Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alberta Conservative Throne Speech-A pack of lies.

#First understand the RCMP cannot investigate the Conservatives unless they get express permission from the Attorney General.   Several times they have refused to get on board with the rest of Canada for a national securities commission, saying it wouldn't work for their business model.    They were busted for taking over 7 billion dollars from AIMCO pension funds.  The union held their feet to the fire and after much denials  came up with an unknown settlement.  One thing sure; it costs you.   They operate completely above and beyond the law!

Jim Prentice made his first major press release that was packed full of outright lies; a neat way to start a crooked party recovery!  This should convince you nothing at all has changed and its going to cost your dearly if you continue to support  these  characters!

His first outing  from the Edmonton Journal: 
1. He said we were getting top dollar on our crude WTI (West Texas Intermediate) 
2. He said royalty was rolling in. 

Fact: 1
Under Peter Lougheed we were on the NY crude prices; highest in the marketplace. Under Ralph Klein we found ourselves down a notch to WTI .

Under the new crew of neo-cons the wheels came off; (that is Prentice's group). They opted to price on the London based Brent prices which were designed for North Sea oil with no infrastructure in transportation to speak of. The lowest prices in the spectrum.   On top of this, Canadian high commissioner Stewart Beck said in the Financial Post Alberta was discounting the Brent prices by 20 to 25.00 per barrel.  That's 30% and its been going on since oil hit 200.00 per barrel.

What he published was not an error nor an oversight; it was planned deceit; outright and deliberate lies  that didn't fly for those who knew differently.

It is Alberta's oil producers who take the biggest hit.
This is a 3 billion dollar lie!
Fact: 2
Royalty was set up in the tar sands to encourage growth.  The royalty base was 34% but we collected only 1% until the plants were built..  In other words, the Alberta taxpayer paid for every cent of the tar sands projects by leaving 33% of their royalty with the various Companies. It is our expense, not the oil companies.

Just when we were going to collect the full 34%, Syncrude complained their Firestorm project should not be taxed at the full 34% as it was an additional build; not an improvement. There was a public show of the Government resisting this cut back in royalty.   Ralph Klein and Syncrude went on a well publicized fishing trip; a boat load of booze and no reporters allowed.  The results of this meeting as presented to the public was the Firestorm would be included in the 1%.  In other words Albertans would pay for it; not Syncrude.

We heard nothing at all on royalty for a couple years .  All enquiries to the Conservatives were turned away with no answers.  Then, Fred Dunn the Auditor General chastised the Government because they were not even collecting the 16% they had told him about.  Well that brought on a rash of hate Fred Dunn news releases and the Auditor General's budget was cut so badly the couldn't investigate anything new.

Then the portfolio fell to Loose Lips Ron Liepert who told us on TV our royalty rate was now 6% and it would stay there for 5 years  then, it dropped to zero; zilch.

Prentice is telling us his government is new, different but its not its the same if not worse.

Yet they may get in again because of low voter turn out.   22% of the vote gave them this huge majority.  The turnout in Whitecourt was only 16%; scary!
Support the Alberta Liberal;s get a change in Government that means something!   Raj Sherman is a strong leader and has put out points which he will fix in education, grade school, high school and graduate university.

As it is now we are graduating kids with the equivalent of grade 10 education as high school graduates!  I see in todays paper they are going to reduce the high school graduation on final exams from 50% which is the lowest in north America to 35% because of their inability to teach them anything.  I would fire the whole bloody works of them!

The Conservatives froze the Heritage Trust fund at 5% profits when oil was over 200.00 per barrel.  Anything above 5% was siphoned off into General Revenues and used as taxes.  We gave the oil majors over 700 billion dollars out of this fund!

Norway, both green and rich has got hundreds of billions of dollars banked from their oil industry (they don't do royalty they do taxation)  They are now Europe's bankers!.   They won't vote Conservative!

They have the highest educated population in Europe.  Every kid is guaranteed a university education free!

They turn out 70% of their population in every vote.  (put this against the ignorance of whitecourt  who turned out 16%)

On the burger economy; yes burgers can cost 10.00 each but the people working at McDonalds there make 100,000 a  year so the 10 dollar burger is no problem.  Economies to scale.

You in Alberta own this Resource!  You don't have to fight for it or kill for it as they do in other countries.  All you have to do is vote!

The Conservatives are counting on your ignorance and stay at home attitude and, they just may be right.

The Conservatives have gone to many of the smaller communities promising them multi millions of dollars for their pet projects but, only if they are elected.  They have done a version of this for the past 40 years!.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

RCMP ordered to check out Redford's actions. All BS!

While it is true the RCMP can only check the Alberta Government if asked to do so by the Attorney General, I have only put this fact forward across the net recently.

Coupled with  a post I made on the "Globe and Mail about AIMCO and their role in financing the make work program for the illegals in the oil patch will probably put a run on accounts held in AIMCO; or at least it should.  I noticed Aimco on a sales trip east a couple weeks ago.They won't have enough cash in AIMCO to pay anyone back that wants out!

The Conservatives got out in front with story on them going after Redford.
First off; anything that Redford did as minister is out of reach for the RCMP and, if they did find some grey areas only the Attorney General can say proceed with charges or not.

Another thing that this BS investigation served is to get the Conservatives on the side of the newspaper you don't wipe with!  They are down and out and have lied time again trying to make some kind of a bent recovery.  Redford's purge was to have carried them to the next election.  Instead the public seen though it and it lasted only about 2 weeks and the fall out was against the Conservatives not for them!.

They have stolen more than a trillion dollars from this province.  There simply no way of explaining that!

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