Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Conservative spin on the Avro Aero

A good story retold with fillers   There was not a fleet of Avro Aeros made.  There was indeed a single porotype and, it was the only supersonic aircraft in the world.

John Diefenbaker ordered the prototype destroyed and all the designs were given to the US forever killing the chances of a Canadian Aero Industry.   The article shows pictures, good pictures of the Aero and different aspects of building it.   The link in this paragraph shows a 1/3 model flying as Americans demonstrate their "ownership"

It remains, however, Diefenbaker was a traitor in every sense of the word.  The story put out by this Global media is simply that of a spin doctor in an attempt to clear  Diefenbaker's name.

A good read and view of photos.

Monday, December 23, 2019

This Albertan regards ‘Western alienation’ as manipulation by local elites

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Kenny's meetings with the Alberta Insurance industry

After saying they were going to reduce auto insurance they decided to hit another industry under stress; that of the Condo owner.   They are talking a 50,000 dollar deductible on Condo claims and an opportunity to buy insurance to cover whatever the individual's portion is.   A new insurance product.  It is so easy to hate these guys! Keep in mind we still carry a 30% Premium on our home and condo insurance courtesy of High River and Fort McMurray.

The Conservatives have always had an incestuous relationship with the Insurance Companies.  Ralph Klein and Jim Prentice both enjoyed a 3% of gross revenues of the insurance industry as a kick-back into the Conservative coffers.

Kenny is following Klein’s patterns; this we know for sure!  You can expect your insurance rates to go up 3% plus.
The insurance industry meets on a regular basis with the Conservatives.  One outstanding example of this relationship is High River annual flooding.  People were encouraged to buy more insurance after every annual flood.  Notley took the sensible tact and changed the course of the river.

We still have 30% on our insurance premiums to make up for the last major flood down there.
You can expect no different from Kenny.   If anything our rates are overcharged by  30%  now.

Well, folks; looks like I saved you several hundred dollars!   The Conservatives now claiming they are researching ways to reduce your car insurance.  As if!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Conservative blunders causing much dissent - This from Disqus.

S'funny, Karl, I was thinking the same thing, only I came to a completely different conclusion. It's time to excise the cancer of CHP/Reform from the Body Conservative. I think they've just about had long enough in the wilderness to realize that it's not serving them to retain anybody with even a whiff of brimstone and scripture about them. The Night of the Long Knives and all that, you know; re-enactments of the Crucifixion in about 150 ridings across the country.
Regardless of the accidental alignment of parts of Conservative policy platforms with the theocratic maunderings of Presto's Reform party, there is a little-to-no symbiosis between the thinking of either group.
Old-style conservativism valued heritage and tradition certainly but tempered that with an organic symbiosis of every individual in society, one with the other; that valued the contributions of each, while acknowledging the interdependence of each on the other so as to create a more perfect society. This is the root of conservative thinking that rejects the "nanny-state" so often (wrongly) assigned to liberals and Liberals. It's a valuable concept and one that bears serious debate in all our major national policy disagreements. Conservatism also highly respected and valued authority, both of people and institutions, which makes puzzling the call of the last couple of decades to reject the authority of Parliament as well as that of the judiciary, perhaps the key-value differentiating us from both "lower animals" and other less evolved nations on the planet. Yes, I'm kidding, but only partly.
CHP/Reform.... nay, call it what it is: Theocracy - is a poorly-organized and inconsistent set of beliefs about the way the world works based on texts from a number of ancient religions, most of which conflict with each other, especially around how society should be organized, resources apportioned, and justice performed. While claiming heritage as a value, in truth the only heritage claimed is a recent Judeo-Christian interpretation arising some 250 years ago that empowered the evangelical church to engage in civil rule, mandate conformity, and establish justice based on masculine notions of tribal pride. This interpretation carries no weight among those who own a red-letter Bible as its various precepts conflict with every single one of the quotations of Jesus.
Yet somehow this set of beliefs has come to be the dominant consensus among those who claim the theocratic authority to be supreme in the land. The organic symbiosis valued by Conservatives is entirely missing in such a society - conformity of thought word and deed is expected in every respect, and "interdependence" is pretty much restricted to depending on the sky god instead of your neighbour. That's not to negate the many acts of charity performed by evangelicals - in many ways, they strive to live out personal examples of selfless sacrifice, but these are not mostly sponsored by their churches, which remain country clubs for them and their kids, to hide away from impure society. More to the point, evangelicals also promote an unhealthy disrespect for authority, in particular, Parliament and the judiciary, and their foul utterances have unleashed venomous disrespect among ordinary Canadians who do not even share their beliefs, but see their rejection of authority as one without personal cost and emotionally satisfying to boot.
I'd love to do an essay on this, but I'm must here to respond to your article, Karl - a good one - as it's incomplete. Social conservatism, as you've defined it, includes the theocratic as well as the conservative. Let social conservatives be free to choose to march in pride parades or not as they feel led, and let the theocratic conservatives be free to rail against those who march in them.... but for God's sake, let them do it from separate bedrooms in the house of our nation!
John Clark zalm
I had still, another re-read of your essay and, again find it excellent. I'm going to repost on
https://albertathedetails.b... The US Republicans moved into Canada under the name of the UFA in 1909. Charters etc. from the US have simply renamed from American to Canadian or Canada. Recently, Kenny tried to justify some of his moves as being in Convention with Conservative standards set down in 1909.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Conservatives and our failed education system.

