Saturday, October 28, 2017

UCP --phony and desperate.

Jason Kenny's claim to fame is he was the man who wrote Stephen Harper's speeches including the outright lies of the past election.  Head of the UPC; I wouldn't vote for him as a dog catcher.  Harper throughout his reign was working us into a dual state of the USA and bowed at their every whim.   He tried and failed miserably to get a trade deal with the EU.  The Liberals knocked one out in their first year back in office!

It was obvious to the Canadians who voted them both out of office.

It remains the Conservative Party who milked 680 billion dollars from the Heritage Trust Fund leaving the province flat broke with infrastructure upkeep way behind.  Jim Prentice upon abandoning his post said on the way out, "I guess we hit the Heritage too hard". 

He did not mention stealing 7 billion dollars from Government pension funds then, denied it for 3 weeks before they were threatened with the court for the Government and AIM investments.  Only then did they renig, restoring the funds.   This action set them up as being "Thieves and Liars" which ultimately killed their reign.

The High River floodplain was known to them for more than 15 years and they did nothing.  Like the US Republicans; "that is what we have insurance for". High River debacle cost Albertans 30% rise in our home insurance rates!  The NDP Government, not so enamoured with insurance, set about mitigating the circumstance of High River.

In Jason Kenny's acceptance speech he referred to the 100.000 unemployed in Alberta without mention of a collapsed oil market coupled with a worldwide recession.

His target will be the NDP spending again he will fail to tell about the fact that the world agreed to enter into a deficit spending spin until we built up a new economy in the world.

In my view, he and the conservatives are every kind of political sleaze.   The industry will probably run to them on false promises of cuts and reduction of spending which means he is about to attack health care and any social nets that have been established.  He can't create revenue out of the blue so his "common sense" solution will mean bread lines or similar.

Kenny and Brian Gean adopted the public stance of doing away with transfer payments. There is no giant fund sitting in Alberta awaiting transfer to Ottawa! 

Transfer payments are made out of the Federal tax base and that alone.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do Dogs Think?

Do Dogs Think?  A gleaning from the excellent book “How Dogs Think” by Stanly Coren.  You own a dog?  Get it!

Smell: Dogs can separate scents in their Left and Right nostril.  This gives them insight into direction.
Dogs with pointy ears (like mine) do not scent as well as say, a Beagle with long flopping ears.  The latter lifts ground scent up to its nose!  The more the ears flop, the more air moves around its head.

Pheromone scent is present in humans (armpits; groin mostly) where a dog and most animals have these transmitters spread all over their bodies; at the base of every hair!  Yes, your dog will smell like a dog to you but to other dogs, it smells like a large personality book.  

Yet again, the Pheromone is carried in the dog’s urine and feces.  And the Dog’s fur leaves a lasting record of their presence at the spot when they have rubbed against a twig or branch or Chesterfield. This is why Dogs try to pee high on the post or rail or tree; to have the scent into the wind.  It is in every truth a mailbox for the animals.

These scents will ID male, female and what their status or physical state is. On your walk, let your dog use its nose!

Tests were done on tracking abilities based on scents.  Beagles, Bassett’s and Bloodhounds could locate a mouse in a minute in a maze.

Terriers, on the other hand, took 15 minutes!  That’s not shoddy considering the least of them can sense Odor at 1 in 2 million parts while the best of them can sense odors at 1/10 th of that!  That is detecting a specific odor in an area the size of a large city!

Sight: Dogs are not color blind. They see color but not as much as humans do.  Humans see rainbow colors as violet, blue, blue-green, green yellow, orange and red and dogs see it  as dark blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, darker yellow (sort of brown)

Right now one of the most popular toys for dogs is a bright fluorescence orange used for traffic cones and even hats for hunters. Yet when we throw this gaudy ball for the dog to fetch it runs right past it until it is found eventually with its nose. Reason?  For a dog, the bright orange is seen as nearly the same color as the grass!   

Shades of blue will work best when thrown on grass.  A toy that is blue and yellow with white strips would be perfect for a throw toy.

The dog that chases the orange Frisby can’t see the Frisby but can see the little logo on them. That is pretty clever to my mind.
No Segway into this one:  Dogs with a white coloring and black spots are prone to blindness!  Dalmatians with blue eyes have a 50% chance of going blind while those without the blue eyes range in the 40% - 30% range of being blind at least in one eye!  Dalmatians seem to be the most popular house pets due to the movie which doesn't mention their propensity for blindness.

