Friday, October 27, 2006

Ken Chapman: Whopper-mania

Ken Chapman: Whopper-mania

Individual safety sucks in Alberta!

Perhaps we can get our up and coming Conservative leaders to weigh in on law and order in this province. It sucks!

Situation 1:
Young lady is forced off the road onto the sidewalk by the high level bridge very late at night. The vehicle that forced her of was driven by a drunken woman. There was a collision. There was bodily injury. Police were called.

The police investigated and made their reports. Court day came for the drunken lady. She was charged with a much lesser charge, no mention of drinking.

The police after court were asked about this.

Police said there was no mention of drinking on the police reports. The police also said that neither of the hurt girls had said anything about the driver being drunk so, no drunk charges were brought forward. It appears here the victims have to demand police do their jobs.

The point being here; we are moving quickly to a vigilante system, all but encouraged by the courts and the police.

Situation 2:
Media these days is carrying the on going story of 3 youths who beat and stomped an older man to death. They are charged with misdemeanors because the man killed was down on his luck. I have to wonder if they were members of the conservative party.

Reports are also coming out about gang indoctrination being centered around roughing up a person sufficiently to make the papers.

Again it appears that armed seniors are the answer for self protection.

John Clark

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Conservatives own Fraser Institute

14815-123 Ave.,
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
May 20, 2004

Dear Premier;

Yesterday there was a Fraser Institute Public Policy briefing. Ted Morton, our ‘U.S. Republican’ Senator-in-Waiting talked about his Firewall plan for Alberta. Ian McClelland was in attendance along with MP Jason Kenny. I’m sure in my mind these elected conservatives would like to do away with the 49th parallel in order to reach a deep integration with the US System.

There is no doubt at all about ‘emasculating’ Alberta’s wealth/energy/water and they have the full support of the Fraser Institute as well!

Fraser Institute’s Michael Walker asked why Morton had not included health care and immigration in his presentation (which covered Pensions, Personal tax collection and getting rid of equalization payments etc.). Walker thought, ‘if you had a job, you should be allowed to immigrate’. “That should help you with your tar sands projects”, says Walker.

Walker also ‘implored’ Morton to drop talk about using Alberta’s great credit rating to borrow at low rates and lend to other provinces at great rates as Lougheed did during the 80s when the bucks were flowing. Alberta could lend at low rates - almost like ‘money laundering’. No doubt Walker, whose mentor was Milton Friedman, was strongly against the idea because ‘shorting’ revenues is known to be conducive to coercing governments to privatize public resources, assets, institutions, and lower labour and regulatory standards and ‘have-not’ provinces are being getting nicely softened up – judging by the activities around Newfoundland and the Maritimes and to a lesser extent Saskatchewan and Manitoba, i.e. Wheat Board focus of ‘free market’ attack, even the Alberta Government threw in $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to advertise their ‘free market’ support!

Conservative columnists in attendance who will help promote this conservative free market message: Lorne Gunter, Nigel Hanneford, Link Byfield.

Firewall MLA Ian McClelland told Morton that McClelland’s committee report would NOT be out before the election. It should be called “Morton’s Plan B” seeing as what he called Plan A “West Wants In” failed to get Canada’s attention! Leveraged extortion works better! Can you arrange for me to get a copy of the committee report? It is apparent you own the media, thank God not the net!

Michael Walker was boasting about the Fraser Institute success after thirty years of well-financed efforts – they are 25 times more likely to be ‘quote’ in the media than the Suzuki Foundation. Of course it helps is your Trustees are ideologues who own the media!

John Clark.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Americans weigh in on former crown corporation.

The Fraser Institute, the right wing “think tank” who’s members are made up largely of US corporate representatives are saying Alberta should sit down and keep quite about our former crown corporation “Encana” saying they are not going to refine crude here; they are going to build in Chicago.

Let market forces sort it out the Fraser says. Why were they so very quite on the soft wood lumber dispute? A billion down the tubes and no blinks from them.

Perhaps we could re direct our army towards Vancouver to defend?

John Clark

Compare Candidates

Time to compare some of the Candidates:

Victor Doerkson came out on the TV yesterday saying we should charge for water used which would promote saving. Well if the oil sands pay for their billion upon billion cubic meters they use, they deduct the cost from what the pay the province in royalities.

Agriculture remains the largest user of water in the province. Did he mean to exclude these people? Just weird, that’s all.

