Friday, February 29, 2008

Conservative program a complete lie - Proof!

Stelmach’s campaign an outright lie as is his royalty scheme.
Stelmach has been in politics as a Conservative boss for more than a dozen years. He knows the NAFTA agreement, inside and out.

His royalty scheme called for a large percentage of his BS oil program to be paid for “in like tender” as in tar sands oils, being turned over to the proposed up-graders at a discount price ranging from little to nothing.

Even as he was making the public announcements, he knew it would be impossible; would never get by NAFTA!

It was all lies a verbiage to kick off an election on.

As a kicker he reduced Alberta’s royalty from 25% to 19%.
When we were at 19% he made claims of increasing royalty under his new regime.

When the phony up-grader funding was exposed on the net, the oil companies and pipeline companies saw no reason to wait in instituting plans that have been in the making for at least 3 years. Pipelines were announced. Export the crude to the US and off the coast in ships.

There is no up-grader.
There is no increase in Royalty.
There is going to be a huge export of Alberta Crude to foreign soil.
The Conservatives have embarked on an unsustainable lie.

All these anouncements are straight out lies! What's left?

More and more you will be expected to dig deeper and deeper into your income for survival while all the resource coin is given to the oil and water companies, the ever popular conservative “trickle down” theory at work.

John Clark

Stelmach twisting truths.

It would break a snakes back to follow Stelmach and crew!

Listen close to what he says. He says one thing and implies another.

Example: He says “1.4 billion dollars more in royalty next year” would have you believe he is increasing royalty rates. Not so! 1.4 billion dollars is made up of maturing production and new production all taken at 19% not 25% When he talks increase in revenues he is adding up increases in income tax no oil royalty!

His election is a sham! If you do not get out and vote this time you will be hit by a political bus! By not voting you will have put the most corrupt government in north America back into office.

John Clark

Alberta Doctors against Conservatives

Doctors give Alberta Liberals top marks
The Canadian Press
February 28, 2008 at 11:46 AM EST
CALGARY — Alberta's doctors have given the Liberals the best grade of the political parties heading into Mondays election.
The Alberta Medical Association posed 10 health-care questions to the parties.
The Liberals garnered a B grade, the New Democrats a C-plus and the Conservatives a C.
The Green Party fared the worst with a D.
The answers were assessed by about 150 physicians.
The Wildrose Alliance was the only party that didn't respond to the survey.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Alberta 2008 Leadership Debate

2008 Leadership Debate
Opponents cream Stelmach
Compiled by Heath McCoy, Renata D'Aliesio and Tony Seskus, Calgary Herald., Calgary Herald
Published: Friday, February 22, 2008
Kevin Taft
On Health Care
Taft: "I can't stand on the sidelines . . . . People are dying, Mr. Stelmach. People are stuck in emergency rooms for days on end. This is a life-and-death issue. . . . This government has to be held to account."

On Energy and Environment
Taft: "It feels to so many people like Alberta's economy, particularly the oilsands development, is a runaway train . . . But you don't build a garage without a plan. You can't . . . develop the biggest industrial development on the planet without a plan."

On Social Issues
Taft: "Too many people are getting left behind. . . . Long term, so much of this comes down to great education. The best low-income policy in the long term is to give people great education."
- - -
Brian Mason
On Health Care

Mason: "Albertans really want to have health care that's there when they need it. They don't want to be waiting in the hallways. We have 10 years of neglect. . . . We are short 1,000 doctors and 1,500 nurses. How did we get into this situation?"

On Energy and Environment
Mason: "The decision of the government to not touch the brake, as Mr. Stelmach said when he first became the Conservative leader, is a terrible mistake. We need to pace development in the tar sands."

On Social Issues
Mason: "This government has done more to create homelessness than any other government since the Second World War in this province. The simple failure to bring in rent controls to protect people has meant many more people are living out on the street."
- - -
Paul Hinman
Wildrose Alliance
On Health Care

Hinman: "We've had 36 years of these guys (the Tories) saying more money, more money. It will never be enough. . . . There's nothing bold about (Stelmach's) plan. There's nothing innovative about it."