I listened today to CBC radio program which interviewed a number of young men between the ages generally of 18 to 26 years who were out of work and couldn't find work even though they were aggressively looking.

During the Klein years, Alberta took independent advise that said they would not grow "big" industry because they couldn't graduate enough people!

To counter this perceived threat they dummed down the school system and cut funding to the universities but, it didn't end there.  High school took the hardest hit.  Really dummed down and no support is given for university entrance.  My kids tried to take calculus but were told there is no one in our local school who knew how to teach it.

But, it went further.  Trade schools dropped their entrance requirements to 70% graduation mark to get into a trade school.  Girls who aspired to become physicians were told by the councillor they would be better off if they looked towards nursing!

Some of these young people today were complaining they were not properly prepared for the world, others, now restricted to broken career choice. 

Meanwhile, the Conservatives put out adds all over the world, heavier in the US than other places for degree positions.   They deliberately robbed Alberta kids of their futures.  There are some 17000 unemployed now and the Conservatives appear to be doing the same thing all over again!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

82 million dollar waste on Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Your pension funds are at risk again.  AIMCo is not arm's length away from the Conservative Government.  All the oil we can produce and sell can be handled through the Transmountain Expansion route.  They are 85% booked now, leaving 15% for spontaneous shippers which is required under the law.

This is all about Kenny in his nut job way being in your face to the federal Government and common knowledge.

The Saudi have reduced their oil outputs as has the USA.  Kenny is setting up for a pipeline contest in the next election, the fight for pension returns.  The Trans Mountain expansion vis the Northern gateway.   The former is CPP the latter is Alberta Pension funds.  This is criminal!

Time to assassinate this crew, starting at the top.  Their secret (private oil company) is in a position to cut shipping though the Trans Mountain and direct it through the northern gateway.  All in all an act of spite!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

My thoughts on pension resolve and AIMCO

I was impressed with the Nurses to protest outside the Legislature and listened with interest to the Government response.  They basically blew you off!

I think it is time for the Nurses and Teachers and Government workers to talk together with an insight to resolve.  How?

Agree to give these turkeys a weeks notice then all of you, walk off the job and stay away through all the threats that will surely come until the Pensions are put back to where they were!  

It is the only thing Kenny's crew will respond to!  Go for it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Conservative Power Corridor - Not!

There is no national unity problem only some noisy Conservatives trying to break up the country. And, as far as the energy corridor is concerned it is more of their BS. Montreal and points east get their oil by bulk tanker at a fraction of the cost of a pipeline!

On the other hand, PQ has a surplus of hydroelectricity. They have a cap and trade deal with California worth billions now but California is planning on shutting down their two coal-burning plants by 2022 meaning they won't be putting the coin into cap and trade they will be looking for a return.

This falls in line with PQ suggestion that western Canada enter into cap and trade deals with them and they will forget about equalization payments. A scam running every which way.

Alberta's power is owned by the cities, Indirect taxation if you like. But, it delivered at a reasonable price. Cities are in no position to buy PQ power!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Kenny setting up AMCo for another theft!

