Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alberta Conservatives turn health care back still another notch!

Using industry figures 75% of people over 60 will develop cataracts!.  Up until very recently there was only one type of lens which could be used for optimal success.

Unfortunately if one has Astigmatism (35% of the population) that part of the treatment had to remain an eyeglass prescription.

Now, a new development is the ACR Sof  IQ  TORIC lens.

This sweetheart will also fix the Astigmatism encountered by 35 percent of the population.  However the patient has to pay 1000 dollars per lens to cover extra time and costs (procedure said to take 15 mins) Patient will still need reading glasses.

What the Conservative have done is eliminate 35% of the population from health care coverage for lens replacements for cataracts!.   This even though it is the only common sense solution to the problems.  This is not an "upgrade" of the service..It is now a common necessity.  Seniors take another beating again relegated to 2nd class citizenship; again.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Alberta Update and; its really bad!

There is a Provincial Election just around the corner; even quicker if the Conservatives are successful in bringing up their sagging fortunes.

They have robbed the Heritage Savings and Trust fund of more than 700 billion dollars!  This was done by restricting growth at 5% and taking everything else out of the fund and putting it into General Revenues to be spent along with the other taxes and miscellaneous revenues.

Plus they have abandoned Alberta's royalty which was contracted, leaving it on the profit side of the oil majors.  Alberta producers have been robbed on going with the Brent oil pricing which was no where to be seen 10 years ago.  It is a pricing invention of the Conservatives and the Oil Industry; a tool to further reduce Alberta's fortunes.  Now, their press releases are reduced to "Alberta Looses Millions because of price drops etc. They are talking a projected number of taxes not collected or not available.

Like the Wild Rose Party who's election was run and funded by the oil companies they fully  believe the resources of this province belong to the oil industry, not the people of Alberta.  This is simply Conservative philosophy!

Add to this massive loss to the province the 10% flat tax which is designed entirely for the oil companies saving them more billions while robbing the province.

Now, with a leadership convention around the corner Redford is buying newspaper space to promote how busy and effective she is.

When Christie Clark was in trouble in the BC election she came to Alberta with a public posture that Alberta would pay a great deal before a pipeline would be allowed.  I said at the time the deal was already in place for the northern pipeline; it was all theater!  Now, Redford in the same boat heads for BC and bring back news of a pipeline which has been agreed upon since its conception.

The deals made on pipelines, health care, power lines and generation are all made at the VERY PRIVATE MEETINGS OF PNWER of which Saskatchewan has hosted meetings on more than one occasion.  It is at these meetings it is decided who will announce a "new" program and what press releases to make both sides of the border so that it looks like a large group of individual companies are on side when in reality it is a closed room leaving the party to pull favors from friends.

Total Summary of PNWER This is a club that is very private an attracts people from the Fraser Institute and represents the US Republican agenda far more than any Canadian agenda. 

PNWER is a US Republican Canadian Conservative private club!  Alberta his hosting this years get together   The party (venue) is set to run November 13th to 16th inclusive at Banff.

The papers are awash with news of pipelines and tar sands projects coupled with big money names from abroad and Foreign countries waiting on our doorstop to get a good deal. Its hard to open any paper without seeing something of that nature.

More often you are hearing of the high cost of real estate for schools and the high cost of maintenance for these often neglected schools.  This means  a longer travel for your kids.  It also leaves the opportunity for a private school to be built  closer.  Private schools get the lions share of provincial funding!   This creeping malaise "Conservationism" is forcing public education to the back shelf while pushing the private school concepts forward  as being better and cheaper if only because the public system is too expensive for them.
You are on the verge of loosing your public school system- it is the Republican way!

University funding cuts have been met with a Hummm. from the public.  So Sad.  They are frozen at 1986 levels much less than that now. Your kids are being forced into trade schools; when you sort out the costs and availability you will find you really don't have choice.  

Your high school curriculum is being further reduced to meet the demands of trade school entrance.  This while any number of secondary educators are calling themselves Universities and offering degrees based on this lower entry.  They say they are the same and if you want to go to a real university just pick up your books and walk over there.   

Nothing could be further from the truth!   To move from one of these store front universities to the U of A as an example, your kid will have to upgrade his courses.  That could take him/her 6 months or a year more in school!  And, it costs!  Thousands more!.   Take the time to find out who will employ your kid after they get one of these new degrees.  You will be very surprised when their prospective employers says "Who?" when they are given the name of the local  retail university.  Followed by "Sorry but---!"

