Friday, June 30, 2006

Dinning snowing the public.

Dinning moves from platitudes protecting the status quo to outright misdirection and lies. The right wing Alberta newspapers seems to love him!.

The Calgary Sun article “Power hits the PC race” quotes “Dinning said deregulation has helped Alberta attract electrical generation. The province is now home to 45% of all the new supply that's been brought on in Canada in the past seven years, he said.”

Take a moment; his spin doctors are working overtime.

What did Dinning learn about electric power while he was a VP at TransAlta?
The only major power generation station to come on-line in Alberta since Dinning left the "funny farm" was Gennese III and Edmonton Power committed to building it before TransAlta wanted in. Most of the new generation being constructed by EPCOR is in cooperation withTransAlta ... and it's wind farms in Ontario, not in Alberta.

It is true, however, that ATCO is planning some major transmission lines in Alberta. I believe they will be exporting power to Montana and that the power will be relayed from there to Southern California.

Most of the generation in Alberta that has come on-line is really co-generation and damned expensive. Frankly, electric energy all over North America is very expensive.

Mind you, when you own as many shares and stock options in Electricity as he does, you can afford to be optimistic. Remember he is the man who invented this system patterning himself after Dick Chaney in the US. And, that was a bust!

Using Dinning logic we went from the lowest cost utility in Canada to the highest cost and Dinning is not unhappy because it ends up in his pocket, he sees no room for relief.

I find it hard to believe the rags we call papers won’t give a balance editorial on these matters.

John Clark

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Issue with Conservative leadership race.

On the merit point system Lyle Oberg remains a full 20 point ahead of the wishful Jim Dining. Mr. Oberg’s gain comes from some real forward and different thinking on problem solving, fixing those programs that will effect us all, at every level such as a clear water usage program and the municipality support as being the lynch pin for the better life for us all.

Mr. Dining on the other hand is busy receipting platitudes which has not effected the party rank and file. Mr. Dinning is using the same play on words that Mr. Klein has used for so many years and, got shot down for using! Mr. Dinning is putting through a lot of hot gas while his verbiage tells us he will defend the status quo.

The city police looking for more than 10% salary increases (in addition to their regular increments) and the City of Edmonton councilors asking for 15% plus their regular 7% + 7% increments. This all because of inflation and an over heated economy.

As I reported earlier Ralph, faced with trying to defend the lowest royalties in the world has done only what Ralph would do, bring on the new construction with promises of still lower royalties! As outlined in a recent Edmonton Journal article (didn’t capture the link I’m sorry) the oil production has been going up and the amount of royalties, percentage charged, is dropping quickly.

I would have to guess that Ralph has allowed the oil companies to deduct the prices of the leases bought from the Province by adding it into their construction costs.
Such Crap!

I am very disappointed there is no relief for seniors in this province from either one of the candidates. Under these scenarios seniors will effectively have their pensions reduced by close to 50%! Even in the face of environmental and fiscal challenges I hear nothing from either candidate about getting Albertan’s a better deal on our resource.

Soon enough, our oil and gas is going to be gone, our fresh water gone because of misuse and over drilling and the oil companies will be gone leaving us or our kids to suffer in the sump. No efforts to bring on additional, diversified industry.

It appears we still have to go outside this party for a reasonable government.

John Clark

Friday, June 23, 2006



Not said in the article is that the Conservative’s plan on energy rebates comes off in time for the summer glut of power in the US which drives up the “market price” of electricity. Here is a link to the start of the gouge!

The Conservatives plan the deep gouge from our pockets! This scenario is planned not a year ahead bout 5 years ahead! There are no secrets here and, it is a good time to grab our coin! As usual seniors and fixed incomes are going to suffer most. Where is the Alberta index for Old age Pension? We are running cost wise 5 time the national average in costs and the penison are incremeinted on an abbreviated cost of living as determined nationally.

The monthly market rate will certainly be a better options cost wise for consumers. What would be better is a continuance of the power rebate to Albertans for the whole year. It is bad enough we pay for all the export of electricity in the power lines. And, we pay for the power lines so that the oil sands companies can export for free.

If anybody votes for a conservative in this next election they just have to be totally nuts!

EDMONTON - Your power bills could bounce in July, when regulated rates will more closely follow the ups and downs of the wholesale electricity market.

"We thought this was a more transparent way for consumers to see the actual price of electricity," says spokesman Jerry Bellikka at Alberta Energy, which ordered the change.

With retail rates now tied to a mix of one-month and one-year wholesale purchases, he says, consumers cannot easily see the basis of their bills. "The price of electricity today may not show on your bill for three months."

Power rebates are gone! Sell your kids!

Latest political meanderings.

Politics being what they are, Lyle Oberg is still solid in his presentations while Dinning is coasting on his well known play on words. Note when Ralph does this it is under the B.S. classification but when Mr. Dinning does it, it goes under “Play on words”Link

Because some links are subscription I will endeavor to quote specific text for your ease.