Today it was announced the Government pension funds would be moved away from safety into AIMCo which is anything but arms-length from the Government. 
 Jim Prentice was busted stealing 7 million dollars from the Government pension funds managed by AIMCo. Not a crime in their minds as they consider the Government staff are overpaid. Then, they lied about it for 6 weeks before capitulating under threat of court to set things right again. 
 It appears to me Kenny is setting up his new banking system.  Union better watch AIMCo like a hawk.

Add to:
This is much worse than I first presented  See:https://www.pionline.com/pension-funds/alberta-proposes-aimco-take-management-teachers-fund

Any fund that allows their money to be sucked up to be used for the provincial finances is being suckered.

There are 20 billion dollars in the combined take-overs.  It is not uncommon for an agency to take a 5% transfer fee in setting it up!

Monday, October 21, 2019

A remote possibility if the Cons should win.

Far different than our provincial elections, the Federal Election was almost honest.  I had my IP blocked by the National, The Global news, The Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal all on the last day of campaigning. Scheer must be in trouble.

If a Con government should happen to get in, they would immediately take all the restrictions off Beall Media and their 200 newspapers which, Harper installed into Canada and Trudeau neutered by legislation.  This will leave us under a Conservative umbrella with the media pounding out Conservative BS.  Frankly,  I don't see of any way of getting the Cons out of office again, it, this happens. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Leaders debate English 2019

Scheer was outstanding in as much as he shouted down his opponents continually. Other than that the typical Conservative name-calling.

Trudeau was just too polite in the face of the onslaught.  He covered 
SNC-Lavalin well enough did what he had to do to save 4600 jobs at risk going through the court system.   Trudeau won on points, Scheer won on shouting down his opponents, crude rude and desperate.  He passed lightly on Bill C69 which the Conservatives are trying to kill as a means to ending the Trans Mountain expansion.  If this happens, we lose 47 billion dollars a year in tax money, part of our CPP investments and the natives will lose their investments.

Francois Blanchet was a welcome surprise.  He gave up a lot of particulars on  PQ.  That province is on Hydro Electricity, the lowest carbon footprint of all.  They stand to make a lot of money in cap and trade deals, which they are doing now with California.

California uses two antiquated coal smokers for their power.   They however have these slated to go out in 2025.  This means their cap and trade deal with PQ won't be paying so well.  So, Mr Blanchet has suggested a cap and trade deal with the rest of Canada as a means of lowering our emissions as a country.  He went so far as to say they would do away with transfer payments if the rest of Canada would put up the cap and trade agreements.

The power company in California owns the coal mines in the Appellations where the fuel comes from. This change to natural gas is troublesome for Trump. 

Elizabeth May  was off on another moon shot with  Jagmeet Singh  on  killing the Trans Mountain Expansion.   They don't seem to recognize if we do not ship our oil into the market place, the US and 10 other nations will do so.   The Expansion is not adding to the climate crisis, in fact, the money from it 47 billion dollars in tax revenue, is needed to produce a green outcome!  Justin Trudeau reminded her of this and was shouted down by May shrilling on about extinctions.

In total the gold star goes to Jagmeet Singh on a quick response and accurate uptakes.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Scheer's US citizenship - not a nothing thing!

Many conservatives have US/Canada joint citizenship!  Harper, Presto Manning, members of the Fraser Institute Kenny.   They all would have to swear the US oath of Allegiance to get US citizenship.

"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America"

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Conservatives set The US Interests well ahead of Canada's!

Let's get this show back on track! The Global news will keep this party dress-up on the front burner from now until the election! This same media is bought and paid for by the Conservatives!

Front and centre The Conservatives are actively working on killing the Tans mountain Expansion, which, will hurt every pocketbook in Canada! The Conservative Premiers spent two full days making a case for trashing bill C48 and C69 which are designed to kill the project! Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Including 15,000 Jobs and $46.7 Billion in Tax Revenue annually! Gone, as soon as you vote in Conservatives, Our major river emptied!

Take a moment to read the post on these two bills the Conservatives are trying to kill.
This brings me to the #Weatherford Project. It is so named after the company who designed and specked it.
Weatherford is immensely designed to move 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River to the US border. If Conservatives build, this Canadian's will pay for the build so the US can get cheap water.

The design calls for 4 large diameter pipelines and six pumping stations. Each pumping station to use the electrical power of a city! Kenny is already ramping up an electrical generation in the oil sands.
The Conservatives are again looking after US interests, not Canada's!

Kenny was recently on TV opposite an environmental lawyer while jetting around the country. She was Trashing Tarns-Mountain expansion, and he was sitting there, nodding and smiling his approval.

