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Critique of the English Debate

It is time to put the Liberals in strong! Trudeau made a deal with Quebec to put 8 billion dollars into their child care program. Today the Premier of Quebec said “it wasn’t needed” It is time to clean the slate of Conservatives!

My view is it is all Verbal diarrhea Can you Imagine what kind of shape we would be in now if O’Toole was leading us through this pandemic? We would have been on the “let God sort it out” train for the duration. #leadership

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Critique of the English Debate.

Much was left out and curtailed by the Conservatives because of their accounting methods!

They made much of “no Conditions”

Conservatives put all the incoming cash into General Revenues then, spend at random out of that account.

Health payments from Ottawa would go into General Revenues if they had their way!

Ottawa has asked for an accounting that health care money was spent on health care and, the Conservatives don’t care for this.

On the Quebec pipeline pushed by O’Toole.  Firstly Quebec lost a major electrical contract with the USA .  This, leaves them short billions.  They have suggested they will accept a pipeline from the west if, the west will agree to buy their surplus generation.   Unfortunately, Alberta’s electricity is owned by the cities, Edmonton (EPCOR) and Calgary (ENMAX) this supplements our tax base so, there is no way wean work with PQ on this item. Quebec, on the other hand picked up 3 billion a year from California when Ford cancelleld Ontario’s cap and trade program. However, that should be gone now, as in timed out.

O’Toole is fanning the flames of dissent trying to start something with a  pipeline. 

Irving Oil Company gets it’s oil off the ocean on the east coast and supplies Montreal refinery with I think, finished product.    Montreal Refinery gets its bulk oil in over the
Great Lakes.  Both these systems are far less expensive than is pipeline construction and oil paying for it.

So the debate went round and round, the truth was never heard.  Trudeau kept quite though the whole exchange, showing good sense. He did point out the 8 billion paid into Quebec’s daycare was the first province to get it, the plan is in mothion to cover all the other provinces the same way, to scale.

Trudeau came under attack on the Kabul people left behind. He barely got out that  20,000 people were on their way using a third country and Jagmeet Singh

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 jumped in with the complaint about 20 or so people remaining even though Trudeau said they were working on it.  Sing spent the night trying to make a hit he lost ground from the French debate.

Mr. Blanchet made a good show for PQ even when he was on the defensive from Jagmeet.

Jagmeet bounced Trudeau on having the worse record of the G7.  Actually Canada has the lowest GDP in the G7, Must be what he was talking about. 

Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world, valued at around $U.S. 1.74 trillion as of 2019.

And, that is pretty dam good!

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More on the G7 Comparison. 

In 2019 — the first year of the federal carbon pricing system, commonly called the “carbon tax” — Canada produced 730 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, an increase of one megatonne — or 0.2 per cent — over 2018.

However, the economy grew faster than emissions did in 2019 — which means the country’s “emissions intensity” is lower than it has been in the past.

The 730 megatonnes of emissions recorded in 2019 is slightly higher than the 723 megatonnes Canada churned out in 2015, the year Trudeau first took office. This was because of increased industry!

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O’Toole has said that, if he’s elected, he will push the reset button on Canada’s climate plan, returning to the previous national target of reducing emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Trudeau said O’Toole threatens to drag Canada back to “the Harper years,” when former prime minister Stephen Harper committed to less ambitious environmental action.

Typical Conservative who, a month ago had no plan at all has decided to go back to 2005 numbers because they are lower. The man seems to want to play it bent as a first choice!

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“We have to win back trust on this issue — we haven’t met the expectations of Canadians on climate change,” O’Toole said. He defended his lower target, saying his plan is actually doable and would not tank Canada’s resource-rich economy.

He could have started with the current truth if he wanted to win back trust!

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“Mr. O’Toole can’t even convince his party that climate change is real because they voted against that,” Trudeau said, referring to a failed Conservative party convention motion to declare that “climate change is real.”

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also piled on, saying “Justin Trudeau has failed all of us. You had six years and you’ve got the worst track record in the G7 after six years.”  jAGMEET can go sit with O’Toole.

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Canada’s housing stock is among the priciest in the world, with the average price of a single-family home costing well over $1 million in the Toronto and Vancouver urban areas. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s MLS system, the average price of a home in Canada is $716,000, an eye-popping figure that means property ownership is a distant dream for many.

“There’s a housing crisis and Mr. Trudeau is making it worse,” O’Toole said. To address this, the Conservative housing plan commits to building one million new homes over three years while easing mortgage requirements and making more federal land available for development.  The point is, you have watched for 3 weeks while our lumber out of the midwest BC and the US has been Torched.

This was our lumber inventory!  Lumber is now a semi-precious commodity and housing is being built on current costs, older housing is going up to reflect the value of the lumber in them.  Don’t sell cheap.  In answering this O’Toole decides to game it. Make a deal with the most fluent party of our population giving them tax concession or access to cheap money.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Diphtheria another childhood killer.


  • The pandemic that swept the world from 1918 to 1919 killed at least 50 million. It was the most lethal infection since the Black Death of the 14th century, disproportionately taking the lives of young and otherwise healthy adults.
  • measles, the childhood killer.


    Rate of reported cases of measles in Canada from 1930 to 2018

    Reported cases of measles in Canada from 1930 to 2018

    Number of cases per 100,000 population211.93211.93403.48403.48406.58406.58136.38136.3856.5556.556.286.2821.9421.9410.2710.270.670.671.781.788.
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