Then, to Jim Dinning who remarked to the media at one point the oil could stay in the ground until the oil companies agreed to upgrade the product in Alberta. Okay so far. Then he added something to the effect that the dinosaurs made the oil in the tar-sands. This is another grossly incorrect statement.

As conservatives go, not too bad that places him right in there with Stockwell Day and his 6000 year creationist belief.

Ted Morton
wants to disband the RCMP and go for a private police force. Stomp Stomp Salute! Being a long standing member of this Government he must feel the RCMP a threat to his personal wealth. Then he comes up with some somersaults on education to feed the oil patch. You just know he has thought this through!

Lyle Oberg is one of the better balanced candidates. Loans available to every one as students? OK. Forth year university subsidized? OK.

Ed Stelmach is still pushing the Alberta Firewall. How did he get this far? “Tackle growth by investing and implementing” What garbage is this? Create an Alberta Pension plan by cutting down the CPP. Dam, some of these people are just plain scary!

Dave Hancock is trying desperately to be centre of the road. He hasn’t come down for or against anything. Suspect he is not going anywhere.

Alana DeLong is coasting along nice with a warm feeling for all.

Ed Norris has come out strong and knowledgeable on a broad range of issues. He is the only one to endorse what all the Government paid studies have said, Seniors are being mistreated and their funding unreasonably cut.

Ed is saying if he becomes premier he will restore all the items cut from seniors programs. Then, perhaps the door will be open to allow seniors to stay in their own homes longer negating the need for long term care institutions. That would break Dinnings’s heart as in “There goes the farm.”

Link to Inforation

John Clark

Monday, October 23, 2006

A bright star on the Conservative side!

Answer to question put to Mark Norris asking if he had plans for seniors programs. Better line up for your membership and get this guy in!

Thanks for your question and I am on record as saying if elected , we will restore all programs that we cut and inflation proof them going forward.I was the first candidate to speak out about Seniors because they built this province and they deserve our respect -Hope this helps

Thank you

Meet & Greet
When: Monday October 23, 2006
Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Chamber of Commerce
5402 - 48 Ave
Who: All Camrose and Area Committee Members, Supporters, Friends, and Guests
Come and meet Mark, a top contender for the PC Leadership
Refreshments will be served.
For more information please contact Gayle Head at 780-481-7205 or
1-888-481-7205 /

Election time!

I'm told following the Conservative Leadership Election a General Election will be called because the whole province is employed and there is a risk of destabilization because of the over build. They want to hit the happy window.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bigger than big brother!

Things are getting more intrusive faster than any time in our history.

Two items I mention will offer you the intent and the size of these moves.

First off the new “Passport on a card” that is being prescribed for Canada by the US will enable the card to be tracked by GPS. The Government refers to “travel patterns” in this document.

Another, quieter move is taking place in the private sector where GPS locators are being installed in Cell phones.

Alberta’s medical cards and the information they hold are a one stop identity theft for those inclined.

Time to get real interested people; it is not only the travelers who are targeted!

John Clark

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Right Wing goose steppers hang togeather!

If any one had any doubts about the extremes of Alberta politics, a glimpse is seen here. I wouldn't be surprised if they field a Taliban candidate so all the fundamentalists can be represented.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kline sets the stage for oil company subsidy!

Klein’s last kick at the cat!

Sequence the events:

After pressure from the ‘Net the Conservatives announce they are killing the legislation that gave the oil companies a no tax free ride.

The Auditor General says he is going after the loosey-goosey expenses of the oil companies and the phony classification system of the derived crude which allows oil companies to mark down the value of the product, increasing their profit margin.

Effectively they dictate the price they will pay in royalties.

Jim Dinning announces he has word “oil companies” are planning on refining Alberta crude in the US. Dinning says “Leave it in the ground or refine in Alberta”. Other conservative candidates jump on line with similar plans and voices of outrage.

In order of event, Encana announces they are going to build a multi billion dollar refinery – in Chicago to further refine Alberta Oil. (What comes out of the tar sands is not crude as you know it but a partially refined, very superior product which is under priced at world market price for crude) and why would Encana make this announcement before they had their supply and prices secure?

Encana reports 104% increase in profits

All the Conservative candidates withdraw their positions, a complete turn around!

Ralph Klein says he will have his ministers see if they can make a deal with Encana to build their refinery in Alberta. No leave it in the ground from this guy!

