Saturday, June 17, 2006

The colors are flying!

Lyle Oberg has long advocated putting more money in the hands of municipalities. This is possibly the best, smartest move for a Government to make, effecting all of us in a very positive way. A fresh out look finally!
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Jim Dinning comes out the gate as a tired old horse. Using possibly the oldest political gambit in the world, he proposes to buy the under 30 crowd with their own money! You will note in the article Mr. Dinning says nothing about increasing oil royalties to cover this pocket change. Nope; he will take it off your taxes and give it back to you.

I think he's a long way from the rank and file Albertan. The under 30 group has the lowest voter turn out of all! Perhaps after all is said and done he will go back to his opening statements and say "No comment until after I'm elected."

Also of great concern to us all, there is no word on fixing the total disaster seniors face in this province. We all can't afford the $4000 a month to live in Mr. Dinnings facility!

More and more this character is looking like Ralph but in a higher priced suit. The guy is too arrogant to be the leader of the opposition. He would retire first.
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