On Energy and Environment
Hinman: "He's hurt our reputation by tearing up those contracts and saying, 'You know what, we're not going to listen to industry. We are going to listen to my heart,' and he's failing on the economic decision that he's making for this province."

On Social Issues
Hinman: "We need to reduce the taxes on the people of Alberta -- then they'll be able to have affordable housing because they (will) have money in their pocket to actually pay the rent or buy the house."

On Health Care

Ed Stelmach
Progressive Conservative
Ed Stelmach, Progressive Conservative
Jenelle Schneider, Calgary Herald
Stelmach: "I'm fully committed to supporting the public health-care system. . . . While others are identifying issues in health care, we have acted. We have brought world-class physicians to the province. We've added more nurses."

On Energy and Environment
Stelmach: "The plan we have in place is already showing that we have dealt with a lot of the environmental issues in Fort McMurray and Fort Saskatchewan -- an overall cumulative environmental plan. We've got an excellent plan for water strategy."

On Social Issues
Stelmach: "Rent controls do not build one affordable unit (of housing) in the province of Alberta. It's proven. We've looked at the history of other provinces and we're not going to go (down) that path. We're going to increase the supply."

An Exercise: How a re ordering of the story can change the facts!

Alberta Land Use planning is a mess!

Report on Alberta's land use.

John Clark

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alberta to further reduce royalties!

The US dollar falling against the Canadian dollar was seen by the Conservative as an opportunity to upset what they had come to see as the status quo of the royalty regime.
Reducing our royality on the tar sands from 25% to 19% (current) is only the start of a long slide down!
It is their intention to further reduce royalties as new production comes on line. They will in effect benchmark what they think Alberta will need with the citizens charged to the brink for goods and services.

Alberta will not enjoy more royalties in the future under a Conservative Government!
Meanwhile, Oil companies in the US are doing budgets in anticipation of paying more money to the Government when the Democrats take office this election.
John Clark.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stelmach tough on crime? I don't think so.

Is he going to start to publish the results of Government bids and show all the bids along side the insiders he gives the contracts to? In Alberta now, they know who is getting the contract before they put it out! They won’t change.

Is he going to change the Freedom of Information program to allow a full and honest review of Government polices? I think not.

These guys are the biggest crooks! Is he going to take the seals off the court on the West Edmonton Mall fiasco? I think not.

Is he going to divulge the details on the Firestorm rip off? I think not.

Is he going to post the list of people who flipped the power purchase agreements and check for improprieties? I think not.

Perhaps this is the lynch pin for private prisons?

Eddie and the crew were a part of all of these debacles. No one is exempt. After 14 years to lies and deceit, nothing has changed.

John Clark

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oil Profits up 28 Billions - Alberta Royalities down 21 billion.

Oil companies to record record profits of 28 billions of dollars while Alberta looses 21billion a year proping up these profits!
Reasoning follows:
Alberta Oil Sands important details Oil sands deposits contain approximately 1.7 trillion barrels of bitumen.
Approximately 10 % or 174 billion barrels are proven reserves that can be recovered using current technology.

Current economic limit for oil sand surface mining is approximately 80 meters which makes up 20 % of the proven reserves.Current oil sand production is approximately 1 million barrels per day, 1/2 is from surface mining.

1 million barrels per day at $100.00 per bbl US is 100 million dollars per day US.

1% start up rate returns 1 million dollars per day into royalty funds.

25% agreed production returns 25 million dollars per day in royalties.

19% Stelmach adjusted rate brings in 19 million dollars per day royalties.

Stelmach has moved 6 million dollars per day from Alberta Taxpayers into the hands of the Oil Companies while he is telling us he has found the “middle road” turning even more revenue into oil company’s profits.
John Clark

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liberals outline a solid, sustainable plan!

