Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alberta Southern Floods 2013

    Wild Rose country under water and the Conservatives to the rescue! This has to be Daniels Smiths worse nightmare and the taxpayers will be killed as the two parties bid for the country hearts.
    Considering the province has no money it is the royal opportunity for P3 to dig in hard and fast!
    Naomi Klein's book of warning is about to play-out in Alberta, where The Fascists and Tory Insiders are already licking their chops waiting for open invoices from their friends in power.
    New Arena - check
    New Campgrounds - check
    New Roads & Bridges - check
    New Civic Centres - check
    New Recreation Centres - check
    The list is endless. PRICELESS

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Redford's Expensive Gambit.

    Across the media you are reading about how very busy the Conservatives are.  The latest is funding a major meeting in New York costing Albertans millions.  All this in the thrust of oil principals telling of a Glut an oil in Alberta that doesn't exist anywhere else on the planet.

    Our production is down 300,000 bbls per day right now because of a coker schedualed maintence at Syncrude!

    The overall thrust: We are going to hell in a basket and the Conservatives are busy saving us!
    It just ain't so Elmer!

    Schools are being closed.  The reason given is no funding.  The truth is they are setting you up for private schools as they short you on public facility.  Exactly the same thing is happening in the facilities in place to care for the elderly!  Its all about following the Conservative agenda.

    Mismanagement if not outright thievery  has cost Alberta billions and their stuck in the mud view of the market in general. 

    They are trying to bury you in BS; have you forget they have cost each household hundreds of thousands of dollars in their chicainary!

    The Conservatives are using this BS tail of hardship so they do not have to change the discount (Brent pricing) on our oil, conventional and tar sands.

    Alberta has sufficient pipeline to move all the oil we can produce for the next ten years!  The panic is India will not put cash into a new development unless there is a west coast pipeline in place!

    Consider for a moment; this same BS has been going on for months now and absolutly nothing, nothing at all  has come of it!   All the players in their games are Conservative Governments from other  provinces!

    The basis for their action lay in the Conservative/Republican private club and the plans they have made that are being dismantled.  This association embraces the whole Conservative Party, not just the western premiers.

    Lastly, this same group of Conservatives, now entrenched in provincial Governments in Canada can demand the Fed (regarless of party in power) to open the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and change anything they want to in that precious document!  As it stands right now; no one can stop them.

    They are, simply put, dismantling Canada!

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