Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kenny and the Wild Rose Party have embarked on a program of Grande Theater!

 First, Kenny was on Linkedin begging people not to vote for the NDP but, to support the Wild Rose Party who make up a large portion of his party.  Since this was put up another name change came into effect the Independent Wild Rose Party all the same thing.

When this post went up they had to invent a new school curriculum so bizarre and off the wall that the province as a whole would reject it.  Think of it!  Look at the Bizzar subject matters that break the bounds of sense and sensibility! 

Now that the @Wild Rose Party are unveiled in the #UCP they have theatre going on all channels hoping to push themselves into a majority position and deriding Kenny in a show of Bad Leader carrying this forward in Post Media and CTV. On this, they hope to get a majority and put us right back into the present mess we are in.  Remember to this point, this is the same crew who made the present policies.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Kenny's incestuous relationship with Insurance.

 We have all had a hit from increased insurance premiums at one level or another. Condo's were hit especially hard. The Conservatives have an incestuous relationship with the insurance industry. In fact, it is the heart of their financial planning. Kenny took the freeze off insurance maximums that the NDP had put in place.

Previous Conservative Governments at the provincial level have asked for and received a 3% kickback from the #insurance industry to the Conservative coffers. I have not had confirmation that the UCP are on the dole but, he is following the Klein plan so close I would be very surprised if they weren't.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Justice Centre appeals dismissal of court action against Alberta’s Bill 10


Apr 1st, 2021


CALGARY: The Justice Centre today announced that it is appealing the March 22, 2021 decision of Justice Anne Kirker of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench dismissing the constitutional challenge against Alberta’s Bill 10.  The Court ruling holds that, since representatives of the Alberta government have stated that Bill 10 will be repealed at some point, it cannot be challenged currently. The filed Notice of Appeal states that the decision is an error of law.

Bill 10, the Public Health (Emergency Powers) Amendment Act, 2020, is the controversial legislation Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP rammed through the legislature in 48 hours in the spring of 2020, which transferred broad law-making power to his Minister of Health Tyler Shandro. The grant of such power to one individual to amend any existing law as that sole individual sees fit is unprecedented in the history of Canada.

On April 30, 2020, the Justice Centre filed a legal action challenging the constitutionality of the two delegating provisions, section 52.1(2)(b) and section 52.21(2)(b) of the Public Health Act as amended by Bill 10.

Justice Centre President John Carpay has called Bill 10 a “power grab under cover of the pandemic”, the “betrayal of the electorate and of the rule of law”, and “an affront to democracy and constitutionalism”. Since the filing of the lawsuit, the case has been slowed due to delay tactics and procedural wrangling by the government, and other systemic delays due to court closures and Covid. In dismissing the constitutional challenge against Bill 10, Justice Kirker relied on statements made by Health Minister Shandro from over five months ago, on October 15, 2020, that these sections enacted by Bill 10 would be repealed.

Despite these promises, Bill 10 has not been repealed. No bill has yet been tendered in the Alberta Legislature for its repeal. Counsel for Alberta informed the Court several times on the record that in fact Minister Shandro’s representations are not binding on the government of Alberta. Counsel for Alberta further informed the Court that he has no information when Bill 10 might actually be repealed.

Prior to Bill 10, the Public Health Act already gave extraordinary powers to Cabinet, the Minister of Health, and the Chief Medical Officer in the event of a public health emergency. These existing powers included taking citizen’s real or personal property without consent, authorizing entry into a person’s residence without a warrant, authorizing mass immunization of the public, and requiring mass public testing. Under these existing provisions, a minister could suspend – for up to 60 days – the operation of any existing law.

Adding to these existing powers, for the last year during Covid, Bill 10 allows a single Minister to unilaterally make new laws and create new offences for the people of Alberta, without consultation with the elected members of the Legislative Assembly. Bill 10 also raises maximum individual penalties for violating the Public Health Act to the eye-watering sum of $500,000. The Public Health Act has extended the power of Ministers to make new law for a period of up to 270 days, or even longer.

Bill 10 was an act of political opportunism,” states John Carpay. “Before the public, or the Legislature for that matter, could clearly understand what was occurring, the UCP transferred enormous power to their Health Minister to unilaterally make and amend laws without debate or oversight from the legislative assembly. This lawsuit is about accountability before the courts and a check on the abuse of legislative power. The appeal of Justice Kirker’s decision will be pursued expeditiously.”