I think the whole thing is a blundered sham! This is a collusion between the oil companies and the Conservatives for the point of hoaxing the Alberta business and public! Klein has found a new way to give the oil companies huge tax breaks or subsidies to offset the losses they are facing because of public pressure.

This is why he was so very cool with the AG notice of the audits.

The only work that remains to be done is to put a proper spin on it so it can be digested by the voters.

An after though: If Alberta held hard to the position of "must refine in Alberta" do you think the US would allow Encana to walk away from the Alberta supply? The answer is No!

John Clark

Friday, October 06, 2006

Industry and oil moving south

When the Canadian dollar was very low, American Industry found it profitable to set up in what they view as a third world country. One dollar American bought 2 dollars Canadian.

The US suffered job loss as their major companies such as Honeywell took US government subsidies to upgrade plants and invested this money off shore. A double loss for the US! The same manner of business happened in other venues.

The pulp and paper is easier to follow than the food industry. While the Canadian dollar was low a number of the old smoker pulp plants in Wisconsin were closed down, jobs terminated as the pulp and paper companies looked north to Canada.

Provinces heaped cash subsidy onto these plants as they opened up in Saskatchewan and other provinces.

The dollar became stronger and, the Canadian plants were abandoned, the subsidy lost to the Canadian economy and the plants south of the border was re opened.

This same game was played in the furniture business where a Calgary furniture plant was tooled up to run 24/7 while the dollar was low, closing down 7 or 8 furniture plants in the US.

The dollar changed; the Calgary plant is now working one shift, just. Some of the plants in the US have opened. Other manufacture has gone off shore.

We now see the same thing happening with ENCANA and oil companies who find no reason to invest in Canada. They see the relative strength in the Canadian dollar and are opting for the US side of the border as producing more profit for them.

Even that turkey Dinning had the correct idea when he said they had to work the crude in Canada or leave it in the ground!

I think Canadians can turn this around if they become a little more active and less complacent about what is happening to them.

Our Governments have to fear the population; that is where the policy will originate.

John Clark

V for Vendetta is a good watch!

Oil companies run the Conservative party.

All the Conservative candidates have been pushed aside by the Grey Suits in the oil companies.

None of the Candidates will stand up for a program of upgrading oil in Alberta.

Ship all the jobs to the US as per US instruction.

The US is heading for a massive recession. They are at the same place they were before their incursion into Iraq. Nothing has changed in their economy and they have no massive projects planned that would put their people to work.

Yes there is a crush on Alberta to export jobs south!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The weather document has a lot of good, current information in it. I can't let it die.

Bush wasn't the only guy covering up climate change implications! The Government of Canada and more important to us, the Government of Alberta burried climate change by calling any one who complained about the environment a "tree hugger" in the most critical manner.

This document was the first in the public media to map out the implication of climate change.

Google some time after this put in a program to locate and log original source material. They catalogued this letter.

For a year, any time you Googled "Weather" the first page that came up was this letter, posted on Welcome to Ralph's world.

After I left that site, some needed housekeeping was done and directories were changed. This letter was moved or deleted, I'm not sure which and the world wide listing for Google was lost for ever.

Lesson to be learned here!

John Clark

This document is even more important today than when it was first published.


Thursday, October 05, 2006
Friday, October 22, 2004

The Occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein

This is their history! Make them accountable at the poles!
Honorable Ralph Klein,
August 26, 2003
Room 307 Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re:- The occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein.Dear Premier:

The compelling information you have regarding climate change is near catastrophic and puts Alberta on the course of a climate very similar to Southern Iraq or Turkey more probably on the short term rather than the long.

Extremes in weather and unpredictable weather such as storms, hurricanes, drought and flood are parts of the scenario. Ongoing drought and forest fires are going to be the norm rather than the exception. Forest fires and unprecedented pestilence are but symptoms of the climate change rapidly coming upon us.

Lakes will become mud holes and rivers will dry up. (The Prince George area has massive beetle infestation because the temperatures haven’t dropped to the -40 that is required to kill them off; All in the last 5 years!) The extending drought has already caused the earth to move away from house foundations around Alberta causing them to crack. I would think any one who has built in the last 6 years has recourse on the Government because of a lack of proper building standards to account for these known changes.

When your Environment department confirmed the above they also said studies were being made on how to use the unusable (un-potable) rivers of water from the Viking aquifer. Considering the oil companies have been accessing this "bad" water for year’s further studies would only be for the purpose of stalling for time.