So, do dogs think?  I choose to think so as their world is thousands of times larger than ours because of their acute hearing; acute sense of smell leaving vision as a bit of a bonus.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Carbon cap and trade the Conservative doomed plan.

#Carbon cap and trade allows one corporate identity to gain a smaller carbon footprint and give the credit for that footprint to its parent company who may be in the USA or China for that matter.  This financial dance is virtually un-auditable.  There is nothing here to trade!

It does, however, allow one corporate identity to transfer taxpayers money to a cross-border destination without any taxes and virtually no accountability.  Once across that border, it is likely the receiver won't have to declare the money as they will also be exempt on credit move to Canada.  Something, the conservatives seen to lean to in every situation.

This is serious stuff.  As the world, we are in deep, very deep trouble.  It should not be taken lightly.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Some insights to the US economy and looking closer at Trump’s blather.

Coal is a 19th-century technology on its way out being recently priced out of the market by natural gas.  In the Appalachians, coal mines have dropped from 580 to just over 300.  The biggest coal mines and generation plants are owned by companies on the west coast of the US, nowhere near the Appalachians in the central east.

The #Appalachians were/are run by the coal Barron’s who have managed to convince the courts they can keep the pension money set aside for their laid off workers.  These #pension grabs have left a million people desolate living in misery.

Unlike Alberta, the US has not tried to institute a #retraining program for these people who knew nothing but coal mining their entire life!   This abysmal political record is thought of as being “just American”

Putting coal miners back to work was an empty election promise.   The market pressures killed the coal jobs, not climate change regulations.  The latter at the forefront because the climate meetings in Paris which Trump is in full denial of, put forward the conclusion “If we do away with coal fired power we can curb the climate change”  This same group of 100 countries said NO to cap and trade as it was nothing more than a scam allowing for the movement of large sums of money across borders without taxation.  Instead, they endorsed a carbon tax.

There is no real Segway into the Galveston and Huston flooding in Texas but; here goes.

The Americans and Conservatives, in general, refuse to acknowledge climate change.  That could be why the link has taken thousands of hits, mostly from the US.

The oceans have already risen 3”.  Doesn’t sound like much; However, it allows for a much greater wave action.  This same wave action brings about an earlier breakup in the Arctic caused by a thinner ice cover.   The cliffs of Herschel Island are falling into the water along with 1000 miles of Arctic coast line erosion.  This dirt into the water will make it darker and will escalate the whole warming thing,

Multiply the much greater wave action by several hundred times when the high and persisting winds swept the ocean into the flood plain of Galveston/Huston effectively blocking drainage of the rivers which had flow increased by heavy and ongoing rains.

This flood plain has been known for close to a hundred years yet; no one Government has stepped up to do anything about it.   By comparison, The Netherlands is more than 50% below sea level with the ocean engineered to stay out.

If the US had taken the problem in hand as the Netherlands did they would not have to be concerned as much about flooding!

Instead, the attitude is  “It is Un-American to engineer our country”   Storms?  No.  The Americans are authors of their own misfortunes including Trump.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Hinton, AB. a casualty of the times?

It has been reported to me there is a great influx of Americans into the town of Hinton AB.  People formerly employed in the oil industry have found it necessary to sell their homes and move on.

The attraction to this town is its proximity to Jasper National Park. 

This will certainly have a forward cost on Albertans access to the park and the associated accommodation prices in Hinton.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Google is not only wasting my time but is rude and aggressive

Occasionaly I get close to a person who wants to discuss my business with me.  This after dozens of recorded messages who's tone is to harass rather than fix anything.

For the record, loud and clear to Google in the clouds:  I am not a business, I am not associated with a business and if you want me to take down Alberta the Details to keep  your ignorant family happy; I will be pleased to move it all over to Word Press.  Your choice; send me a text and stop to the BS!

I want to opt out of ad-sense immediately.  4 dollars does not mean that much to me.

And, on my page which associates my equipment.  I have shut down the LG G3 as you guys used it more than I did.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The "New Conservatives"

'are mostly the same bunch that bilked the Heritage Trust Fund for some 760 billion dollars leaving office while thieving 7 billion from Government held pension funds.

On the latter, they denied it was stolen cash they were using until they were threatened with court action.  Only then did they admit to the thievery from AIMCO and made arrangements with the Unions to put the cash back.

