Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratz (GM)-A really excellent fabricating business in Alberta!

 I had the occasion to get a part made for my table saw and after a few false starts one company referred me to Gratz Manufacturing.

They treated me like a million dollar account.  My little project was taken into the shop; manufactured and returned to me in record time.  It was no less that perfect!

Don't beat yourself to death nor cut your hands all to pieces.  Drop in and see the pros at Gratz it will be a pleasant surprise and, say hello from me.

Gratz Manufacturing Inc

Address: 16142-114 Ave
Edmonton, AB,
T5M 2Z5
Phone: 780-484-0380
Fax: 780-484-7207

Friday, January 15, 2010

Alberta New Cabinet sworn in.

Canada should pay attention to this one!

Ted Morton was co-author(With other members of the WRP) of the infamous "Alberta Firewall" some of the highlights are do away with making balance of payments-Alberta pays too much; Opt out of the Canada Pension Fund as an Alberta Fund would invest (as in finance) Alberta only.

In the WRP and Ted Mortons world, any money spent on any kind of welfare progarms are a waste. We can expect this group to be the first hit.

Even our new health minister has said off the mark that he really isn't in charge, Finance minister is.  

This means the Government will cut any number of goods and services to cities and communities. This in turn will force theses cities and communities to increase the costs of electricity, water and sewage to make up the losses.

All this while Alberta fosters the lowest resource royalty in the world. Our basis is now down to 19% less payment in kind in bitumen on which we get 48 cents per barrel. We get more money on bottle returns!  

Saskatchewan and BC both collect 30% US dollars. As you can see we are less than 1/2 of our neighbors. Alberta is the Conservative dream! If you let Harper run away with the Federal end you are in for much of the same!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alberta Cabinet Shuffle

On the surface these changes appear to be a shuffle rather than a change but putting Ted Morton in finance will mean harsh changes and hard hits for Alberta and Canada. These changes mean the very worse for Albertans as right wing parties compete for the extreme.

Ted Morton was co author of the Alberta Firewall Documents. Others on this list are founders of the Wild Rose Party of Alberta.

This leaves me to consider the WRP as a child of the Ruling Conservatives and probablay finaced by Conservative Stelmach dissenters.

The Alberta Firewall is all the name implies. Provincial Police and no RCMP. Balance of payments cut drastically or done away with. Withdraw from the CPP and start an Alberta Pension plan. Do away with the Canada Health Act and totally privatize Alberta's health care (Turn it into an industry rather than a welfare pot) The list goes on but of the same tone.

The new health minister explains off the mark he has nothing to do with the health care it is in the hands of the finance minister.

There is nothing in this lineup that will do anything to royalty but reduce it and, we are all ready paying the oil companies to take the resource out of the province! 

Alberta is at 19% Can Dollar.  Except for bitumen taken in kind where we receive 48 cents a barrel Canadian, less than you would get on a bottle return.

Both BC and Saskatchewan are at 30% US dollars.

When you figure on the advanced electricity and utility charges we are indeed paying for the resource to be taken from the province.  We end up with nothing!

For you who voted Conservative; you deserve this!   For those of you who didn't bother to vote; you deserve this. 

For the rest of us it is a beating we won't recover from!
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