Friday, July 11, 2014

Outside securities body not good for Alberta say the Conservatives.

Alberta has a condition set with the RCMP they will  not investigate the Government  unless specific okay's are given by the Auditor General.  They rip and tear this province apart with impunity. The RCMP agreed with this condition or get kicked out of Alberta in favour of a hand picked Conservative police force.

The Securities over-site has been approved by all the other provinces who operate within the law.

Alberta who have direct hands on controls over the various municipal pensions and are auguring for similar access to the private pension funds they are proposing misuse this trust on a daily basis.

The pension funds are held by AIMCo but accessed at the leisure of the Conservatives.  It is any thing but an arms length operation!

Pensions are the principal investors in the Conservatives famous P3 projects!   Unfortunately they do not tell the stake holders how much the money is being leant for or how much return, if any can be expected from the so called investment.

The most blatant yet of the connivery was the make work program put on for the oil companies needed because a larger percentage of the workers were illegal immigrants and couldn't collect EI!

At the end of the program the Conservatives told us it had cost taxpayers 6 billion dollars! No so coincidentally AIMCo declared a 7 billion dollar loss to pension funds "due to bad investments".  Other companies in the same business as AIMCo is supposed to be declared a profit of 3% which nicely  makes up the 7 billion dollar figures.

AUPE went after the Government with a vengeance they received a compromise of some kind which they cannot talk about.  I think it went sour as the Government is still taking a 6 billion dollar shortfall in pensions that has to be made up by higher premiums or lower pay outs.

None of this would have been possible if there had been a outside auditor on watch in Alberta!.

The Conservatives have free for all thievery program on the go and they  will not allow an outside auditor shut them down!.   I can see some gaol time in their futures.  What is not good for Alberta is another Conservative Government!

The Wild Rose are still looking at stopping the balance of payments to fix their ills.  They still talk privately on how  Canada couldn't help Alberta so Alberta was pulled out of the dark place by the Chase Manhattan bank. They are backed by the LDS church and the Congregations are asked to prey for Sister Smith so she can save the country.

Join me in supporting the Alberta Liberals.  Raj has touched on every problem we have and swears to shut them down or severely fix them! Certainly they will have their hands full.  Recent straw votes taken by phone over the past week shows the Alberta Liberals bursting ahead and the Wild Rose party and Conservatives in Free Fall.

The Conservatives new leader is on side with everything that is happening and plans to do nothing about any of the corruption.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

C.V.I.P Inspections in Alberta.

From time to time I put up a post regarding industries, good and bad.  In this case I introduce you to long standing friends whom I will recommend without hesitation.

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