AIMCO at the same time posted a loss of 7 billion dollars attributing it to bad investments when every other segment of their industry was showing a 3%  profit.   That's what tweaked me to the scam.

Even more important, they have not had a whisper out about climate change and what they plan on doing about it. The Alberta NDP has put Alberta at the top of the world in proactive cures for climate change and the NDP Alberta plans are being studied and adopted around the world.

Meanwhile, we are close to a full recession in the world, not just Alberta and Canada.
Yet the Conservatives talk about deficit financing.  They would much prefer to have the breadlines of the 30s back on our streets.

Much of the NDP problems come because of the lack of the Heritage Fund which is a Conservative fault; not NDP.  How easy it would be if we had that 760 billion to work with now!

The Wild Rose Party started off on a pack of lies foundation of which was they were going to do with the Equalization payments.  Alluding to Alberta having a large fund that is transferred to Ottawa every year.  No such thing exists nor has it ever existed!  The payments come from general tax revenues and are paid by Ottawa.

Another inherited problem of the NDP was the lack of infrastructure spending by the Conservatives. Now when we don't have money schools and hospitals have to be replaced or repaired!  Most outstanding are the High River Flood.   The Conservatives knew of this for 15 years and did nothing!  And, because of this, your house insurance went up 30% to pay for it.

In fun to sit and complain at Government but when you hold the Conservatives up for a comparison the NDP look really, really great and are doing an equally great job.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Graphics on earth orbit and climate change.

I had previously indicated we have been moving away from the sun for a couple of years.  In truth when we were in a more circular orbit, or, Year 0   was in 1952.

We have been moving away from the sun for 65 years and we are still heating up rather than cooling.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Deficit financing is a global plan, not an accident.

That is correct!  Every country in the world with exception of Luxembourg is heavily involved in deficit financing now and too many years into the future.  Even Norway!

The world economy has crashed!  Trading partners went broke.  The most sought-after customers or accounts are those with the heaviest deficit!  China who can rock the world's boat easily is the highest deficit while embarking heavily on financing Nuclear plants around the world, a profitable segment for them.

William Vickrey, awarded the 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, commented:
Deficits are considered to represent sinful profligate spending at the expense of future generations who will be left with a smaller endowment of invested capital.
This fallacy seems to stem from a false analogy to borrowing by individuals. Current reality is almost the exact opposite. Deficits add to the net disposable income of individuals, to the extent that government disbursements that constitute income to recipients exceed that abstracted from disposable income in taxes, fees, and other charges. This added purchasing power, when spent, provides markets for private production, inducing producers to invest in additional plant capacity, which will form part of the real heritage left to the future. This is in addition to whatever public investment takes place in infrastructure, education, research, and the like. Larger deficits, sufficient to recycle savings out of a growing gross domestic product (GDP) in excess of what can be recycled by profit-seeking private investment, are not an economic sin but an economic necessity. Deficits in excess of a gap growing as a result of the maximum feasible growth in real output might indeed cause problems, but we are nowhere near that level.
Even the analogy itself is faulty. If General Motors, AT&T, and individual households had been required to balance their budgets in the manner being applied to the Federal government, there would be no corporate bonds, no mortgages, no bank loans, and many fewer automobiles, telephones, and houses.
— 15 Fatal Fallacies of Financial Fundamentalism[2]

This leaves in Alberta the Wild Rose Party and the Conservative Party whining doom and gloom but neither will  step up to the plate and tell the people it was their policy and their extravagance and philosophy that put us in this situation; worldwide; not just Alberta and Canada who both are in better shape than most of the world.

What can you expect out of a Jason Kenny?   He views Trump as a success by every measure.  Worships Trump you might say.  And, you can expect him to follow Trump's example in finance and administration to the letter right up until Trump is impeached.

Keep in mind Alberta would be in a much different position had the Conservatives not drained the Heritage Trust fund dry of some 780 billion dollars!  And, on Kenny's advise Trudeau marched out a whole string of lies about our economy and his phantom surplus.  (Kenny is noted for writing much of Harper's speeches and press releases.  His biggest asset is an Ego, a very large one.

Trump has ripped up all the Environmental agreements because there is nothing we can do about it anyway.  Trump has cut funding to seniors, the poorest feeling the largest cuts.  For some reason, his daughter now has access to all the top secret defense data in the US.  This is why I suggest an impeachment is sure to follow.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Climate change and the state of the world is drastic.

