Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why the Conservative Leadership is a lot to do about nothing! Keep you eye on the ball!!

This article is a little longer than most but it sums up where we are at and why we are here. Please try to get though!  It will give you the reasons why this province is so screwed up!  It is my guess Redford was not forced to do anything; she agreed to fall on her sword in a last attempt to save this defunct party!

The Alberta Conservatives were so far down in polls they we hardly showing on the bar!  The last time they were in this shape was when Ed Stelmach was in trouble over the ever dropping royalty take for Alberta.

On the eve of the election they published a "new royalty regime" in .PDF form releasing it across the province and the world.  It was a pack of lies; nothing but!  The numbers presented were very high; in the range where a company couldn't operate if they were charged those amounts!  Impossible numbers fed to an ignorant public.

Oil screamed and postured drawing still more attention to the phony document. Them condemning the Government as being bandits and thieves.  On that count they were correct but for the wrong reasons.

In 6pt print across the bottom of the document  was the declaration "These figures are in Canadian Funds!"  So while rubbing our nose in it this document also changed our take on royalty from US dollars to Canadian Dollars a loss to the province of 18% as that was the rate of exchange at that time.  

Now time has passed and their crooked chicanery has caught up to them again. Out of the blue Redford is thrown under a bus and a long standing 25 years Conservative is brought forward to run for the  new premier.  They keep feeding out one thing after another and make is sound like its all about Redford.  They even have the ex mayor of Edmonton standing in to be the new health minister.  I don't know anyone who is less qualified for the job than he is! But, its a great distraction.

What they are doing is passing huge amount of promises in advance of the next election after which point it will all disappear as it has done in the last 5 elections!

Ted Morton was the last minister to sign a deal with the RCMP.  He held up signing for more than 3 weeks explaining on the TV "it's all about the money" The RCMP finally agreed not to investigate the Government unless they first received permission from the Attorney General (a position held at the time by Redford),

The Conservatives have repeatedly refused to accept an outside Auditor General saying that would not work well with Alberta's systems.   So very true again!.

This means Alberta Conservatives operate completely beyond the law!  It follows that Alberta is not a safe place in which to invest!

Their rip off score is impressive to say the least!
They have taken of 600 billion dollars out of the Heritage Trust fund.  They did this by determining all oil revenue belongs to the oil companies not the province. They set the earning of the Heritage fund at 5% taking every thing above  and putting it into General Revenues to be used as taxes. This is a lot more than "loosing their way"

Over two decades ago they started discounting our oil by 30%. off world market prices.  All throughout the 200.00 per barrel "good times"we were loosing 30%  off the top plus our royalty had dropped down to below 16%  down from 32% when Klein took office.  A brief royalty comparison was made in 2008 

Electricity: Take over the right away from the municipalities on the guise of putting computers in the poorer schools. Then, separate the generators from the transmitters; sell the lines!  That little move cost Albertans 7 billion dollars!    In one instance the owners of a newspaper plant own the power that comes out of that plant.  Prices go up; the plant hurts but that's okay the owners still profit from the electricity sales. Public bids were asked for on  the PPA's but no list of bidders or how much was ever made public. (PPA= Power Purchase Agreement)

New DC Lines are to delivery about 30% more profit to the owners.  Yet, Albertans are told we have to pay increases on our power bills  to pay for the lines!  The trick?  DC travels on the outside of the line and doesn't have resistance.  What goes onto the lines is exactly what is delivered off them.  There lies the huge profits over AC/

That's oil and natural gas and electricity  They have stolen over a trillion dollars from the Alberta Treasury and now, they are running a new leadership circus to keep your minds focused on their circus and away from their horrendous damages.

Education:  They have cut our education programs so a grade 10  education is now graduating as a grade 12!  If parents want a real education for their kids they have to enrol them into private schools!
Private schools get a disproportionate amount of the available funding!

Water:  All of the water allotments are allotted.  Municipalities now have to buy more water if they need it, from the oil companies.   The latter asked for a  small increase in the water allotment and were given huge amounts.  The Government is storing allotments in oil companies. The sale of new water to municipalities increases costs, not values and they have ambitions of exporting the Peace River to the US given half an opportunity

Health Care: This is 99% theatre and 1% application.  Alberta declared they were going to go to the US Oregon health care system and called it the third way.  The Edmonton journal covered it at the time  Journal Article on Oregon Health: and The Conservatives are following an agenda set down by the US Republicans!

Legislation is changing to make the citizens responsible for environmental screw ups that may happen in the oil industry  Here's one example of applied Bill24

And lastly; most political parties are an invention of the Oil Companies.  One is there to provide an Alternative to the Conservatives (WRP) while others were put in place to split the vote on the so called left.  We have two alternatives to the PCs. One is the NDP and the second, my choice is the Alberta  Liberals.

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