Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pipeline showdown hijacks premiers’ meeting

Journal Story:

Redford says deal would cut into Alberta's royalty!  Alberta collects no royalty. In fact, the royalty weshould be getting under contract (25%) is handed over to the oil companies as a discount on oil going into the pipeline! This allows oil to escape taxes of 25% of their revenue and shifts Canada's balance of trade numbers.

Further; Ms. Clark is simply passing air in a not so feeble attempt at being elected again. If she does
happen to get in, this position will simply drop out of sight; gone.

Saskatchewan will also be using that pipeline if it is built and is part of the deal now! The plans laid down
include Saskatchewan, They were the first to sign up with Alberta. Where are they in the mix? Who pays
what to whom? Liepert said the deal was cost/profit sharing!

Christie Clarke made a trip to Redford in Edmonton escaping through the back door of the legislature. She returned to BC and came up with this pay us story in order to play to voters hearts. When and if she is elected again the problem will no longer exist!

BC ships their oil via pipeline through Alberta to Chicago. Does she want to risk this? NO!

Clarke is all over the press as an advocate for an LNG shipping facility at Prince Rupert. This is dependent on pipelines. Does she want to risk that? NO!

She is talking the talk and has no problems about telling outright lies to
get elected again..

Smith has been party to this pipeline from it's concept forward through the long time Liberal collusion with the Conservatives and US Republicans through their private club PENWR

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Devon Alberta Bike ready walking trails.

 A bait tree  - Snacks are left here for squirrels, birds and Coyotes

 Trail over grown some after the rains.

 This trail follows the Esso fence

 And swerves around wash outs.
 Poplar and Willow attract Deer, Rabbits, Some Coyotes and Beaver near the creek,

 Near end of the first leg, down slope, slippery in the wet and frozen.
 Starting up the second leg a branch (shorter route) to the right.
 Above the Start of the shorter route.
 Looking ahead to the Longer route which I usually take.
 Lookng into the Esso Refinery yard.
 Esso Refinery now dismantled - doing the cleanup- A very good job!
Link to Devon Blog
 Continuing along the Fence again, around the end.
 To walk along summer fields seeded Flax.
 Top of ridge second leg looking across the creek along a pipe way.
 Ending the second Leg-marking trail down to the main trail.

 End of the second leg, turning down to the main trail.

 The main trail just ahead.
 The main trail

 MT looking across creek to the pipe way seen from a far

 Bait tree seen on the first frame.

 Looking down to the creek.
 Bridge, built by the LDS people now next to a Beaver Dam.

 Beaver Dam- often see them working here.
 Up the hill across the bridge.
 Up and down hills (slippery when wet)
 Looking down at more beaver dams rich underbrush. Lots wildlife
 Trail bikers love this stretch - don't forget bike bells!  There are more walkers than riders.
 Leaving the trail to the West Side of Devon Lions Park.

 More of the up and down hills.

 And, closer to the Devon Lions Park.
 Through the park, following the River down to the bridge.6 KM aprox

An example of the truly excellent walk/bike trails around Devon.
The trails groomed after the ongoing rains.

The Town of Devon has a great many kilometers of finished, pristine walking trails.  Not all are through the bush but entirely pleasant to take advantage of.  Some follow, more to come.

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