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Kenny adopts Ralph Klein Education program.

 Kenny continues to follow in Ralph Klein's footsteps!

Cuts to secondary education to reach 20% in the next few years.

This year: Athabasca #education University-1%University of Alberta-9%University of Calgary-6%University of Lethbridge-6%Grant MacEwan University-2%Mount Royal University-5%Grande Prairie Regional College-9%Keyano College-9%Medicine Hat College-2%Red Deer College-7%NAIT-3%SAIT-4%Concordia University-1%
They plan on making up the shortage of certificates lost by this move from primarily the US Graduates and by running help wanted adds around the world, Just like Ralphie! All we can do is try to survive the Conservatives until the next election.

The way the education system will work: Dummed and downgraded school and high school. There are no university entrance courses. Reduce the trade school entrance demands making sure there is an easy path to trade. Defund the universities this will mean most people cannot afford the University fees and will opt their kids into trade school.

We lost good minds to 8 years of this scenario. The finished product probably doesn't know how to write a cheque or, know what their signature means.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Kenny's phony carbon storage program 4 billion dollars worth.

For carbon dioxide to become critical (liquid form) it takes the pressure of 2600 feet below the surface.

Generally putting it downhole means they are using the solvent attributes of this liquid to scarf up oil remains in a formation. When they do this, the carbon dioxide is absorbed into the oil making it more fluid, easier to pump. 

As this new mixture is moved to the surface, the pressure diminishes and carbon dioxide is released.  On the surface, this appears to be boiling oil.   

Weyburn Saskatchewan did this in a big way, importing carbon dioxide from North Dakota to put downhole to get more out of their formation.  Reports of this time describe a venting of gas out of the rig with the sound of a jet engine and it would go for hours before oil showed up.

This has been going on since 2008 and is costing billions!  Clean Energy Resources and Projects (CERP) | Natural Resources Canada (  

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

We don't need new pipelines of any kind, to any place!

 The Transmountain Expansion can handle all the oil we produce.   What we are not talking about is the prospects of expansion of the oil sands!    

Until the Conservatives and the oil companies come up with a solution to eradicate or mitigate the settling ponds in Northern Alberta, there should be no talk of expansion!  Those ponds are laced with rare metals and elements also, Arsenic Salts and Cyanide Salts.  Enough so to class the ponds as a hazardous material.

Because of their nature rules are in place, if you take water out of the contaminated lake,  you have to keep it. You can't put it back into the lake. This pretty much kills the chances of large scale centrifuge operations or like processes the future will come up with.   I say again, No more Tar Sands Expansion until the lakes are in hand!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Keystone Update!

The USA does not want Canada shipping oil off our west coast.


They see it as opposition to their total control by the Gulf Coast refineries. Conservatives serve the US before they serve Canada, Kenny tried and failed to shut down the Trans Mountain Expansion!


He was busted both times so, he tried to make it a battle of pensions.


Kenny drew the Alberta Teachers pension fund and put it into AIMCO which is not arm's length from the Conservatives. Kenny wanted to start a pension battle with Ottawa. Trans Mountain expansion is owned by the Canada Pension Plan.  

He has since put in legislation preventing the Teachers Association from suing AIMCO. 


A great investment, they have contracts for 80 per cent of their capacity (all they can legally book) Kenny took the teachers Pensions and financed the Keystone line out of that putting up a contest between Ottawa and Alberta expecting on one part for Ottawa to capitulate and quit the Trans Mountain.


Another massive business decision failure was to think the Republicans would be in office forever. He also chose to overlook the fact the US is self-sufficient in oil production. There has never been a discussion on how much the pipeline would charge to move oil.  


Now, he's casting about trying to push the forthcoming disaster onto someone else.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Kenny was on Linkedin begging people not to vote NDP.

 The guy is feeling the heat either from southern Alberta or from potential voters. Or, perhaps just desperate.

What he did in this expose' was to endorse the Wild Rose Party as a successor to the UCP.  Never mind a good portion of the WRP are presently members of the UCP!  He begged business not to vote NDP!

