There may be a lot of oil moving but there is no cash in in for the Province. Alberta collects zero for royalty. Conservative dogma demands taxes run the show every thing else belongs to the companies.
And, to make matters worse Canadian high commissioner Stewart Beck told FE that Indian refiners including the state-run IOC and RIL have shown interest in the crude oil being extracted from oil sands that currently trades at $20-25 discount to global crude oil prices! That is a 30% discount with no dealing! Producers suffer big time financially.
We subsidise the power liens. The new ones going to McMurray are principally built for the oil companies to export electricity. A bit more on electricity; the new lines are DC. The lines are larger in diameter than the AC lines we are familiar with. This is because DC travels on the outside of the line and AC travels on the inside. Generating companies expect a 20% increase in profits with DC power lines yet, Fortis are telling us we will be paying 5 to 25.00 more on our home utility bills to pay for the new lines.
When you get finished sorting through this you will see immediately Albertans are paying the resource companies to take the oil from the province this is all Conservative idealism.
We talk of Norway having hundreds of billions in the bank and Alberta has zilch. Norway has the highest educated population per capita in Europe. They turn out 70% of their population on every vote!
Alberta is working with a shoddy sub standard education system ordered up by the Conservatives. If a kid attends school for a full term; they pass. Alberta turns out 23% of eligible population so we take the beating.
Wild Rose is owned and operated by oil. We will find no changes there. My choice for a party in this time is the Alberta Liberals. Every bit as right wing as the others but done of the luggage. Give it some serious thoughts.