Monday, July 18, 2011

The Calgary Herald, a Conservative News paper, will not allow views or comments which offer in depth or alternate views from the published article.

Some of their Journalists have a spouse working at high stations in the petroleum industry.

Because of these policies, the Calgary Herald relegates its self into the ranks of rags and the people who subscribe to the paper as their sole source of information, leave themselves short.

For this reason the Alberta Conservatives post their "breaking news" in this paper.

With an election around the corner, they do not want their shallow optimism tarnished.  The most rampant example of this is when a release is made concerning employment and it is done in such a way to make it sound imminent where in truth the number quoted in the articles cover a 5 to 15 year window.

Also when references are made to the Governments "make work program" for the oil patch.  This is an opportunity they took at the time of the downturn and dropped our royalty to 5% Canadian dollars.  The announced it was in effect for 6 years. 

What they do not say is at the end of six years and possibly before the royalty will be dropping to zero.

It's not make work, it is a Conservative policy.

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