The UCP have a problem in controlling the religious comment in their political spiel.  Fort instance Daniel Steel said "Homosexuals should burn in the fires of hell"   and "The Chase Manhattan bank saved Alberta, not the federal government.  Where in fact the chase manhattan bank financed the Mormon Temple in Salt lake for 100,000 dollars saving it from bankruptcy!  Somehow she managed to loop this into Alberta politics!  It certainly demonstrates the Mormon connection to the UCP and the WRP.  They roll out the WRP every time the principal party gets in trouble; presented as a good guy and a bad guy routine.

In the past, the Conservatives on one side and the Wild Rose Party on the other side as the ugly hard-line cousin served to put up a lively exchange in the print newspapers.    

It's good that the UCP can clearly see the exit door.  That doesn't mean the Wild Rose have a place in our politic.  And, don't forget the Red Deer MLA who was a lead Trump election organizer.  Yup; make Alberta better right out of Trump's playbook.

Brian Jean got stuck on the all-party forum.  He couldn't answer questions without checking with the Church.

The Conservatives robbed the Heritage Trust fund of 760 billion dollars the majority of the money ended up on the Texas coast. The remainder of the Heritage fund is in the hands of AIMCO who is not arm's length from the UCP pockets.  We can't afford another Conservative Government  Trump is gone so the don't have leadership hence Kenny's begging on your vote to go to the WRP.

Harper is still in the woodwork as a coach and advisor.   Harper's son still works in Kenny's office with a plush 100,000 dollar a year first-time job.

This brings me to Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP.  While in office she raised Alberta GDP to the highest provincial balance in Canada!  Our Health Care was safe for our medical staff secure.  Kenny took office and put them all on notice!  He's in a bind to go onto Linkedin with his speil knowing full well I was on there.

Not the least of it is Post Media have again cut me off their Calgary site from commenting on the same subject matter.  The Fed really has to do something harsh about post media and their owner, bell media.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Microsoft; Really?

 If you are in the market for a new computer #Microsoft O/S might look attractive but, it's not.

MS has taken the view they are the morality champions of the world.  All under the name of security or safety, they block different apps in the name as a favour to you,

The point in fact, "torrent" or variations of "torrent" are blocked by the operating system. The thing is they can and will block anything they don't approve of.

I'm already vested in #MS or, I would switch to just about anything else!.

Sadly it demonstrates how MS can change any aspect of their OS without notice or consultation.  It is a dictatorship, not a choice.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New figures out on COVID shows Kenny is still hard on the "Beast Immunization" strategy for this province.

 Alberta's figures are sky-high, way beyond the numbers of other provinces.  Even Ontario who is in Shit-shape is lower than Alberta's numbers!

Kenny's hiring of antimask protesters would account for some of the burst in infected numbers, however, not all.   The no isolation for oil workers in the tar sands, now classified as essential workers, don't have to isolate when returning from the infected US.

Considering that Kenny's first public announcement was "I'm not going to lie anymore" and it turned out to be the first lie.  At least Doug Ford in Ontario is trying.  We cannot say that about Kenny and the UCP who we can't trust even for the simplest stats.

We should have had a lockdown in travel months ago!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

World's best kept secret!

 China has embarked on building the world's first fusion reactor!   This will be the holy grail of the nuclear industry.  Fusion is the same process the sun works on.    A fusion reactor should only leave water as a by-product!  And, yes, it will be a game-changer.

Yes, Canada and the rest of the world have adopted a cautionary tone in their position on China.

Just a thought,  perhaps China will share the elusive technology?

Friday, December 18, 2020

Further proof you cannot trust the Globe and Mail (Bell Media)

 The Globe and Mail are promoting Jagmeet Singh who is playing both ends against the middle.  He backed the Conservatives on the Huawei buying into the Conservative Bell Media BS.   This man would not do his own research, went for the easy bag and it will come back to bite him in the ass.

He even failed to note Huawei has been building and running the G5 network in BC for over 10 years with no complaints.

 Look south of the border with their Foreign Hackers.   All of these departments would be on Bell Media G5 Networks!  Speaks so highly of the Company yet, not a whisper of this from #CNN.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Kenny is trying for Herd Immunization while banking pandemic money from Ottawa.

Kenny and the UCP are trying for Herd Immunization, let the bodies fall where they will. Following the Republican failed plan in the US. In all his "plans" he leaves one end open to allow the virus to continue.

