disappointed there is no relief for seniors in this province from either one of the candidates. Under these scenarios seniors will effectively have their pensions reduced by close to 50%! Even in the face of environmental and fiscal challenges I hear nothing from either candidate about getting Albertan’s a better deal on our resource.

Soon enough, our oil and gas is going to be gone, our fresh water gone because of misuse and over drilling and the oil companies will be gone leaving us or our kids to suffer in the sump. No efforts to bring on additional, diversified industry.

It appears we still have to go outside this party for a reasonable government.

John Clark
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