I'm calling Bullshit!

Most of the parties mentioned have no exploration leases.  The ones who do have, have not made a step into the field for survey.   Most have not even seen the properties.  This means absolutely nothing is going to happen until long after the next Provincial Election! 

The citizens of this province are being duped. The only money moving is pension funds and without full disclosure that can only be a bad thing.

There will be no new tax income for this province for about 6 or 8 years; beyond still another election.

This document would not be complete without mention of the new power lines; Direct Current.  The new power lines towers and so on are all being paid for by the Alberta Consumers and most are being built by foreign labour forces.  There is no win win on this project for Alberta.  The contrary; its another bleed bleed bleed!

Why the push for DC power above our existing AC system?  Not so straight forward which makes it very easy to manipulate the truth in the news media and feed the public their endless appetite for lies.  They count on the population's greed to propel them into accept BS unquestionably.  They count on electorate ignorance in thinking their personal lot is the same as every ones and it is mystic, distant fortunes who has all but collapsed their incomes.

The DC power lines allow more of the produced power to reach the market place!  Up to 20% more power which means producers are on the cusp of a 20% increase in profits with very little proportionate overhead investment on their part.  No supplier has said they will pass this 20% on in rate reductions!  No!  They have said your power costs will double in the next several years.  

Your crash course in Electricity.
DC travels on the outside of the wire.  AC travels on the inside of the wire. The wire diameters in DC power lines are greater than in the present AC lines.  They weigh more!

Much of the power put on to AC power lines is lost though "reactance" AKA  micro "resistance".  OHM's law does not work on high power.  The electricity cannot be stored.  What is not used is brought to ground and dissipated.  This is also part of the loss.

DC power on the line does not have a resistance to contend with so how much to put on the line to get to the final destination so to speak is nearly finite.  Because the allotments are more accurate little is wasted though the bleed off.  More cash in the pockets of the producers.

DC does not produce and electrostatic field around the power line!  This puts the NIMBY arguments of irradiating their kids and other horror, nonsense stories out the window so to speak.  The DC power towers carry more weight in wire so are built lower and carry more strands.  Now it will be okay to park school buses under the DC lines where not so much under AC lines.

A point not to be overlooked; the power lines were there long before the houses were built.  Who should move?  And, real problems arrive at the door step or, are they playing us like a harp?  I think half a dozen of one and 6 of the other.

The Globe and Mail allowed until yesterday posts and open conversation in their comment section.  Not so any more.  Conservatives are really circling the wagons.  The dissent reports coming from the Calgary Convention are not about what you may think. They are about knowing they will not be elected again why won't Harper bang through the rest of his hate full policies.  On the Globe; one can speculate this is who Harper is going to hand off the CBC to!  Insiders advise me Harper is going to resign before the next election in hopes it will raise that party's image. 

The article starts out:

Saturday, November 02, 2013

OIL U.S. Gulf Coast crude prices are plunging to an all-time low against foreign oil as a flood of domestic production offers refiners a less-expensive alternative to cargoes from overseas.
Light Louisiana Sweet crude averaged $6.54 a barrel less than dated Brent in October, the lowest level on record, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Refinery maintenance reduced demand while new pipelines and rail terminals increased supply from the inland U.S. and Canada. The Gulf Coast received the least amount of light, or low-density, foreign oil in September since the government began publishing data in 1986.

There has been trillions of dollars in total ripped out of this province; ripped out of your family and your kids futures.   If you don't get out and vote, nothing will change.  If you vote the same way each time you can expect to get the same result.
I said earlier I would be backing the NDP this election but their complete lack of positions on anything has made me re asses that idea.
The Alberta Liberals on the other hand have come forward with some really good policies. Do away with funding private schools!  That would fix 1000 problems!.   Move away from the 10% flat tax to normal progressive tax program.  Now, that is progressive and means billions more in the provincial coffers.  It effects oil a lot more than the automotive dealer or the store down the street!  In fact both of those stores will profit greatly by these policies.  
There is no doubt Sherman is Conservative but he is displaying a truly progressive line of thinking and is available to defend it.  Gotta like that!

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