Friday, June 09, 2006

More choices for Albertans.

Yes, much more of the same waste, mismanagement and the wholesale sell out of resource to insiders is all we can expect from the "new" candidates for the Conservative party. I am very sure Albertan's don't want more of the same!

Here are some more exciting links that advocate sensible, well thought out change that would serve to keep Alberta for Albertans.

On health care

On the Future of Alberta

If you want change, a future other than that dictated by Klein and company, it is time to research and make your choices.

Of interest of all the really excellent links I have posted there is nothing out there on policies that will increase our secondary business structure. As it is we are stuck in primary manufacture. That business of ever so slightly up grading a resouce for export.

We have the money. If we have the will we can build this province into a multi dimentional business platform, not an oil or nothing province the Conservatives would have us abide by.
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