He is allowing workers at the tar sands to commute between the US and Alberta without the necessary isolation. The airport tests on arrival are a blink in time while the COVID 19 is said to take up to 5 days to present its self and, remains contagious during this period.

As for the protesters. There are no adjacent protests going on Alberta is the only place! It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who is in charge of the protests, Kenny!

The CBC was discussing how Kenny did not pay out billions of dollars to front end workers, rather just sat on the money paying his extravagant staff and protesters instead.

BC and Saskatchewan should close their borders, seriously restrict trave with Alberta and the US due to the unsafe conditions in Alberta at this time!

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Kenny pays anti-mask protesters.

 This post needs a little background.

On Kenny:
He's not that stupid. He's ultra-ambitious politically and will do whatever it takes to push his agenda. He always has. I watched while he lied repeatedly and sucked up to whichever ethnic group of the week was on his schedule. He is outstanding in his willingness to be duplicitous. He runs his mouth and his agenda. He will do anything to win.

I put up a post saying I had written Ottawa asking that no more money be sent to Alberta as Kenny was using it as a slush fund and was forcing the COVID onto the population of this province, would not put mask regulation nor enforcement for masks on the books. Because this no more cash should come to Alberta, it always works against us

When Kenny read this he busted out his new lies and dammed the protesters who, magically disappeared.

A different crew has shown up in Calgary, just as vocal and unruly. Who got this crew fired up  Kenny or the Mormon Church?  All this carried bigger than life on CTV (who else} Bell Media who have left journalism far behind them and are presently complaining about Social Media and not being able to compete with them.

We do not see any protest in the surrounding provinces nor any place else in Canada!.

Well, Folks, it is now apparent Kenny hired the protesters, risking their very lives to make an Anti-Mask protest. He used the promise of an immediate vaccine where there is none available for perhaps another 4 months. This prompts me to tell the luckless protesters to contact a lawyer if you test positive. I see a case here for lawers to start a class action law suite on behalf of these exposed, paid, protesters.

The last time he pulled a trick like this was the hiring of people to man a rail crossing in the middle of the night. He picked a crossing on which there was no traffic for weeks before the performance.
I won't get off his case until there are provincial laws governing the mandatory wearing of masks and a set of fines for not doing so. Public health and safety demand this! And, you should contact your MLA too. And the CRTC if you have the will.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Conservative pressure on Vaccine timing.

 The Conservative Governments across the country are pushing the Federal Government for answers that just are not available. It’s called harassments!

First off the Vaccinations are using our RNA, something that has never been done before. Because this is a new technology, new plants had to be built to manufacture. The old established plant’s, designed to mass-produce dead viruses can’t be used.

How far along are these new facilities?

The RNA is in every cell in our body. It is primitive and, its job is to repair our DNA. It’s also referred to as the messenger bit.

Now we have a brand new technology the US under incredible pressure wants to run it out early. The whole science community is watching this to see if something backfires or not. Or does our RNA treat our bodies more differently than the short tests indicate?

I for one am very happy the initial inoculations are starting down south and further I hope we don’t hurry before mutations on this new technology work its way through the first populations. 

On the other hand, some companies are going with our present technology, that of killing the virus and injecting us with the dead virus so our immune systems can build up a response.  When the time comes, you will have to know what type you received so you can get the proper follow-up dose.

Meanwhile, just ignore the Conservatives empty complaints.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Kenny ingratiates himself - this time with COVID Emergency Notice.

 On November 25th the Federal Government put out an Emergency notice regarding the actions we need to follow to curb COVID.  This was not broadcast in Alberta!

On November 26th, Kenny put out an Emergency Notice along the same lines but, no mention of Ottawa, all only to the greater glory of Kenny!

The UCP and Kenny are a danger to this province!  A Government that will block emergency notices from our Central Government is certainly ahead of the separation movement in Alberta!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

$1,000 Health Protection Act ticket issued after Halifax house party Friday night

 A house party on Edward Street with about 60 people in attendance was broken up by Halifax police on Friday night, and a $1,000 ticket was issued under the Health Protection Act.

Halifax Regional Police confirmed the party was on Edward Street.

