Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alberta privitzed Health care; Funding for crooks and charletons.

Comment on the Journal blog is worth more than the story!
Llano wrote:
Networc Health = Health Resource Centre was deadheaded by Doc Stephen Miller who used to be head of orthopedic sugary at the FootHills Hospital.

Dr Stephen Miller owned Columbia Health which was the W.C.B. Dumping Ground to help injured workers to become better. You will see a tie into the PC Party if you go back and look at the staff and whom worked for Columbia Health. This then became Life Mark Health which is Canada wide, and a dumping ground for W.C.B. now it has become Networc Health is also Canada wide and established down in the USA. 

Now Networc Health also has "third party" doctors which in reality are paid by W.C.B.  

Now if you look into the relationship between Alberta Health, WCB, and Networc Health you will see an ugly group of people that provide services to down play injured workers injury's. 

You will see in all the Bone Wards across Alberta there are deep dark secrets that lye in the Bone graves which are not even recognizable as human rights are trampled day in and day out.   NOW,THAT'S THE STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE UN DUG and then you will see why the government ran from networc health. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smart Meters - Too smart for our present politic.

Smart meters are only a part of the "new" designs.  They send and receive information back to the supplier on an hourly duration or, less.  New "smart" electrical appliance can identify information on your use and include that information back to the supplier.

Now, the supplier has a comprehensive list of your waking hours; sleeping hours night time meanderings.  Whether you are at home or not at home. In the more modern house, what you took out of your fridge and what you put into your fridge.

This is marketing gold and you can be very sure the suppliers will be selling this information to marketing people for data mining.

I say, no more smart meter talk until we see legislation in place that will seriously curtail how information collected can be used.   Protection of privacy before smart meters!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alberta sends taxpayer dollars to Korea while Albertans go hungry.

 The headlines read: Imperial snubs Alberta workers

250M job goes to South Korea -- and it looks like more will follow

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oil Dispersents and oil spills

I sailed the Mackenzie River for years on the Tugs, as a supercargo; a purser.   90% of what we did had to do with the safe transport and handling of bulk oil and fuel products.

A major supplier of oil to the NWT is the Norman Wells Refinery from which we lifted many thousands of tons of various oil grades including Bunker C.

At the end of a shipping season, the refinery would drain its pipelines into the Mackenzie from which point it would float downstream into the delta through the bird sanctuaries to the coast.

I have followed a couple of these "flushes" down river and there was no sign of dead fish or tarred birds.

Then, there was a bunker spill in a place called Bar C  aka Tununik. Being close to an ESSO camp all the boys toys came out and I had a chance to play with all of them.  Slick-Lickers similar to what you see on TV today had a good but limited success in containment.

Straw and peat moss (Use a carbon base material to filter or soak up a carbon base spill) was the most effective and also the most manual labor. Garden rakes proved to be the most useful tool in collecting the mix into bags to be hauled away.

Oil spills in running water such as ditches can be contained with the use of straw.  Put a straw bale below the offending spill and the oil will be stopped by the straw bail allowing only clear water to pass.

And now to the dispersant:

Still in Bar C, dispersant was added to the water/oil mixtures. Gone from sight; gone from mind.

I must say at this point there was no indication of dead fish of any kind while working with the mechanical clean up apparatus.

However after the dispersant applications dead fish littered the banks from Bar C to the Arctic ocean.

I am of the opinion after working in this, that dispersant is far more harmful than the oil and at the same time, the damages from the oil is grossly over blown!  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alberta Wild Rose Party cripples into the media.

In this press release Danielle Smith to do what, I am not sure.  It does however point out her positions on a lot of things which you should be very concerned about.  Her figures are good and items such as the Oilsands Development benefits all Canadians (and Americans) is true.

She is saying however that Albertans should expect no more than a job and the income tax revenues that come from this development.   At no point does she suggest we should get away from the lowest royalty prices in the world which causes every Albertan to contribute to the oil companies, not the other way around.

She is quick to recognize the cap and trade program is not in Canada or Alberta's favor and would bring about a major economic shock to Canada and Alberta.  I go a step further by saying if it is implemented in a big way it will result in the next "bubble" to burst in economies as most the carbon dioxide is returned to the surface with the the scarfed oil.   How many times are you going to pay to put it down a hole??

The WRP corner stone of doing away with the Balance of payments is unchanged but the english has softened.  She likens Quebec to Greece which is legitimate and the outright inequities of the balance of payments plan is properly challenged.

She is saying our schools, universities and health care are all suffering because of the balance of payments which is really out on a right wing limb.

As the Alberta Liberals pointed out our spending has not changed since 1986.  The doom and gloom scenarios by the Conservatives are nothing less than spin doctoring. Smith is picking up on this and doing some spinning on her own pointing us to hate the Feds again.

I can almost hear Jim Dinning and the Oil Companies whispering in her ear "Danielle, if you can rip off the balance of payments and put them into still further reduced royalty, we will buy you elections for your lifetime"

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Alberta shell game pumps more money into private clinics.

Was this not the hospital that received a 6 million dollar upgrade in the weeks preceding the sale to a private concern??

Was this not the hospital that was sold for pennies on the dollar of assessed value to a private concern??

Why was the giveaway not sufficient to guarantee a business or is this just a ploy to further ramp up the charges for private health care!

Why the shortfall?  Was it because the title of the hospital was flipped several times ensuring profit for insiders as was the case with our power lines?

There is absolutely no accountability from this Government on the money they spend to push their prioritization agenda!

Being stuck on a Conservative vote is being stuck on dumb!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Alberta cuts in services still another farce - spending hasn't changed since 1989!

The Conservatives in Alberta continue to layer lie upon lie in order to promote and maintain their doom and gloom scenarios in support of their program cuts and privatization plans.

The results are shorted services and cash props for private sector operations.
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