Oil companies site only the added expense, by comparison to surface water, as being the only real draw back! I recall people in Parkland County complaining their water wells went dry after seismic went through their region. They speculated the seismic had damaged the upper water aquifer. Your response was less than caring. "Prove it" you said.

Knowing what you know about the weather change and dwindling water resource it is irresponsible for you to allow oil companies to use any drinkable water for injection into the wells for oil recovery! Your water plan amounts to a charge on Alberta residences for the water taken by oil companies and pumped down hole.When do the oil companies start paying for the damages they have done and the water they have already ruined or wasted?

It seems to be your plan to stall full public disclosure of information on climate change until the oil is gone, the drinking water is gone and the oil companies have moved on?

Why are the Oil companies not made to pay for the water used and, the water they have already used? They are largely responsible for the havoc and contamination sludge in the lakes caused by the drafting of water by trucks. An optimistic view of conventional oil and gas supplies runs at 15 years until we are dry. Other views run as low as 6 years.

By then you hope to have the methane tapped from coal reserves always draining fresh water supplies. As usual it is the average family in Alberta financing the oil companies and now the power companies! You have sold off all the cheap and accessible oil and gas leaving Albertans to pay premium prices for this same source while looking forward to even higher costs for British Columbia and Mackenzie Delta gas.

Having already ravaged the water tables you are planning a horrific operation on methane recovery from coal seams. Soon enough; no gas, no oil and no water, living in a desert; Oil companies gone leaving their damages behind them or in shell "management" companies.

I have also received a note from the Minister in charge of power transmission who gave me some hand outs telling me "ALBERTAN’S HAVE ALWAYS PAID FOR THE TRANMISSION OF THEIR POWER." Albertans have never had to pay for exporting electricity! There is no plan where individual rate payers will receive a direct refund on the power lines you are asking them to pay for when these same power lines are used to export electricity to the US!Again it is the individuals of Alberta financing the power companies.

Returns to so called General Revenues are not acceptable. Direct and full refunds to power bills and on going profit sharing on power bills is only just acceptable.

The oil and gas is all but gone. All sold out from under us leaving no advantages at all. You are looking for gas supply now in British Columbia, the Fort St. John area (down some 7000 feet) and twisting arms tying to get the finance in place to move gas from the Mackenzie Delta.

You have moved Albertans from access to inexpensive self sustained gas to the highest utility in Canada with promises of going still higher I don’t accept your BS on NAFTA stopping energy rebates. NAFTA concerns its self with industries. A rebate program would be seen as a "district" issue and not of interest to them. I also don’t agree with your multi billion dollar fund set aside to get you elected again although you may consider that an emergency.

But then again I don’t agree with your creeping taxation on drink containers and access fees which goes directly to lunch boxes and families, hitting every person in this province to get millions in funds to put into your "surplus."Wreck the water supplies, plunder the gas and oil utility. Sell off the citizen owned electrical power at pennies on the dollar; exploit the people further by making them pay the highest rates in Canada for the use of the utility you gave away.

Further, tax them to finance the building of the power lines for the same people who took over the utilities for nothing in the first place.Your policy has long been Oil or nothing. We end up with nothing. Kill any industry that may lean upon the oil companies, stifle any other growth with high costs use police to entrap or coerce to this end regardless of the toll on families and health. The oil is gone and we have nothing.

As I write this letter every province in Canada is exporting up scale manufactured items ranging from pharmaceuticals to hardware to packaging. Your mega government is thinking "maybe microbiology as an industry"

The world has moved on but this province is still mired and dying in your private sunshine.I wrote you regarding the gas burning studies which are in place showing the toxic nature of regular gas and sour gas give off high levels of ferons and bi phenols as well as a long list of noxious gases because of improper burns. I gave you the doctor’s name that did one of the more recent studies asking when you were going to release this information to the public. You sent it forward to Environment and, they have never answered.

It is good to see your on going support of insurance companies is coming back to haunt you, big time. Millions spent in developing hail controls, all turned over to the insurance companies to administer. They invested their accident "reserves" into stock and dot coms which crashed. This, according to conversation with the insurance bureau early 02. If we have to bankroll their business investment losses as least all insurance should be a tax deductible! The harsh and unreasonable premiums have every thing to do with investment and little or nothing to do with driving records!