On Twitter, Halifax councillor Waye Mason said the person who reported the party "did the right thing" but more must be done to discourage large gatherings.

"I've spoke to both provincial folks and health folks asking that steps be taken to increase fines - should be every participant gets ticketed, in Howe Hall, at a house party, at a dinner party in the South End. 1 ticket is insufficient," Mason said in a tweet on Saturday.

The party happened the same day Premier Stephen McNeil announced that residents in the Halifax Regional Municipality will be limited to only five people gathering in a close social group without physical distancing, starting on Monday. Before, 10 people could gather without physical distancing.

This is one of several new COVID-19 protection measures announced in Nova Scotia on Friday, as the premier and chief medical officer of health expressed concern about 18- to 35-year-olds in the province.

"They are going out when they are feeling sick. They are going out in large groups and frankly different groups and are not distancing," Stephen McNeil said on Friday afternoon.

"They are living as if COVID doesn't exist.

CBC/Radio-Canada - - November 22, 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

G5, Huawei and Bell Media

 G5 network is so named because it works on the 1MM wavelength.  Has an ability to go through most things but can only cover distances by repeaters.   It hooks up your cell phone to your desktop, your thermostat and your camera. Plus your vehicle.  It doesn't matter which system you choose as far as technology is concerned.  

Bell Media is in charge of post media and our IP providers.  Brought into
Canada by Stephen Harper on his promise to "change Canada so we would never recognize it" 

This vertical arrangement of Media ensures the Conservatives get favourable coverage and the Liberals get a bent version of whatever is going on.  However, I can tell you this, If you have a secret, keep it in a notebook, not on your phone or computer. Too late, I settled on Burning DVDs.

High-band 5G, or millimetre-wave, is the really new stuff. So far, this is mostly airwaves in the         20-100 GHz range. These airwaves haven't been used for consumer applications before. They're very short range; our tests have shown about 800-foot distances from towers. But there are vast amounts of unused spectrum up there, which means very fast speeds using up to 800MHz at a time. 

O'Tool, is a Conservative, put into office by the far-Right, (Harper's crew and the US Republicans)  He is presently telling the Government to get rid of  G5, Huawei in his move to protect US industry which, is his first choice in any case, why Canada always looses when dealing with the Conservatives. 

Bottom line is Bell Media engineered Conservative sweeps provincially.  Huawei, however, has been working in BC for 10 years and, no record of any problems anywhere and they enjoy the same service we do!

This will demonstrate why we have BC as the only province without a Conservative Government.


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Is Kenny trying to infect us all?

 Kenny is doing nothing about stemming the continuing outbreak of COVID19.  What we need is a full 3-week lockdown.  What we get is a virus to take a time off at 10 PM!  And the flu season hasn't kicked in yet!.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Sending the Peace River to the USA!


Weatherford Project detailed.

First Published SUNDAY, APRIL 01, 2012  

Weatherford Project the start of a gigantic transfer of water to the US. The whole program is adequately explained here: NAWAPA  (Credit to Richard Weatherhill)  This video is a US concept shown in its best light bought into whole heartedly by the Harper and Prentice Conservatives. (This is the US view of what they want)

The *Conservative Government has a fully mechanically engineered project sitting on their shelf from the 1980s.  It is as valid today as when it was paid for. Harper has removed the Navigable water protection from the River making it all possible.  It's in play now!  Trudeau killed the move.

This is the Weatherford project, the design being to move up to 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River into the USA! 

#The project has 8 large electrical lift stations in it, each one using the power of a large city.  This is immense and under a Conservative Government taxpayers will pay for the infrastructure and private companies will take home the profits.

Under a "good" Liberal Government the price of construction would be carried by those who need the water, not those who supply it.  Think here of our present electricity debacle!

Government's direction will be handled by private industry and paid for by the Alberta Taxpayers.

For those of you in southern Alberta; the St. Mary's system and involved in the Western Irrigation District; Did you sign up for this?  Many of you were kicked off the board while others with cash were able to buy rock pile so they could claim adjoining property thereby being put on the board.

Mike Cardinal reworked the Western Irrigation board while he was selling off Crown Grazing Lands on the East Slope of the Rockies to the Agra Food Industry.  Rules of water ownership run First in Line, First in Time and these properties are where all of our groundwater used for drinking originates!  

