Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conservatives to Improve Pensions?

CD Howe has in an unusual statement endorsed a secondary pension fund to protect the army of workers in Canada who do not have pensions other than the CPP which is in itself very inadequate for a stand alone retirement vehicle.

The point here is that CD Howe Institute would not come up with an idea like this unless Harper’s crew already had it tooled for an election platform!

There is no reason to make a separate “only for the destitute” pension. There is however a great need to bring the Canada Pension Fund up to a point it can be a functioning income for people; all people. This will take an increase in the fund yes, but as CD Howe point out it is necessary.

The Liberals on the other hand are mired down in a Carbon Tax that will unfairly penalize this same group of people for the size of their houses. 300 square feet per person is simply not adequate.

The Liberals are not suspect when the right wing news papers are shouting their success in coming up with this plan. As with the US Democrats one only has to wait around until these guys self destruct.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alberta: Don't speak ill of the devil!

Mr. Ronald Edward Labelle 57, goes to gaol while the judge says “You threatened violence against the premier.” And continued to say “Politicians must be able to serve the public without fear of harm.”

If this Government was representing the people of this province instead of the Oil Industry this wouldn’t have happened. At point here the Judge was in error. This Government is not serving the public! At best, they are self serving. At worst they are thieves and bandits stripping our resources while getting less than 1/10 their value from their buddies.

The outright lies and deceit this Government practices is all okay according to this Judge.

And why not? The RCMP cannot investigate the blatant insider trading in oil stocks by members of the Alberta Government and Oil Companies unless they get approval from the Alberta Attorney General. That is not going to happen. The judges are under a similar restriction when it comes to Alberta law.

Saddled with a useless opposition, what recourse does a person have?

I think Stelmach has a bad conscience, knowing full well he is ripping us off and is acting in a very defensive manner.

John Clark.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Alberta Electricity to go up 50%? No!

Alberta Electricity going up 50% ? NO!
The spin doctors are at work, forcing the price of electricity up in this province to a point where we can afford to pay for Nuclear power. Some kind of expert in the east is saying it will cost 50% more for electricity if the carbon sequestering program is started at the coal plants.

I think carbon sequestering is necessary but because the general public ends up paying for these projects on their utility bill, we should get an itemized cost of what goes into these programs.

Consider, the people generating the power are getting paid between .05 cents a kwh and .09 per kwh with the bulk of the power purchases now around .06 but much higher in the winter. With the power system putting out close to 9000 megawatts per hour of power! At the optimal rate of .07 per kwh it means that power generators are taking home 630,000 dollars per hour in this province! That is 15.12 million dollars per day! The utility companies post huge, some say unreasonable profits which are taken by the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. They are more than healthy!

Consider these same companies retail the power they have already been paid for generating. A contract at .12 per kwh would return these same companies an additional 450,000 dollars per hour or 10.8 million dollars a day.

Some one is taking 25 million dollars a day to the bank, all of it out of your pockets.

Aside from this; the power companies will be further eligible for large grants under the "carbon sequestering program" announced earlier by Stelmach.

The Conservatives have the system rigged so you have no recourse to correction because you have signed a contract. However, it is something you can change at the civic election! I think Albertans should be given some degree of accountability in the implementation of new programs in the power industry before we pay attention to charlatans calling for 50% increases. In this province however there is no accountability from Government and, that seems to be okay.

John Clark

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Alberta Royalty Regime is an Outright Lie!

If anything, the new royalty program will end up costing Albertans.
John Clark

As of today oil is more than 120.00 per bbl that

gives Alberta 27.80 and the oil companies 97.20. !

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