Kevan Taft has outlined a solid, sustainable plan for Alberta's future. This is in direct conflict with the Conservative doom and gloom scenarios that Albertan's must learn to pay more.

John Clark

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conservatives approve endless increases in insurance.

Ed Stelmach in a tit for tat statment gives insurance companies the okay to charge what ever they see fit in the wake of the court decision to get rid of the cap on soft tissue.

The Conservatives have been whoring with Insurance Companies since the onset. There is no one in this Government looking after the citizens of this province!

John Clark

Friday, February 08, 2008

School Closures are a big thing in Alberta!

Conservative school closures are a deliberate means to push our education system into a privitized industry. There are people in our political arena who despise and resist this plan.

John Clark

A fresh honest face in Alberta Politics!

Here is a fellow with attitude!

He will make a differnce!

John Clark

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Conservative Plan to Fix Health Services

It takes 9 years to put a physician into private practice!

Alberta’s health care problem is short funding as it has always been. The plans have always been the same; destabilize then privatize.

Stelmach opted to secretly cut our revenue from royalties by 84 million dollars a day. (Dropping royality to 19%) This was done to prop up oil companies profits when the US dollar fell; it had nothing to do with their operational securities! That is 84 million a day he doesn’t have to put into other programs. Health Care is only one example.

It is not a far reach to say they have cut money to Capital Health in order to prop up oil profits!

University seats go to foreign students because these students pay multi thousands of dollars more for a lecture hall slot at a university than does an Albert student. Universities need the cash!

These foreign graduates go back to their homes to practice, they seldom stay in Alberta.

Stelmach has put up a smoke and mirrors royalty proposal that returns nothing to the Alberta revenue base! He has found a way to subsidize the oil up grader plants through a fiscal “payment in kind of crude” which can be 90% of the royalty further shorting the revenue into Alberta.

A shallow numbers game! More lies and misconceptions!

These guys have lied their way into the past 3 elections. Hold them accountable now!
Remember they were elected to a Majority Government last time getting only 23% of the Alberta Vote!

John Clark

The Conservative Plan to Save Alberta-Education

Increase funding to private schools while continuing to short public school funding.


The mentality of this crew is such that the privatization of schools allows them a place of fame with like minded people.

They feel the public system is too expensive and to walk away from regulation is a good thing because people will pay more to get their kids into better schools there by reducing “public” expenditures.

In all. a “feel good” thing for the Conservatives who claim private is always cheaper than Government but never ever do a follow up to see the huge cost increases.

John Clark

Conservative Plan to Save Alberta - Water

Further privatize the water in Alberta.


The rivers are going dry, quickly as the glaciers recede at record speeds. This leaves the ground water; the aquifer as being our primary source of water. Much of the water rights for this aquifer have been given to Coca Cola, Calgary Malting and others in the Agra Food Industries.

The conservatives were unhappy with the hearings held by the Privy Council of Canada which ruled that bulk water exports were not covered under NAFTA and gave notice to the Privy Council the Conservatives were taking up a legal challenge to make it acceptable to export bulk water to the US.

Placing the water firmly in the hands of private companies makes it very easy to escalate the price of water to the residential consumers. Prices for water service will be levied by the pipeline companies. A bill for the water combined with a bill for the transmission of water if you like. The water analogy for electricity is applicable in more than one discipline.

Bottom line; your costs are going to go up by 10 times almost, overnight.

The kicker here is the oil up graders planned will use more water than all the residential housing but, will get it for nothing.

John Clark

Conservative Plans to Savel Alberta-Heating

Immediately eliminate the subsidy to home owners on heating costs. When the price of heating goes up there will be no rebates!


The price of gas is down. Because of this now is a good time to eliminate the program.

The price of coal is moving up on the world markets. It is higher now than it has ever been and it will get much higher they will push for world prices on coal more especially since the Ontario Teachers Pension fund owns most of it.

John Clark
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