When a River drops to 1/3 of its flow it goes stagnant, the river dies.  Kenny is okay with this as is a long list of Conservatives before him.

The US has announced it will build a rail from our North Coast to the US to move oil.  Why would they do this when they are oil self-sufficient.   I think rail is to move The Peace River by rail into the US!

Friday, October 02, 2020

Conservatives plans to change our Constitution.

 It was front and Centre at the time of the last #provincial elections! Carried mostly on the Conservative Facebook page, the ideas of what to change in our constitution. Upfront was privatizing the CPP and changing the numbers to adjust the Constitution. As it stands now, it takes six provinces with 50% of the population plus the Federal Chair to make changes. They are more than halfway there! They need only the Federal Chair.

Most of the changes as I recall you won’t like. There was talk of making Canada self-sufficient, Let Quebec export Electricity west and Quebec would take Alberta oil. The thing is, Alberta’s power is owned by cities and they would have to give up that income. Quebec? It had just lost it’s market in the US and still had a surplus, still charging way too much.

At this point in time, we should collectively change Conservative Governments in office provincially.

Off subject, but the same time frame Australia elected a Conservative Government in a major upset, no one could see it coming. Australia had just installed Bell into their country.

Consider, most were not put there honestly, Quebec, and Alberta are only two such provinces. They were put into office with the help of Bell Media and their 200 post newspapers. How it worked:

Scheer would make some wild statement in the house where he could not be attached legally. In most cases, he never received any acknowledgement. The Globe and Mail would pick up on whatever was said and publish it as fact when it was not. Then the other Post Media newspapers would spread it around the country and it would finally end up on our six PM news broadcast.

Only one example of such predatory action. Scheer accused Trudeau of misappropriation for charging 7000 dollars to the Government for his kid's playground. At the same time accused him of taking foreign gifts and not declaring them. The Globe made headlines of this and it was spun out as outlined above.

What actually happened was Trudeau paid 7000 from his own pocket for a playground set for his kids. The Government would not let him install the same and did so themselves at a cost to the taxpayer of 300.00 and change.

The Gift received was the Aga Kahn, a personal friend of the Trudeau family had given Trudeau a pair of sunglasses, value $300.

This managed a weeks time on the Globe and several days on your local news.

It was a steady diet like this that got the Conservatives across Canada elected. And, they are still doing it where possible.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Alberta's push on separation is a Kenny Sideshow.

 Did we have a rush of separation publicity before the Conservatives took office?  NO!

Where do the calls for separation emanate from?  Southern Alberta, those people who go shopping cross border on a daily basis.   Do calls for separation come from Southern Ontario?   NO!

This means the problem lays with the Mormon congregation in Southern Alberta!  And, as founders of the Conservative movement in Canada, they continue to push their agenda.

The last elections when the Conservatives were assured a windfall election with the help of Bell Media and Post media intervention the Con Facebook place had a long list of wish lists regarding changing our Constitution.  One item was to make it easier to succeed from Canada!  Others dealt with power regulations which would have us buying our electricity from Quebec at advanced prices.  There were forages into the US system of Health care and the ability to dissolve the CPP!

To change the Constitution it takes 6 provinces having 50% of the population and the Conservatives are better than halfway there!   All they need now is the Federal Chair!

I say to  you if  you want to keep Canada as a state serving the people rather then a Republican State like you see malfunctioning south of the border then, get over your "I voted because I didn't like" and change your mindset to "I vote because our country is at risk"  Do whatever you can to unseat the provincial Governments who were put into office by Bell Media and their 200 newspapers (Post Media)

In the meantime protect yourself and Tune out the Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Kenny claims Feds are stepping into Provincial Jurisdiction= BS!

 Kenny's latest rant about the Federal Government stepping into Provincial Jurisdiction is plainly BS but it has a reason.

Conservatives don't run a set of books.  They run out of one account "General Revenues"  All the money taken in by the province from any source goes into General Revenues.  Using this account is how the Conservatives managed to strip 760 billion dollars from the Heritage  Trust Fund.  

All profits above 5% were taken from the Heritage fund and dropped into General revenues where they were used to reduce taxes for the oil companies.  This in turn ended up in companies on the Gulf Coast. 

The Feds are pouring billions of dollars into Alberta to fight COVID 19.  They demanded accountability for where the money was being spent.