I have been told that conversations regarding turning photo radar clips over to the insurance companies as a means to increase their revenues has enjoyed more time than it should.You continue to drag this province into oblivion.

John ClarkCc;/ pdf
Posted by: John Clark / 11:24 PM

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An excellent link for professional summary.

The following is the best, clearest statment of the situation in Alberta today that I have come across!

“For too long, this government has been misleading Albertans into thinking that the health care system is on the verge of collapsing, and have continually attempted to push through privatization reforms with no evidence that this would reduce costs,” says Taft. “Honest, accurate information on health costs would help put an end to the Conservative government spin.”

Hancock extreme is shrill

Hancock who was one of the authors of our present mess is trying to distance himself from it. Lots of Blah, Blah, Blah.

Oberg going for the Gold and, thats OK!

The conservatives are fielding at least one honest person for leadership. That is fresh! Something in print!

Dr.Lyle Oberg is walking all around the one term I am so hungry to hear; universality.

Dr. Oberg’s Blueprint_for_Prosperity is an interesting read. Up front he is saying that private – public health care is in the agenda.

Australia is screaming for all who will listen, don’t allow the US health care machines into Canada, you will never be able to get rid of them!

Regardless of your political stripe, buying a Conservative member ship for a few dollars and showing up at that convention to vote in a “Social Conservative” seems at this point to be a very good idea. Will see you all there!

Item 3 on Dr. Oberg's list:
"Offering Albertans Choices in how they with to educate their children or access health services, thereby increasing competition, improving quality and enhancing efficiently in delivering public services."

Room for more detail here.

John Clark

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To the slaughter without a whimper.

In case any of you missed it! Residential gas rebates are gone, finished; no more! The next price hike in heating will be out of your pocket.

The Government said “no more in the future”.

Because they slipped this through when the price of gas dropped below the 5.50 mark it seems to have flown without a challenge.

Are you going to let these crooks get away with it?

John Clark

Prince Rupert port is a hard sell!

The Prince Rupert port is a truly great idea and, the people from Prince Rupert are trying to sell it.

If it is such a great idea why does it take a dog and pony show to sell the idea?

Business and industry have been burned and still remain burned by the CNR. These business institutions do not want to be held hostage by the CNR and, that is the only rail in and out of that place.

If you want real pain, talk to some one who is presently dealing CN!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Do it yourself oil royalty kit

There is an old red neck saying "BS beats Brains" To this end the Alberta Government has put up a figure it out yourself oil web site which, I haven't worked my way through and, it will more than likely take until after the next election before I can!

Do it yourself oil royalty kit

Remember the numbers they are trying to hide as you toil your way through this.
Developing oil sands pay 1 cent only on every dollar of oil they sell until the full price of their plant and construction is paid for.

Now, having reached the point where all their investment is paid back and their profit solidly in place, they pay 25 cents on every dollar of profit, that is after all the operating and political donations are paid.

Another point buried in there someplace is that Albertans own 81% of the oil production. Here, the would be saying that 81% of the oil production profit is paid through stocks and bonds. I have no figures but, I would estimate that 85% is prefered shares, out of reach for most people.

This sight has gone a long way to tell you how badly you are being screwed over. You should take the time to adventure!

John Clark

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why a jaundiced eye towards new health incentive.

In explanation of the pattern:

The parks and pick-nick grounds were built up with millions of taxpayer dollars prior to them being turned over to insiders for pennies on the dollar of value.

I say insiders because the process of selling was closed tender with the crown holding the final decision.

The Conservatives took control of all power lines in the province using the county of Leduc as an excuse. Because Leduc had a higher rate base because of power lines and were able to supply their schools way beyond what surrounding districts could do. Pressure was on the Government to provide a more reasonable funding for all the have not schools. The province then professed to seizing these lines to “equalize revenues to all school districts” and was accepted as a good thing through out the province.

Once they had the power lines they put in the student fees which are taken by the school of primary register and cannot be moved should that student go to another school.

This is a first step in the privatizing of shools. Train people to pay for their kids going to a specific school.

Taking all the power lines away from the municipality revenue base they were able to start their sell off of our power lines, our Alberta Heritage.

I have said in the past; this Government is a 1 trick dog and, it is hard to distinguish between them and organized crime except for the fact that crime may be actually organized.

This is why I view the Health program with a jaundiced eye and why I am begging people to get out and vote in the next election.

John Clark
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