The US does not want us shipping oil our west coast into Indonesia and China! If they are allowed to kill the Trans Mountain Expansion, natives will lose their investments and Canada will miss its venture into the expansion.

Perhaps Scheer is going to win a lottery for Canada? He has to make up for the lost revenue on the pipeline they are trying to cancel; The trans mountain expansion west. 

Canadians Receive A Wide Range of Benefits from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Including 15,000 Jobs and $46.7 Billion in Tax Revenue annually!

There is a strong and clear business case supporting the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Our shippers have made long-term contract commitments ranging from 15 to 20 years that will underpin the cost of construction and the operating costs. The additional capacity offered by the expansion will be used to supply more crude oil and refined products markets in British Columbia and Washington State and to offshore markets in the Asia Pacific. Pipeline design and operations, including emergency response and preparedness for tanker movements, are world-class, providing a safe and reliable supply of petroleum products to the markets served by the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Two weeks ago, Kenny was on TV sitting with an environmental lawyer nodding and smiling while she trashed the Trans Mountain expansion.

This is more proof that the Conservatives are looking after the US as their priority, not Canada!  They have made no secret they plan on re-writing our constitution!  

There are so many reasons to put a strong Liberal Government back into Canada.!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Things in Alberta Terrible under Kenny.

Unfortunately, despite the long days, the constructive debate and experienced advice from the opposition, the UCP decided to – literally – put in earplugs, hunker down and ignore the storm brewing around them. The Conservatives started off with a public claim Alberta was deeper in the hole than the NDP had stated, but Kenney proved this a lie when the UCP's own numbers showed the province was $2 billion better off on the NDP plan than anticipated.
After lying about the previous government, the UCP – elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility – blew $13.5 billion in ill-advised, ideological moves to give money to corporations (while ignoring small businesses), cancelling the Climate Leadership Plan that brought in $7 billion and shutting down the oil-by-rail deal that would have seen crude reach coastal markets.

They have cancelled programs and investments that put the UCP directly responsible for the loss of up to 30,000 jobs. They have taken food out of children’s mouths by cancelling the school nutrition program, cut salaries for 180,000 public sector employees, and attacked the incomes of our youth – many of them financing themselves – by lowering their minimum wage, a move even Ralph Klein recognized was cruel and unfair.

The Conservatives threw school boards into financial chaos by refusing to set funding for schools before their budgets were due, leading many boards to make cuts and increase class sizes and others to take a gamble that they may overspend, hoping the UCP will follow the NDP's funding plans. They will re-implement a Grade 3 Provincial Achievement test, costing us millions of dollars, despite teachers and evidence saying these tests at that level only hurt the quality of education our children receive.

And, worst of all, just before they took their celebratory bath in Edmonton, the UCP rejected numerous pragmatic compromises from the NDP to amend Bill 8 and ensure that LGBT youth would be protected. The UCP’s actions here represent the first time in Canadian history a government has rolled back legislated rights of the LGBT community – a move even conservative personalities like Charles Adler are disgusted with.

There’s a smell around the UCP and the legislature today, and it’s not the smell of roses.

From <https://www.airdrietoday.com/letters-to-the-editor/ucp-reality-not-so-rosy-for-alberta-1580381>

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Kenny's deal on natural gas!

Kenny has said he is upping the price of internal natural gas to 7 dollars per mcf because the gas companies are hurting.

The world market price on natural gas is about 4.50 per mcf up from the long-standing 3.00 per Mcf.

This is a simple tax rip off and the reason Kenny wants natural gas east over the west coast pipeline.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Scheer lies and the inflated carbon tax.

Scheer has been on for months on the extremely high cost of the carbon tax.  Pointedly, Scheer's numbers do not include any refund or rebate figures!  In other words still another outright lie by Andrew Scheer!  Costs? Less than 10% of the numbers he is handing out.

Billl C 69 and the Conservative opposition to it.

#Bill C69 did away with two pieces of Harper/Kenny legislation that was irresponsible, to say the least. 

First off  National Energy Board Act:  This was legislation that allowed Harper to become a dictator in his own mind at least.  Any conflict with a native group could be set aside by the Minister in charge.   In action, it caused endless delays in the West coast pipeline.  Reason?  The US does not want us shipping off the west coast it will cut deeply into their markets in Indochina and China and, they will not be able to use their oil supply on or off as a bargaining chip!

