Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alberta's political Landscape - Surprises!

Since this post was put up, Redford made a major speech deploring the NDP and The Wild Rose Party (same breath) while exonerating the Alberta Liberals.

After the Liberals were busted as being election spoilers; their sole purpose being to split the votes to the left of the Conservatives.  (Which is the rest of the world!) the information started flowing into me about preferences and there, is the surprise.

The Wild Rose Party to this point has seen its fortunes blossom.  People who have come to realize how badly they have been screwed over by the Conservatives but still deathly afraid of the Wild Rose Party and their haywire or non existent policies seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel in the Alberta Liberal Party.

They seem to reason if the Liberals are  bought and paid for by the Petroleum industry they are just what is needed in place of the Wild Rose.

Myself?  I think if the Conservatives, the Wild Rose Party or the Alberta Party are voted into office there will be no changes for Alberta's situation at all!

Health Care will be entirely privatized and out of reach for the majority of Albertans.  We are almost there now.  Our public schools will become the secondary school system and private schools will receive a disportionate portion of the school funding; as they are now.

Water allotments are all taken up in Alberta.  Surplus water and allotments are held by the oil industry who are poised to sell it back to cities and towns as they require it.  This has happened once in central Alberta and it will happen on a regular basis if you vote these clowns back in again!

The legislation enacted in the past 8 years all carry the caveat that the Alberta Government and/or the petroleum industry cannot be held responsible for mishaps.

The NDP, now mature having pushed way their controversial positions is the only party in Alberta that is not bought and paid for by the petroleum industry!  By default it is the only party that can produce the kinds of changes Alberta needs and hungers for.

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