Thursday, July 30, 2015

XL Pipeline, Notley and the mess we are in.(edit)

#Notley is not anti oil! Our output is restricted into the US because of a newly inked deal with Mexico which can only mean less oil into Cushing OK. None of this has to do with the NDP or even Canada for that matter.  The proposed pipeline from Cushing to the the Gulf has been cancelled indefinitely.
The oil glut is in place and its here to stay; the world has changed. At the onset of this I predicted 20.00 oil and the crisis extending on for 5 or 6 years. That's two years ago now!  

The US deal with Iran is going to ramp up production in Iran and bring it into the US.  That is what lifting the embargo is all about.  The US were not interested in their cashew harvest.  Iran can produce 6.4 million barrels per day! (Forbes) The US is using oil in place of armed intervention.
#Recent financial articles are saying the world is grossly overproduced and the problem will be with us for another 6 or 8 years!  Iran will soon put another 100,000 or 1,000,000 barrels of oil on the market. That has the Saudi very nervous and leaves Alberta and Canada someplace between the outhouse and the woodshed so to speak.
I ask you; why build a pipeline to the US when there is no oil to ship there? The #US are well under way in building 11 500  miles of new 36" line internally hooking up their 5 jurisdictions and the newly active shale projects including Utah who have just started one out of many sites and it is talking 3000 bbs a day production.
The US are self sustaining.  They will import only enough oil to serve their political agenda a suitable interaction with their gun boat diplomacy.   Our only real market lay in Canada! We should not have to bleed money importing oil; we should be thinking as is the case now, how to expedite our own market place.
#Keystone XL has a plan that is good for Keystone XL and really when you stop to think about it does nothing for Alberta! Notley is on the right track and needs our support.

Another critical thing in the mix is the huge amount of US money that is pouring into BC and Alberta to support protesters of different stripes, all against us getting our oil to market.  When you see these protests on TV ask yourself, who is paying them?
#As I said yesterday; great time to upgrade your education. You may be a brain surgeon by the time this is over.

What do I want?
I want to see a modern refinery in place in Alberta as Rachel has outlined in her agenda for the future.  I want a step further.  I want a modern high capacity, multi faceted refinery; one that is also capable of producing the worlds finest synthetic oil, a market that will grow as supplies increase because of the growing demand for synthetic blends.

Synthetic oil is made from molecular fermentation but would fit beautifully into a new refinery complex.  Put the U of A to work now! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Rains have changed the Forest in a very nice way.

I see people from all over the world are viewing these walking trails and I suspect some, with envy.  They are unique and beautiful.

This batch of pictures is less of the trails and more of what off the trail, taken down gulley's made by streams that feed the creek and beaver dams.

 Always have my  dog!  He loves it.

  New Family of Ducks in this Micro Environment.  Doing well by all counts.
 Some old ESSO industry, good.  Run off path fixed to stop erosion.  Further on I seen where some irresponsible cyclist deliberately took out a Canada Survey Post that has been in place for nearly a century.  People like this can go someplace else!
These banks continually slup - slide areads marked off..  Result of 2 to 6 beaver dams on the creek putting water levels in the dams up to 3 meters or more. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer walk on the Devon Ab Can walking/bike trails.Storm set in after hike. 2 Cyclists today.

Note the Fungus ball above.  Town of Devon would not take it down as is off of the Town Property.. Fungus has an influence for nearly a km.  will Look after it myself one day.
Again, Dog's name is Loki is a Giant Decker (terrier with legs) a gentle friend.
Above he suspects something (probably a mouse)
His coloring is such he is invisible in the the Bush.

Results was a great soaking.  Devon has it all!

 Dog  hears something:
Takes a closer look.  Score this week 5 mice and 1 chipmunk 1 rabbit.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why pipelines are our safest means of petroleum transportation.

I agree with Notley's assessment 100% that pipelines are our safest choice. 
Gasoline in your tank has an additive FISK or chromium that allows static electricity to bleed off to the side of your tank harmlessly. With the additional safeguards at the pumps (baffles and shrouds around the nozzle do very well if used properly at controlling the vapor area. Rich vapors are okay but the lean ones especially at our low temperature tend to go bang in the dark.
Pipelines have anticipated this and bleed off the static charge that is built up from movement of the petroleum through the lines. We have spills, not explosions!
If you must worry; worry about how fast we can get the crude off the rail cars which are deadly unsafe because of their vulnerability when they tip over and spill. The crude oil has no such additives in them and will continue to build and build a static charge in the tanks. When they go over they light up or not. But, its not from good management. It is the state of the air space at the spill point. If it is a rich vapour area we get a free ride. If it is a lean vapor area (as in a breeze or a wind) we may not be so lucky.
We should all be supporting pipelines for our crude. Think of this when another village or town is devastated.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A spring walk along Devon Ab trails including Creek Walk

The Dog is a Giant Decker, Terrier Rescue Group in the US.  Now at 4 years old. 5km hike.

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