Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The most important Vote in Canada's Life!

Get it right folks; there is no going back!

Layton who put forward reasonable, thinking plans that reflect what people want or Harper, who tells the world he will change Canada so that we will not recognize it?  Or perhaps Iggy who has bought into Harper's program hook line and sinker?

Harper had ample time to make adjustments to the Canada Pension Plan to"enhance" it. And he did nothing; waiting to get elected again!

Prior to this Ted Morton in Alberta wanted to pull a new version of the CPP under a provincial plan.

Both ends against the middle; stall the CPP modification until re elected then go with the Morton plan.

The Heritage Trust fund is capped at 4% profit and more than 70 billion dollars (15 years operating capital) has been pulled from the Heritage trust fund and used in general revenues.  Do you want you pension to go that route?

The Conservatives on the other hand have dredged up lying figures on the cost of health care on one hand Health Care Lies not 30% of 100% but 30% of 10%

If Harper, May and Iggy get their way the average home in Canada will face150.00 to 400.00 per month medical premiums for partial coverage from private firms.

If Harper and Iggy get their way, NAFTA will be opened and bulk water export will be put under NAFTA which will drive the price of you water bill to heights you could not dream of! We cannot charge the Americans more for water under NAFTA than we are paying.

And, if you live in Alberta you can be sure the water pipelines will go the way It is time for Canadians to look at what matters to them and put their vote in that box; do away with the superstition.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Canada Health Care- What are Legitimate Costs?

Iggy said he would Convene a First Ministers meet within 60 days of being elected.  The First Ministers is ruled by the 5 western and territorial leaders all Conservative.

I say no First Ministers meet until after provincial elections! See:PNWER

Iggy is onto if not part of the Conservative scheme of privatization as was his sidekick Martin as shown in his last election!

The Canada Health Act does not allow US citizens to come to Canada for medical or surgical repair and Physicians in Canada so want that business. (Who can blame them).  Alberta is selling our medical services to the insurers as being better and cheaper than the US. No duplicity here.

American Physicians are looking to Canada's single pay system as being a  utopia.  Why would we trash our system?

If we come to a basic debate on health care it needs to be public with public access available to the costs in a uniform fashion.

First, rules have to be set down on what can be charged to health care in Canada!

Are junkets to Sweden okay to charge to health care?  Are 600.00 plate dinners for 40 people okay to be paid by health care?

Can a Government use health care money to build new hospitals (think Grande Prairie) and turn it over to a private company for 1 cent on a dollar of value and still leave the original cost attributed to health care?

Are Multi Million dollar contract pay outs to US management companies (Capital Health) allowed to be charged to health care?  For that matter, should the management company be a health care charge?  If so, why not all charges for it be in its own account so we can actually see what health care is costing us; exclude that amount when determining the actual costs.

Is multi million dollars terminations of health care officials a legitimate charge to health care where the Government has decided to change horses?

Alberta (and BC) are driving up their health care costs to get the highest possible charges in there to make their case for privatization easier.

This being the case our overhaul of what goes into Health Care charges should contain agreement for a audit over the past 4 years of health care and take out all those things not agreed to taken out of the costs.  Then we can see what our health care charges are.

Laws governing Blue Cross and other private health care providers are needed if we go down that street.

Providers should not be able to cut us off the plan when we hit a major cost. (This is the experience of Blue Cross and others in the US)

Health care providers should have to accept our medical coverage from employer funded health care.  (Now, Blue Cross will not accept your experience in a company funded blue cross program.  You have to start new with them; less coverage and more expensive, a rip off!

A system of charges, across the board has to be Governed.  As it is, the Physicians charge what they want; The Insurers pay what they want and, you are stuck for the difference with no recourse.  Remember, universal health care can mean universal nothing is covered to a level of opulence.  Think here of  your dental coverage.  Lose your employment and you and your family don't have any.  Seniors don't have any.

I don't trust either Harper or Ignatieff in a First Minister Meeting now; nothing until provincial elections are fought.

Our health care costs us 10.6% of the all encompassing GDP and the US system costs them close to 18% of their GDP and it is leaving 60 million Americans without any coverage and as the Republicans cut Medicaid down there many more millions will be at risk.

The World Health Organization places Canada at 30th in the world and the US at 37th there is room for improvement.  The World Health Organization also  says that costs are driven up dramatically when countries try to juggle multi payer systems.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Health Care Platform by Conservatives is a lie!

Conservatives are saying our health care is going to hell in a basket; Canadian Republicans working to install a multi payer system in Canada; the same system that is bankrupting the US!

The US the republicans are trying to eradicate Medicaid!  They say " Government has no place in Health Care any place!"

The Conservatives are rushing bogus numbers onto us; scare tactics and it appears Iggy is going along with it.

76.4 % of people who go to hospital are under the age of 65!

Babies under 1 year were the most common.

The average age of hospitalized patients was 39.5 years with half of those being under the age of 36 years. These are not baby boomers!

Only 10.7% are 65 years or older and if this increases 30% , we are not talking 30% of 100%;  but 30% of 10.7% that is the scare tactic!

Some 16.4% of the elderly admitted to hospital died as compared to 3.3% of other patients.

Over half of the patients admitted to Intensive Care were younger patients who had more done to them and stayed in ICU longer, the most expensive hospital service. (Life style ailments)  I see the latter as being the place to cut health care costs if you feel you must!

Canada single health care payer costs us 10.4% of our GDP.  Accepting the Conservatives numbers of a 30% increase, this will move Canadian costs up to 13.9% of GDP while the US Costs them near 18% now and leaves 60 million souls without any coverage!

Health care is divided along party lines; it has nothing to do with cost and effect!

If you never felt you had a reason to vote before, you sure have now!  Wild Rose will not offer you any differently than the rest of the Conservatives.
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