Monday, June 05, 2006

Terrorists or Paramilitary opportunity?

When the hawks are up there are no doves in flight! And, it is so very easy to get the hawks in the air; they are always first up and so very difficult to get down.

At the mention of terrorism cells in Canada the drums start to bang and the bands start to march. Out come the guns and the special law enforcement groups and the media join the frenzy. Up go the Hawks.

Now our street gangs, bad as they may be are said by media to be hooked to international terrorists. More excuse to build the urban army.

In the US the Homeland Security has take the place of McCarthyism. A neighbor spying on Neighbors, kids telling on their parents is the way of the day. Borders screwed down tight on communities and country.

In the trucking industry now it costs over one thousand dollars above scale to send a truck into New York State, if you can find a driver that wants to go. The drivers know they will face an endless gauntlet of security searches and time delays.

Police will get bigger budgets; personal liberties will be sharply curtailed. It is hard but, try to resist the parade. It just keeps getting longer and longer and your freedoms become shorter and shorter. As personal rights and freedoms are curtailed the resistance goes up and the people who resist are said to be part of the problem. Try to support the doves!

When the Hawks get up un-tethered by worst case scenarios, the terrorists will have won the day.

Read the hype in any paper you want and, say no, I’m not buying it.
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