Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ethenic problems reported by Gravel Truck operations.-Government action needed.

It was reported to me by an Active Alberta gravel truck operator that the East Indian Business community has stated they will "own" Alberta's gravel truck operations within 10 years time.

These people have their own lawyers; many of them.  When the Somali drivers (certified by East Indian Trainers and Licensers)  are stopped for an infraction the police have to answer to one or more highly trained East Indian lawyers. T

One infraction in Calgary was mentioned where 10 trucks were travelling with the same (photocopy) registrations.  The Calgary police reportedly back away with just a warning rather than face the battery of lawyers which would be time consuming.

In this aggressive business the Somali drivers seem to be the key to the cheap labor to make this scam work.  And, unlikely as that seems it is working and working well with the trucking of asphalt reduced down to 4.00 a ton!

I'm pretty sure this is all illegal but just how I don't know.   In the interests of civility the Government must play their part in a flushing this out.

The NDP failed in BC because of similar ethnic problems.  Scale operators had recorded 5 drivers using the same drivers licenses and ticketed all 5.  These tickets were quashed by the minister's office and the scale operators were reprimanded as racial profiling.

I'm pretty sure we can do better in Alberta.
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