Friday, June 30, 2006

Dinning snowing the public.

Dinning moves from platitudes protecting the status quo to outright misdirection and lies. The right wing Alberta newspapers seems to love him!.

The Calgary Sun article “Power hits the PC race” quotes “Dinning said deregulation has helped Alberta attract electrical generation. The province is now home to 45% of all the new supply that's been brought on in Canada in the past seven years, he said.”

Take a moment; his spin doctors are working overtime.

What did Dinning learn about electric power while he was a VP at TransAlta?
The only major power generation station to come on-line in Alberta since Dinning left the "funny farm" was Gennese III and Edmonton Power committed to building it before TransAlta wanted in. Most of the new generation being constructed by EPCOR is in cooperation withTransAlta ... and it's wind farms in Ontario, not in Alberta.

It is true, however, that ATCO is planning some major transmission lines in Alberta. I believe they will be exporting power to Montana and that the power will be relayed from there to Southern California.

Most of the generation in Alberta that has come on-line is really co-generation and damned expensive. Frankly, electric energy all over North America is very expensive.

Mind you, when you own as many shares and stock options in Electricity as he does, you can afford to be optimistic. Remember he is the man who invented this system patterning himself after Dick Chaney in the US. And, that was a bust!

Using Dinning logic we went from the lowest cost utility in Canada to the highest cost and Dinning is not unhappy because it ends up in his pocket, he sees no room for relief.

I find it hard to believe the rags we call papers won’t give a balance editorial on these matters.

John Clark
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