Secondly: Canadian Navigable Waters Act; was changed by Harper/Kenny to a free-for-all.  One outstanding item is the BC dam on the Peace River.  A navigable river, the dam was built and was criticized for not being able to produce enough electricity to pay for its self.  It was however built to create a sump in the Peace River suitable for drawing large amounts of water out of.   This brings me to the #Weatherford Project.   So named after the company who designed and specked it.

Weatherford is immensely designed to move 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River to the US border.  If Conservatives build this Canadian's will pay for the build so the US can get cheap water.   If the Peace River has been turned back into navigable water that project is dead.

What do I mean by immense?  The design calls for 3 large diameter pipelines and 6 pumping stations.  Each pumping station to use the electrical power of a city!

The Conservatives again looking after US interests, not Canada's!

Part 1 enacts the Impact Assessment Act and repeals the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. Among other things, the Impact Assessment Act
(a) names the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada as the authority responsible for impact assessments;
(b) provides for a process for assessing the environmental, health, social and economic effects of designated projects with a view to preventing certain adverse effects and fostering sustainability;
(c) prohibits proponents, subject to certain conditions, from carrying out a designated project if the designated project is likely to cause certain environmental, health, social or economic effects, unless the Minister of the Environment or Governor in Council determines that those effects are in the public interest, taking into account the impacts on the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, all effects that may be caused by the carrying out of the project, the extent to which the project contributes to sustainability and other factors;
(d) establishes a planning phase for a possible impact assessment of a designated project, which includes requirements to cooperate with and consult certain persons and entities and requirements with respect to public participation;
(e) authorizes the Minister to refer an impact assessment of a designated project to a review panel if he or she considers it in the public interest to do so, and requires that an impact assessment be referred to a review panel if the designated project includes physical activities that are regulated under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act and the Canada–Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act;
(f) establishes time limits with respect to the planning phase, to impact assessments and to certain decisions, in order to ensure that impact assessments are conducted in a timely manner;
(g) provides for public participation and for funding to allow the public to participate in a meaningful manner;
(h) sets out the factors to be taken into account in conducting an impact assessment, including the impacts on the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada;
(i) provides for cooperation with certain jurisdictions, including Indigenous governing bodies, through the delegation of any part of an impact assessment, the joint establishment of a review panel or the substitution of another process for the impact assessment;
(j) provides for transparency in decision-making by requiring that the scientific and other information taken into account in an impact assessment, as well as the reasons for decisions, be made available to the public through a registry that is accessible via the Internet;
(k) provides that the Minister may set conditions, including with respect to mitigation measures, that must be implemented by the proponent of a designated project;
(l) provides for the assessment of cumulative effects of existing or future activities in a specific region through regional assessments and of federal policies, plans and programs, and of issues, that are relevant to the impact assessment of designated projects through strategic assessments; and
(m) sets out requirements for an assessment of environmental effects of non-designated projects that are on federal lands or that are to be carried out outside Canada.
Part 2 enacts the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, which establishes the Canadian Energy Regulator and sets out its composition, mandate and powers. The role of the Regulator is to regulate the exploitation, development and transportation of energy within Parliament’s jurisdiction.
The Canadian Energy Regulator Act, among other things,
(a) provides for the establishment of a Commission that is responsible for the adjudicative functions of the Regulator;
(b) ensures the safety and security of persons, energy facilities and abandoned facilities and the protection of property and the environment;
(c) provides for the regulation of pipelines, abandoned pipelines, and traffic, tolls and tariffs relating to the transmission of oil or gas through pipelines;
(d) provides for the regulation of international power lines and certain interprovincial power lines;
(e) provides for the regulation of renewable energy projects and power lines in Canada’s offshore;
(f) provides for the regulation of access to lands;
(g) provides for the regulation of the exportation of oil, gas and electricity and the interprovincial oil and gas trade; and
(h) sets out the process the Commission must follow before making, amending or revoking a declaration of a significant discovery or a commercial discovery under the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act and the process for appealing a decision made by the Chief Conservation Officer or the Chief Safety Officer under that Act.
Part 2 also repeals the National Energy Board Act.
Part 3 amends the Navigation Protection Act to, among other things,
(a) rename it the Canadian Navigable Waters Act;
(b) provide a comprehensive definition of navigable water;
(c) require that, when making a decision under that Act, the Minister must consider any adverse effects that the decision may have on the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada;
(d) require that an owner apply for an approval for a major work in any navigable water;
(e) set out the factors that the Minister must consider when deciding whether to issue an approval;
(f) provide a process for addressing navigation-related concerns when an owner proposes to carry out work in navigable waters that are not listed in the schedule;
(g) provide the Minister with powers to address obstructions in any navigable water;
(h) amend the criteria and process for adding a reference to navigable water to the schedule;
(i) require that the Minister establish a registry; and
(j) provide for new measures for the administration and enforcement of the Act.
Part 4 makes consequential amendments to Acts of Parliament and regulations.