Back in our history, Ralph Klein actually refused Health Care transfers from Ottawa rather than explain where they were going to spend it in their privatization rush.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Climate Change and the imminent future!

 John Clark We are 66 years beyond the perfect circle around the sun. We have 34000 years to go until we reach the point furthest away. In these 66 years we should have been cooling off but, we are heating up.

Then, we have another 34000 years to move back to th
e perfect circle. The way we are going, animal life, will not exist for the journey. The oceans are presently absorbing much of our excess carbon dioxide turning the oceans into carbolic acid. As the oceans turn acidic, the fish quit spawning males and the species die. There goes a major food source and probably trade wars as fishermen can't understand the loss of catch other than overfishing.

In this citreous journey, the earth will see a dozen ice ages or more. These things are just too large for a conservative mind to get around and it allows their constant state of denial to rule. Because of this, I see earth turning into another Venus somewhere in our trip forward and all life as we know it will end.

Considering the majority of our provincial premiers were not elected to office but achieved office though the manipulations of Bell Media and their 200 newspapers there will come a point of total abandon or absolute uprising.

And, from millions of years ago an update:

Friday, September 11, 2020

Nuclear Power SMR and others, larger.

 Lots of misconception about Nuclear Power and Climate change.  

Author #Power generation in ON is a fiasco shared by both parties. Each has done their share of damage over three governments. 

Nuclear generation with construction faults in cooling. This happened all over the US too. Global warming fouled up their cooling abilities therefor their outputs. You see the same scenarios in Europe where rivers are too warm to provide the design cooling.

John Clark When faced with overheating because of a lack of cooling mechanisms (water lake river etc) the power operator will cut back the output. This brings on brown-outs,black-outs etc. This, in turn, means less profitability for the Generator and possibly subsidies from the government depending on which markets they are hooked up to the purpose being to cover the shortfall in their own generation. Once up and operating the power generation is a resource more than an industry.


From <


Monday, September 07, 2020

A Flash from the Past!


Contrary to common Knowledge, PET joined with Peter Lougheed of Alberta to create The National Energy Program. The purpose of which was to increase Canadian Ownership in the Tar Sands which it did from 15% to 25% .

US oil owned our newspapers. the people with the bucks made the news! There was no internet nor was there a Facebook nor a Twitter. e-mailing copies of PDF was the extent of mass communication.

In this ancient climate, PET was leaving Alberta after meetings with Peter Lougheed. He was pursued down the train platform by a hoard of reporters asking impossible questions. One made a crude remark and PET wheeled around and flipped him the bird. This action was caught on camera and run in the local media as flipping the West the bird.

Then a world recession hit. Albertans have been encouraged to invest heavily in the Tar Sands. They mortgaged homes, businesses machinery, you name it to get capital to invest. And, they lost it all in the world recession. The Conservatives blamed the reduced price on oil and the financial climate as being the fault of the NEP! This resulted in the NEP to be shut down and hundreds of Suicides’ took place across the province and to some extent Canada. This latter took place under Ralph Klein who moved away from Lougheed’s moderate policies to the Republican hard line which has permeated our politics since.


From <

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Globe and Mail writing fantasy to support the sagging Bell Media in Canada.

 #Globe and Mail, all the Post-Media they are undependable news, are undependable news.  in this case they are fronting for Bell Media, their principal owner.  You can't depend on this post-medIa for any fact!

Comments were open on the Globe when I wrote this.  In their comment section, I wrote

"Diefenbaker shut down the Avro Arrow site, destroyed all the flying prototypes and gave the technology to the US, free,   The reason we cannot have nice things in Canada is because of the Conservatives, China has nothing to do with it"

Since that post went up, the Globe has closed all the comment section, it is no more.  Complete Conservative bias!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Erin O'Toole - The two sided leader.



Another snake in the grass Conservative! On the evening of his "win" and a few days after it was reported he had won over the "hard right-wing" of the Conservatives. According to the Jargon of the day, it was this extreme right-wing that elected him!

#The Conservatives viewed Kim Campbell as being a "Red" Tory. Now, we have a hard right-wing presenting himself as a "Red" tory as the leader of the group. He probably won't be the wing job that his predecessor was, but he is on Trump wavelength though and through.

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