Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conservatives:- On the course of sedition? You decide.

Sedition refers to overthrowing a Government. Stephen Harper in a recent CBC interview said "I will change Canada so even the Liberals will not recognize it!" and as a long time Conservative I can tell you for many years, the Conservatives have said “Soon we will become another state when we join the US” Perhaps, now is the time?

The Governments taking part in dismantling Canada.

Lead by the Alberta Conservatives followed by:
BC Liberals (Conservative)
Gov’t of NWT (Conservative)
Gov’t of Yukon (Conservative)
Saskatchewan Conservatives
And supported by Steven Harper and Gilles Duceppe

Stephen Harper on a CBC TV interview stated “I will change the country so even the Liberals won’t recognize it!”

Gilles Duceppe has told his people that separation for Quebec in the bag after the coming election, if he gets in.

Michael Ignatieff has thrown away the well worn Liberal Red Book without telling the followers.  I don’t think anyone knows what he stands for as nothing has come forward to replace it.  And, that breaks my heart.  He as supported Conservatives constantly, one has to wonder if he is just another door into US statehood.

5 Western Premiers have agreed to cooperate on achieving the Conservative long term goals.  With Quebec on side you can be pretty sure Harper’s musings (threats) will come true.

Taking his lead from Alberta, Harper has moved our corporate taxes down to 15%.  This compares to 35% in the US.  Money missing is going to come from social programs for operating funds!  It is you and I that are taking the hit!

Here are some Conservative goals unattainable until this point in time.
Do away with the Canada Pension Plan and install private insurance companies in its place at a major cost to the benefactors.

Do away with Canadian Health Care and move to a US system entirely.  For those that cannot afford medical insurance and make less than 20,000 dollars a year, Government help (US equivalent Medicaid) will be available but only after you have sold your house and liquidated your belongings.

Let’s consider the fall out if they get elected again.  All the Conservative dreams will come true; there will be nothing to stop them!

Health Care will be totally American style.  Alberta is still flying with the Ways and means tests for financial assistances.  They set the poverty line at 24,000 per year after one has liquidated all their assets.  (This brings the DNR tag to the back of their chair if they happen to be in a home).

They will adopt this coverage as the Alberta Medicaid and everyone else can buy insurance.  This is the same idea the Wild Rose Party Supports.

Both Harper and the WRP have said they want universal Health care but they are not saying it comes with harsh conditions!
You decide if long term plans and organizations like this are sedition or not!

Canada Pension plan and Old Age Security will see an overhaul for the worst. 

Ted Morton has made it clear he does not want to strengthen the CPP.  His alternative is private insurance companies picking up the plan, as they are doing now with the addendum that companies can make and remit insurance deductions from employees to the private insurance company.

The Federal Conservatives agree with this and are supporting it.

The Western Conservatives including the Wild Rose Party agree Equalization payments should be done away with.  I have to guess this is in anticipation of a Quebec split.

No doubt there are promises between the groups of 5 for mutual support, essentially cutting out the east.   Harper and his crew are supportive of this.

Now; for some more speculation.  One doesn’t have to drop a hammer to know it is going to fall!

Quebec Separates with the support of the Western Premiers.

The constitution is re opened so any number of changes can be made.  Changes will include protection for the Crown to enforce hard core bio ID and literally anything else they want; nothing to stop them now and probably include changes to limit individual rights while strengthening corporate rights.The point is, once it is opened anything can be changed!

Indian Affairs, a long time target of the Conservatives will be no more.  Money in that fund will be transferred to the Natives using a private company to sort out who gets what.

If history holds true, this same money will be frittered away within 2 years and the private mix will assure the fund is drained.  Overhead you know.

Workers Compensation, fully integrated with the public health care system will be changed to the US system where WCB is a law, not an organization, which tells companies what coverage they need to provide. 

Companies who provide corporate health care coverage often are the same companies which cover the WCB requirements.  The US has long been complaining about the Canadian WCB system as being a subsidy; it will be among the first to go, across Canada.

The CBC will be done away with.  There is no place for the CBC in a Conservative world; it will probably be the first casualty!

If Canadians do not come together to unseat the Western Premiers all will be lost!

There is no party running that will not do its best to look after industry in a competitive world.  The Conservative world of Corporate Welfare is killing us as individuals. The Green Party is nearly as right wing as the WRP so, don't hang  your hopes there.

Remember; it was the people who did not bother to vote that put the Conservatives in power from one end of the country to the other and now,  you are on the brink of loosing your country!
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