Friday, September 28, 2007

Former Crown Corporation threatens Alberta. So much for Privitzation!

Stelmach and crew have joined with the oil companies in a theatrical production about royalties for which there will be no change when the wash is out. The responses from all concerned can be nothing other than staged performances.

Alberta: One time Alberta Crown Corporation Encana is making a lot of threats against Alberta. Going to totally trash us they say.

Well, this is the same company, once and Alberta Crown Corporation, that was privatized by this Government. Says a lot about the conservatives plans.

This is the same company who wants to build additional pipelines and ship our product to Chicago dodging all conversations that would have them say why and, being totally supported by Stelmach and crew.

Meanwhile Stelmach has cut royalties through tax brakes amounting to billions of dollars over the last few years. In brief he has determined Alberta is making enough. All increases in oil prices go to the oil companies.

Apart from this the cost of living has increased so high in this province people are leaving in droves. Soon enough it will all be owned by the oil and power companies.

I am writing this at a heated moment.

The History Channel pointed out last night that Hitler took over Germany when the NATZI
Party of the day took 25 percent vote. Once he had power he took Germany down the dark path we are all familiar with.

The Alberta Conservatives took over the Alberta Government last election with 22 percent of the eligible vote.

As in no other time in our history, Alberta has to get out and vote. We can make a difference.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alberta Oil companies reduced to fear mongering.

Alberta oil reduced to fear mongering.

The conservatives are saying constantly to let market values shake out the problems but, when it comes to their buddies in the oil board rooms this overly simplistic rhetoric we are accustomed to hearing goes out the window. It is used only when they want you to pay more.

Subsidies of low royalties, free potable water, free natural gas and the more than favorable tax regime are side stepped in this fear mongering article.

Don’t expect this Government to do anything for the citizens of this province. If you don’t like it, catch a bus. That much, they will support you in.

Here is the golden goose the oil companies are trying to protect. Future oil up above 82.00 a bbl USD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alberta Royalties - A matter of trust.

This Government has been sand bagging information and has continually put forward a program of lies misdirection and total deceit! How can we possibly believe them now?

The recommended royalty rate was accepted by the oil industry who satisfy us by saying more or less that "we will make do". Stelmach has put on his theatre face telling us he will do what is best for Albertans. The latter should make us suspicious as they have been saying the same thing for the last dozen years!

The numbers presented are apparently 20 percent above the 25 percent presently being charged as royalty. With only 19 of this 25 being collected just what in hell does that mean? What is in place to recover the other 6 percent of the present deal that was dealt away in back rooms?

The 20% figure is till 25 points below the lowest number elsewhere in the world.

The 20% figure could be dealt back to the oil companies through tax deductions or additional allowed expenses; a dozen different ways. The 20% figure is not as much cash as the oil companies make in one month!

This is a Stelmach orcastrated parade and, I agree with Taft saying we should have a public audit. After the light show Stelmach puts up you will find we have been shafted yet again.

John Clark

Alberta Royality Report is in!

I’m not one to say “I told you so!” but it is worth while to note the Royalty report has taken the absolute minimum amount of increase that would be reasonable. This would have the resource companies still paying much below any one in this world. Any technical differences have been paid for on startup by the Alberta Taxpayer.

It is reported to me that Ed Stelmach is taking council from the Fraser Institute on how to best avoid a resolve in the royalties. The idea has been put forward to do away with the 10 % tax credit on dividends paid by the oil sector in Alberta. This, they have counseled will allow him to tell Albertan’s he has met the Royalty Report half way.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blair comes to Alberta - is the taxpayer footing the bill?

Tony Blaire, George Bushe's right hand man is on his way to Calgary on the for hire lecture circuit. This guy will cost big bucks!

john Clark

Mulroney checked the wind and feels he can go public.

Brian Bulroney has not endorsed anything publicly since he went out to capture headlines on Ben Johnson's win and ended up with egg on his face.

I guess he figures there is enough press support climate change it is safe to try for headlines in this area.

John Clark
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