Friday, June 23, 2006

Latest political meanderings.

Politics being what they are, Lyle Oberg is still solid in his presentations while Dinning is coasting on his well known play on words. Note when Ralph does this it is under the B.S. classification but when Mr. Dinning does it, it goes under “Play on words”Link

Because some links are subscription I will endeavor to quote specific text for your ease.

Leadership candidate Lyle Oberg has pledged to stop collecting the education portion of property taxes completely. Money in all our pockets!

The MLA for Strathmore-Brooks told The Journal editorial board on Thursday if he were premier he would give opposition parties the power to decide which bills are debated on any given day.

Again the man shows us he is up to the task of righting a lot of the wrongs!

In the same article Mr. Dinning speaking to the rank and file at the Rotary club says
“Giving a cut of resource royalty revenues directly to oil and gas producing centres is one way the province could help those communities fund infrastructure projects”

It has the spin of somehow saving us money but, it is targeted to McMurray and, he is actually saying he is going to give the money out of General Revenue. Like Ralph, such crap!
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