Available on the House of Commons website at the following address:

Bill C 48 and the Conservative complaint.

#Bill C 48 prohibits oil tankers to sail in the waters from the North tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska coast.  This affects #American tankers mostly.   The American Tankers are presently using the inside channel to move oil from Alaska to Washington.  It does not affect Canadian Oil!

Canadian oil is shipped from the waters adjacent to the south end of Vancouver Island and the mid part of that Island as a location reference.

In the fighting bill, C48 Kenny is representing the US, not Canadian interests.  In case you had any doubts.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Post Media (Bell Media) fights back.

On tonights CTV a news story was run that is positively astounding!
The report refers to a "survey" done by them which shows that "most" people in Canada "feel" the internet is full of "Fake News"   They go so far as to site Facebook, the only major media they don't control as being insecure and full of Fake News.

They, CTV went onto say the internet is full of Fake news and further said it follows Trump's ongoing complaints about Fake News.

This comes because of people using the United Conservative Facebook page and Scheer's Facebook pages as an open forum. Talking about Scheer's ongoing lying and climate change.  As well, the LDS involvement in the Conservative party.

You can be very sure they never laid a complaint with our Government!

The Conservatives have enough provinces and population by which they can change our constitution regardless of who gets in.   Scheer's chances have tanked; there lies their problem.  If a liberal Government is in place it can string out changes until the next election and, by that time Bell Media will have been dismantled.

On Fake News, the 200 newsprint companies owned by Bell Media are the epitome of Fake News as I have warned.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Jason Kenny and the Environment and his litany of lies.

Jason Kenny is a habitual liar.   His latest is his ramblings about only large producers need to be charged to control climate outputs.  I called BS and the Post Media, who  I have previously warned you against taking advice from, posted an article that Kenny has invested a million dollars in a pro-pipeline advertisement in BC!

First off he has just given them a massive tax reduction.  Secondly, the so-called plan has no means by which it can be audited! 

Next, Post Media Toronto reported this, not Vancouver.  It was immediate reporting so Kenny would not have had time to put a massive amount of money into a flow.

I say again, Post Media in all its forms cannot be trusted for financial information.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kenny's resisting the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Kenny was on TV last week (when is he not?).  This time, however, he was sitting next to a very chatty lady who was an Environmental Lawyer.  She spoke at length about the futility of shipping oil from Alberta to the west coast, how the Tansmountain pipeline was bordering insanity.

She made no attempt at reason.  Factually if we do not supply the oil, some other country will.  Other countries would choose Canada over the US for their supplies.

The bottom line is the US does not want us to ship our oil into the Pacific Rim!.  Harper and Kenny for the years they were in Government did everything possible to ensure new pipelines would not be built!

In this case, Kenny sat like a duck on the lady's arm offering nothing, just his photo opp.

After this post went up, Kenny started his infamous "war room" to make him look active at chasing ghosts.  This is costing Albertans 131 million per year, reportedly.

Canada’s Treasures at Risk!

The previous Conservative Government put in a plan to move 2/3rds of the Peace River to the US border. This is a fully engineered plan; ready to go and is called the Weatherford Plan. So named after the engineering firm that produced it. The new dam put in by BC which cannot produce enough electricity to pay for itself does, however, provide a large sump from which to draw water in volume.
The plans call for 6 lift stations, each using the power of a city. Original plans call for 4 large diameter pipes to move the water. If Conservatives build this line Canadians will end up paying for the pipeline in order to give the US inexpensive water!
This is why Harper and Kenny changed the designation on the Peace River. It is no longer classified as navigatable!.
Apart from that, the Canada Pension fund is a target. The US has for years complained about it as being a social program hold that it should be put into the hands of private companies.
Our present situation’ Thanks to Bell Media and its Post Media holdings interference into Canadian Politics, the Conservatives now have sufficient population and provinces to change the constitution no matter who gets in.