Due to continued rising sea levels and accelerated calving of glaciers increasing wave action; I predict the locations of the massive flooding in the US will soon become uninhabitable and the source of mass migration unlike any we have seen to date!  Likewise islands and coastal cities throughout the world.

I'm adding this excellent link which is animated in such a way as to be mind-boggling and in support of my article.

For years we have been told to turn down our heat, don't idle our vehicles so long etc. and nothing came of it! Now we have no choices. There is a hope the carbon tax will encourage this kind of thinking.  Conservative rail against it but offer no solutions.  The Wild Rose Party are in complete denial as are most Conservatives.  Their policy and action come from the LDS Church as does most of their candidates. The Mormon church has more cash on hand than most countries!

The arctic tundra is melting which can release a further 2.5 times the CO2 than is present in the atmosphere.  Earth orbit is elliptical and we are moving away from the sun as we should be but, rather than cool off we are still heating up! Ocean currents are changing, the oceans are rising!  Currents and changing and sharks and "southern" species are showing up in "northern" waters.

Greenland's ice is melting fast as is Antarctica and the arctic causing sea level to start rising.  Along with our glaciers where we get our drinking water from, receding rapidly adds greatly to our problems.
If we don't get this heating under control we will fail as the human race! Cities by the ocean will start flooding and you will witness a migration that will stagger your imagination!

Waves are gnawing at the cliffs of Herschel Island!  The town of Tuktoyaktuk which for comparison was palm size is now thumb size and the tundra, in general, is eroding now; into the arctic ocean.  This, in turn, will accelerate heating of the Arctic because of the dark particles in the water.
Earth orbit is elliptical; we are moving away from the sun as we should.  We are into a 5000-year journey to apex  But; we are still heating rather than cooling as we should be!  Then, it's 5000 years back to circular around the sun.
Conservatives tried, and even argue for carbon cap and trade with does nothing for the environment and gives corporations a huge tax deduction at one end and a huge tax credit on
The world, not just  Canada and Alberta is moving towards carbon charges. There is no other way.  PM Trudeau was recently in meetings with the Saudi.  The Saudi announced billions to invest in silicon sun generation was one outcome.  Get used to wearing a sweater and turn down your dam thermostat and air conditioning. 

Pumping carbon dioxide down the hole in as they do in Saskatchewan results in an explosion of carbon dioxide out of the hole running for many hours ahead of any oil showing up and sounding like a jet plane but conservative is after the residual oil in those fields.
On the other hand, there is news of mixing carbon dioxide with cement; holding it firm and making the cement last longer too.
And more:
A satellite image of Herschel Island, Yukon, showing huge sediment plumes in the shallow water areas. (NASA Worldview)
Fritz said the majority of the coastline on Herschel Island, like much of the Arctic, is subject to erosion in the summer when the sea ice retreats.
"Since 2007, we've seen one minimum after the other regarding sea ice distribution in summer on the Arctic Ocean. That gives rise to higher waves, more storms that can affect the coast to erode it."
When that coast is eroded, the nutrient-rich soil mixes with the seawater and creates massive plumes of sediment. Fritz said the effect that murky water has on the marine ecosystem is unknown.
"With that sediment comes a lot of carbon and lot of nutrients, and those nutrients and pollutants will affect the water column," he said.
"We ask ourselves the question 'with this higher load of sediments, of nutrients and also of pollutants, what is happening with the food web' and we don't know."

Scientists are predicting catastrophic lake drainage now.
When Conservatives rail against a carbon tax, they are in denial of our circumstances.   Our economy will adjust to the new realities and ongoing abrupt changes.  Abrupt? Yes; they will accelerate.

All this on top of a world presently in recession and a position of universal deficit spending again, not just Canada and Alberta but the world!!
And to put it on an entirely different scale:  Thirty years ago there was little or no conversation on Climate Change.  A few scientists were shouting through the darkness about it but, nothing showing up in the weather!
In just this 20 years we have progressed to wild weather patterns, all extremes.  Floods, Fires, tidal surges and wave actions.  Tornados and Hurricanes around the world.

Now we see the Arctic Tundra melting which has two times as much Carbon Dioxide and Methane in it as does our present atmosphere!  

What kind of a horrid situation are we going to be facing in just another 20 years?

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