Leadership candidate Lyle Oberg has pledged to stop collecting the education portion of property taxes completely. Money in all our pockets!

The MLA for Strathmore-Brooks told The Journal editorial board on Thursday if he were premier he would give opposition parties the power to decide which bills are debated on any given day.

Again the man shows us he is up to the task of righting a lot of the wrongs!

In the same article Mr. Dinning speaking to the rank and file at the Rotary club says
“Giving a cut of resource royalty revenues directly to oil and gas producing centres is one way the province could help those communities fund infrastructure projects”

It has the spin of somehow saving us money but, it is targeted to McMurray and, he is actually saying he is going to give the money out of General Revenue. Like Ralph, such crap!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The colors are flying!

Lyle Oberg has long advocated putting more money in the hands of municipalities. This is possibly the best, smartest move for a Government to make, effecting all of us in a very positive way. A fresh out look finally!
Link to article

Jim Dinning comes out the gate as a tired old horse. Using possibly the oldest political gambit in the world, he proposes to buy the under 30 crowd with their own money! You will note in the article Mr. Dinning says nothing about increasing oil royalties to cover this pocket change. Nope; he will take it off your taxes and give it back to you.

I think he's a long way from the rank and file Albertan. The under 30 group has the lowest voter turn out of all! Perhaps after all is said and done he will go back to his opening statements and say "No comment until after I'm elected."

Also of great concern to us all, there is no word on fixing the total disaster seniors face in this province. We all can't afford the $4000 a month to live in Mr. Dinnings facility!

More and more this character is looking like Ralph but in a higher priced suit. The guy is too arrogant to be the leader of the opposition. He would retire first.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dinning? God protect us!

Surprise! Jim Dinning wants to be premier!

He is the last person I would like to see in charge of the Conservative Party. He is the man who invented the plans to privatize the campgrounds etc. He is the man who drew up the plans for the privatization of the electrical facility. He is the man who was sitting next to Kline in the West Edmonton Mall fiasco. It is probably his name the courts are protecting for another 12 years! It is my personal view that Ralph Klein was Jim Dinnings front man.

Jim Dinning is the one who prescribed the oil royalty programs that we are in so much trouble over. He is the man who authored the privatization of our health care, a process that is on going whether or not it is described as the third way.

Dinning is a consultant for ATCO. No crime in that. Trans Alta have walked way from the central corridor power lines to Calgary. ATCO have presented to their share holders a plan to bring a line down the eastern part of the province for export. We have yet to hear who the Conservatives will give the building of the power line to from Genesee to the eastern border.

The senior’s plight in this province was authored by Jim Dinning. Fiscal Planning it is called. Mr. Dinning owns his own up scale seniors home. More fiscal planning.

This is time to talk of the poison cup! If you want to commit this province to further suicide look for Dinning!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Right wing goose stepping bunch of bastards!

Stockwell day is warming up to take an end run on the internet here

In another article which I do not have a link to Stockwell day is about to change the rules for all federal agents to pretty much do what ever they want to whom ever they want in the name of investigation.

No holds barred! One of these Feds (Game warden; customs agent etc) can use any means necessary except excess force in the pursuit of their truth and, they will be protected under the law!

This is straight out of NAZI Germany!

With all this breaking news and the hind site into the Ontario "terrorist" BS that is catching so much news, I would have to guess a group of young men are being taken advantage of to open the door for a right wing enforcement program that only Stockwell day could imagine.

That will teach those kids to go paint balling in Canada!

More choices for Albertans.

Yes, much more of the same waste, mismanagement and the wholesale sell out of resource to insiders is all we can expect from the "new" candidates for the Conservative party. I am very sure Albertan's don't want more of the same!

Here are some more exciting links that advocate sensible, well thought out change that would serve to keep Alberta for Albertans.

On health care

On the Future of Alberta

If you want change, a future other than that dictated by Klein and company, it is time to research and make your choices.

Of interest of all the really excellent links I have posted there is nothing out there on policies that will increase our secondary business structure. As it is we are stuck in primary manufacture. That business of ever so slightly up grading a resouce for export.

We have the money. If we have the will we can build this province into a multi dimentional business platform, not an oil or nothing province the Conservatives would have us abide by.

WEM has not gone away!

Developing research:
Remember the WEM scandal? Charges were dropped against Mr. Lahey of Treasury Branch fame. Huge undisclosed payout to Mr. Lahey so he could move on, quietly. And, remember Mr. Lahey’s statement? “If I go down the Alberta Government will go down”

Now information is in awaiting verification on a few minor points.

Millions of dollars in cash packed in shopping bags and loaded into the trunk of passenger vehicles was picked up at WEM and delivered into a downtown location to be split up by Ralph and company.