Monday, May 27, 2019

UCP IN Government= the trend

UCP was quick to bring the axe down on LGBQ support groups by cutting funding.  This is what happens when you have Church (LDS)  and state working the system in dual!  As I said, post media will support conservative views.  In this case, they made a special effort in stopping me from commenting.  The preferred way is to "treat" gay people with forms of medieval torture until they say, I give up.   I will reiterate, gay people should get firearm permits for their own protection.  Or, a crossbow and some hunting tips.

On another front, Kenny has a photo opp with a Vancouver environmental lawyer who is supporting Kenny' views on no western pipeline.   What Kenny will do with this is probably bad.  That much we can count on.

Kenny and Harper all but destroyed the western pipeline because the USA does not want us to ship into their market place.  I had said on the onset that Kenny would destroy that pipeline one way or another.

The Green party are simply dumb as posts with May leading the pack.  She blamed east coast phytoplankton losses on the oil leakage.   The world, on the other hand, is complaining about global warming and the increase in carbon dioxide which is being absorbed into the ocean making carbolic acid! This is bleaching coral around the world.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Australia's suprising Conservative win

Going against all the polls, going against the common thread of popularity, the Conservatives were elected again.   Notably, just after installing the Bell Media G5 network into @Australia.  I have no way of telling how many of the print media is owned by Bell but with this showing, I suggest the majority of them! 

In Canada, Bell media owns 200 print papers which means if you are checking say, Financial Post or Globe Media, for your financial information, you are getting the Conservative wish list, not facts!

They have interfered with all the provincial elections.  Kenny, for instance, didn't win in Alberta he stole the Government with the Assistance of Bell Media and their hose of print media.  The conservatives though a mountain of lies now have enough population and provinces to force changes to our constitution regardless of who wins.  They are in every sense, stealing our country!

Don't let the same thing happen to Canada!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

UCP proposed changes to health care privitiztion. A guideline.

Andrew Scheer stated he has a plan for health care, a "two-tier system"  The american system is two-tier!

The US Republicans have continually expressed their distaste the Canadian Health Care system.  Because it is paid for by all and covers all they try to bend it into a welfare system.

U.S. health care spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person. As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Producthealth spending accounted for 17.9 percent. Dec 11, 2018 

With their high expense, there is close to 50%  of Americans who have no coverage!  Canada's lower costs cover 100% of our people.

Here is an example of a google search which will turn up the numbers.  Some show the tweak upwards when Trump diced the Obama Care plan.

From <https://www.google.com/search?q=health+care+costs+us+gdp&oq=health+care+costs+us+gdp&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.10758j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8>

The Exhibits the following show

Still another view
Text version of infographic
  • Canada is among the highest spenders on health care in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), at $5,782 per person in 2015.
  • That year, among 35 selected OECD countries, spending per person remained the highest in the United States, at $11,916.
  • Although Canada was above the OECD average in terms of per-person spending on health care, our public-sector share of total health expenditure (70%) was below the OECD average (72%).
  • Here are the numbers for 2015 per-person spending in Canadian dollars, health spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) and the public/private split for the OECD as a whole and 9 selected OECD countries, including Canada:
  • OECD: $4,826 per person; 8.9% of GDP; 72% public/28% private
  • Canada: $5,782 per person; 10.4% of GDP; 70% public/30% private
  • United States: $11,916 per person; 16.9% of GDP; 49% public/51% private
  • France: $5,677 per person; 11.1% of GDP; 79% public/21% private
  • Germany: $6,709 per person; 11.2% of GDP; 84% public/16% private
  • Sweden: $6,601 per person; 11.0% of GDP; 84% public/16% private
  • Netherlands: $6,639 per person; 10.7% of GDP; 81% public/19% private
  • Australia: $5,631 per person; 9.4% of GDP; 67% public/33% private
  • New Zealand: $4,443 per person; 9.3% of GDP; 80% public/20% private
  • United Kingdom: $5,170 per person; 9.9% of GDP; 80% public/20% private
  • Note that these numbers reflect total current expenditure, excluding capital. Spending data is based on the System of Health Accounts.

From <https://www.cihi.ca/en/how-does-canadas-health-spending-compare-internationally>

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