Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Orders in Council - the back door to legislation.

The Alberta Conservatives have been accused of using "Order in Council" legislation in place of legislature debate for more items than any other Government. An order in council changed the Alberta Health Care act for instance which, remains changed to accommodate private health care regardless of their present position. This is the link to Orders in Council. Make them a regular call with your Gazette checks. An order of council is done by the Conservative council, with no input from opposition parties.

Also, I'm in need of a partner on the site to assist in the site format for the purpose of getting the historical letters and documents off Ralph's world back on the net. They are as pertinent today as they were 2 years ago! An assist appreciated.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ralph's Good by or not

Ralph’s teary good by is a wonder of manipulation to watch. He claims we never gave his third way a chance! We saw his third way in action in the privatization of our parks and camp grounds. We watched powerless as =he did the same with our electricity.. No mandate by the electorate or his party. He knew best.

You will find no tears on my site about the end of the third way or the end of Ralph as premier. The Alberta Conservative Government has done more harm to Alberta and Canada than an invading force and, I can see to heir apparent that is prepared to do differently!

Can you imagine the mess we would be in if Harper had got a majority? Make the mental leap and see what will happen if he cons Canadians into a majority the next time around. We can only hope a decent, not so extreme and other than Conservative Government is in place after the next provincial election.

Over the next two weeks I will be posting all the historical documents which started the ball rolling on Welcome to Ralph’s world. It will take me a little time to make the site look fancy. There is considerable maintenance involved.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Report puts squeeze on Alberta's Wealth-the details

"Report puts squeeze on Alberta’s wealth" reads the Journal Headline in their Politic section. Ralph’s ink barrel is on a roll again under the management of a new PR guy. It is really too late for respectability!

The gist of the article is the premiers and feds wanted to talk about putting resources in the revenue sharing formula. Not just oil, but all resources! Ralph’s regular play to the media (who happened to be standing in front of him for the photo opportunity), he got up and walked out. We all know that story.

What I say is this:
Why does the Journal not include the population and electorate of Alberta wanting an increase in their royalty cuts? We suffer the lowest rates in the world and this crew will do nothing! The Journal will not print anything.

Why wait until this moment in time to give resource as a reason for walking out of the meeting?

This government is struggling for its very life and the Journal and Herald are on side with them! Instead of Ralph’s pre election rant of that "bad PQ bunch" or the "bad Feds who are always trying to do us in", they managed to dig out an old dead story, spin it and ramp it up into a headline as if it actually meant something! Such crap! (excuse me)

Welcome to Ralph’s world has some new and very lively bits up, worth a look!

I have some works in progress which will liven up debates; keep you minds on health care, water, sewage and electricity. That’s where the dollars are! That’s where the crisis is!

Any ideas for research and commentary?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuition fees already too high!

Response to Letter to the Journal from Rene’ D. Benoiton, April 11th

Having two kids who are graduates I can attest to what you say! It is brutal! But, dig in! It is the job of Government to produce work forces to satff industry just as it is the job of Government to attract industry.

The same Journal was full of “shortage of work force” articles which are very correct. The Government will increase university tuition fees while dropping fees for trade schools. Remember Ralph saying he would promise an equal opportunity for education to every Albertan? He didn’t say what level. The government wants you in trades! The universities will go abroad for students which will pay four times more than you pay to get a seat in our university.

It was only a dozen years ago when Economic Development was telling industries looking to locate in Alberta that we did not have sufficient academic staff to run their plants. Academics were in short supply as were the more highly skilled trades.

That is just the way economy works; no faults.

John Clark

Monday, April 10, 2006

Conservatives in real trouble!

Boy, are the Conservatives in trouble! It will be only luck that will allow them to be elected as dog catchers next time around! We still haven’t heard from a small “c” conservative.

Over the past 15 years the Alberta Conservatives and the Bloc have found a great partnership neither will let go of. On Quebec’s side there is the on going “Anglo populace of the Anti-French West” .

From Alberta’s side it’s the “Quebec or Ottawa are after our oil money” or “Quebec gets a better deal than does Alberta”

Trust me folks this is all agreed upon between both provinces before you see anything in the Edmonton Journal Link

There is a new PR man in charge playing the same old harp with a different tune. Rather than say Ottawa is the bad guy they are spinning Quebec as being the bad guy. It’s all a sham!