It’s no wonder Ralph put a 15 year freeze on court information! I think I can flesh it out anyway.

I think its time I become an accredited Investigative Journalist.

New low in Royalties.

Breaking news:

The Conservative’s agreements on royalties for the new oil projects have diminished the royalties of Albertans. After all the construction and entertainment bills are paid Alberta will receive only 1% royalties!

When Klein said on TV that he would change this province in such a way that no Government would be able to change it back, he wasn’t kidding! This is an occupation force, not a Government.

Treat them as such!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to consider real alternatives.

We can all recognize the utter disaster that the Conservatives have laid on us. Any dam fool could produce an energy program that asks for the lowest returns in the world and allows that industry first call on resources regardless of what they are.

The Conservatives have produced nothing in their leadership race that will change anything and frankly, we as citizens just can’t afford any more of their abuse.

It’s time to look at what other parties have to say about issues. I am particularly excited about the New Democrat’s positions. They are well thought out and affordable. Beyond complaints they are putting forward readable and detailed plans.

Worth a read! It may well show up under your “favorites”.

Health care Fix

Alberta pays more on insurance than any other jurisdiction! Fix

Electricity rip off, a Fix

Some relief for Education

Monday, June 05, 2006

Terrorists or Paramilitary opportunity?

When the hawks are up there are no doves in flight! And, it is so very easy to get the hawks in the air; they are always first up and so very difficult to get down.

At the mention of terrorism cells in Canada the drums start to bang and the bands start to march. Out come the guns and the special law enforcement groups and the media join the frenzy. Up go the Hawks.

Now our street gangs, bad as they may be are said by media to be hooked to international terrorists. More excuse to build the urban army.

In the US the Homeland Security has take the place of McCarthyism. A neighbor spying on Neighbors, kids telling on their parents is the way of the day. Borders screwed down tight on communities and country.

In the trucking industry now it costs over one thousand dollars above scale to send a truck into New York State, if you can find a driver that wants to go. The drivers know they will face an endless gauntlet of security searches and time delays.

Police will get bigger budgets; personal liberties will be sharply curtailed. It is hard but, try to resist the parade. It just keeps getting longer and longer and your freedoms become shorter and shorter. As personal rights and freedoms are curtailed the resistance goes up and the people who resist are said to be part of the problem. Try to support the doves!

When the Hawks get up un-tethered by worst case scenarios, the terrorists will have won the day.

Read the hype in any paper you want and, say no, I’m not buying it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why is the protection on our power dropping now?

The USA is going to be short 7000MW of power, a trend starting this summer and moving upwards.

Some of this shortage is going to be made up by the Eastern Canada power grid. Permission Link. Much of the short fall will remain just that, a short fall.

Alberta is trying to triple it's output of electricity to meet this market place that promises to be lucrative. This is where you and I come in.

Under the Conservative scheme the prices we pay for power will be the same price as they can sell into the USA for. This will be considered the base the same as our crude oil prices are taken on New York prices.

The rules Klein put down for power lines is that Alberta must pay for all power lines in this province. That is, you and I pay for the power lines and the exporters use them to get into the USA.

This combination will force your power bills up 4 and 5 times what they are now.

We have adequate power for our needs in Alberta now. The door remains open for the AESO to export power to other jurisdictions including the US at higher prices than we are prepared to pay allowing us to suffer the "brown outs" and eventual power shortage and black outs as the summer moves forward.

The Liberals are doing their job and they are putting their plans forward as to what and how they would do things. Time for us to pay attention!

That is why I posted MacDonalds comments intact; a good read.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Removal of Electricity Deregulation Driving Up Power

June 1, 2006
Electricity Deregulation Driving Up Power Prices Once Again
Edmonton Alberta Liberal Energy critic Hugh MacDonald says the Alberta Electrical System Operator's 2005 annual report is proof that once again electricity deregulation is driving up power prices in Alberta. The AESO report, issued May18th 2006, indicates that the Alberta average wholesale pool price of electricity rose 28 per cent from 2004.

"Despite all of the glib government reassurances that electricity deregulation would see prices go down, it hasn't happened and it will never happen", said MacDonald. Electricity deregulation has been a complete failure for consumers. MacDonald warns that consumers will see even higher electricity prices when the regulated rate option starts to come off in July. This will force consumers to pay the average pool price for electricity.

When the regulated rate option comes off, consumer's electricity bills will go up once again, said MacDonald. This government is failing to protect Alberta's electricity consumers. MacDonald says that Albertans' electricity needs would be better served by the Alberta Liberals Low-Cost Power for Alberta plan. The full electricity policy is available at Link

Attached: Alberta Wholesale Market Statistics, AESO 2005 Annual Report Go to Page 24

For more information:
Josh Stewart, Communications or Hugh MacDonald, Energy critic
(780) 499-5470 (780) 914-5270
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