Sunday, March 24, 2019

Post Media interfearing with the election process.

Post Media (Bell Media control) is interfearing with the Canadian election process by blocking comment which may be contrary to the Conservative BS being peddled.  Post are putting our inaccurate and inflamiatory stories, taking polls from Calgary south and calling them provincial polls and not allowing any challange to the same inaccurate, even lies, stories.

Bell Media  is in charge of post media and our  ip providers.  Brought into
Canada by Stephen Harper on his promise to "change Canada so we would never recognize it"

Warned of the situation in advance the NDP chose to go along with Bell Media in the new G5 networks build.   They were betrayed by their contractarl tech people.  With this vested bias, Post Media (Financial Post) (Edmonton Journal) cannot be trusted on their Financial Information.

Huawei is superior to the Bell Media G5 in many ways.  It is being used by Telus in Alberta and is the Government choice in the BC interior.  Huawei has shown no evidence of inteference in Canadian politcs!

Friday, March 08, 2019

Post Media (Bell Media) are still messing with Canada's and Alberta's election system!

How it works; after jamming me a new sign in seemed to be in order.   The new sign in worked fine and their icons show me as being signed in.

However, when it comes time to post against their misinformation put out by the Conservatives, my posts are not allowed and the demand to sign in before posting doesn't work.

This has to go on the record as a testimony to the vulnerability and exploitation of our system by #Bell Media, a US firm brought into Canada by Stephen #Harper for the sole purpose of screwing up our electoral system!
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