Mr. Mar in this article is quick to say in this article that Ottawa collects more taxes from the Tar Sands than does Alberta! Of course! Alberta collects less royalties than any one else on the face of this earth! That is your money he is not collecting!

Perhaps if the Conservatives would increase our royalties there will be less left for the Feds to tax???

Keep you eye on the Health Care and the Water pipe lines while you watch our resource dwindle away at rock bottom prices!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Alberta doomed to repeat past failure's.

I'm concerned about the line up of candidates for Ralphs job!

Preston Manning is first. It seems likAlbertans are still dwelling on the good old boy, folksy image to move them through their political quagmire. The very honorable Mr. Manning is a very active member of the Fraser Institute Link and has never made any bones about getting Government out of everything. User pays is the simplist argumentent that wins everything in this camp. These guys have a list to tell you how far gone your present system is. You can nearly hear the click of the boots!

In second place according to the Journal we have Jim Dinning who authored the program Ralph installed including the power debacle and the health care privatization. It is my thought that you get a bigger meaner smarter Kline if we go the Dinning route. He already owns a portion of the health care system as in the primary knee hip replacment hospital. (Nothing has been done for wait lists)

Getting Government out of everything means making private corporations to run departments then, make the department disappear. Private police service, private fire service, private penal systems. Private utilities in every aspect; private infrastructure as in building and maintenance and highways. Don't forget the water and sewer pipelines. Presently in the hands of municipalities.

Its all built around the trickle down idea. Its not good to say we don't give a dam idea.

No one who supports these political ideals has put forward a fiscal plan proving this course will cost less. In fact, every comparison to a public sector or civic owned resource shows on every scale the private system is much more costly in finance. That means you and I pay more!

It is my view we should look for someone who will undertake the task of recovering some of our billions lost under Ralphs run! On that score don't be lax; this guy is in office for another year! Keep an eye on the Gazettes!

After the wash is out it is who is a friend of who and how much will that party pull out of the taxpayer pocket.

That leaves the remaining contenders all under 3% support. I am looking for one of them to stand up and say they are small c conservatives; that they are ready to abandon and turn back the extremes of Kline and Dinning.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its time to start working the Gazette!!

For what it's worth I see myself as a small "c" conservative. As such I think we should all exercise our right to vote and to stay informed.

The "Act" is the vehicle which enables the "Regulation" once an Act is opened anything at all can be changed in it! The stated purpose can be ignored! What is important to you and I is the Act is being opened. This is the time to find out what the politic are up to and expose hidden agenda or possibility.

The USA have a town hall hearing system and a 6 week response period. That is to say they call town hall meetings across their nation and interested people show up to hear about the new laws and are given an opportunity to respond.

In Canada a law change is run by "stakeholders" for their input. Then, it is written with these considerations into the new law. This law or changes to a law are published then into Gazette form be it provincial or federal.

The first publication takes place of the US town hall process.

Canada Gazette #1 is the title and is available by date. Link You have 60 days in which to respond to the law suggesting changes or telling the Government why you are for or against the law. This is about change!

After the 60 days have passed the law is either defeated by comment or is passed in its same format or; with changes in the Canada Gazette Part 2. This is the declaration of the law.

The Alberta Gazette is on the Alberta Queen's Printer site and it should be watched too. Crown land sales and so on appear in these documents as do sales or title changes water rights and any number of important things. This is the heart and soul of your province and country. Link

Yes folks it is a good time to bookmark these sites and vist them weekly. If you see anything which needs attention, please draw my eye to it.

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

55% uninformed about the debt!

As an after thought for those who may have a love on for Ralph because he paid down the debt.

It was Klein and Kowalski who squandered away the heritage trust fund and that wasn’t enough, the ran us totally into debt. To name a few; WEM; Swan Hills (over a billion yet to come out of our pockets!)

Alberta Intermodel Services; subsequent give away of the same to the CP.

Billions put into Health Care Machinery, not to be staffed or used.

No, there are no bright spots to this Government as a whole let alone Ralph Klein.

John Clark

55%? What to expect?

Now we test the Conservative system.

Ralph came home with 55% which would have any respectable political saying I quit! I won’t be in tomorrow!

It is my bet that Ralph will say he’s on for another 2 years everybody be dammed. He and his insider groups have too much money to rip off Alberta to go down by a mere vote!

I think we will hear something like “In this business 48% is a lot, I’m staying.”
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