Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When your Boss (Premier) is a liar.

When Your Boss is a Liar:

Mark SwartzQuestion: I'm at my wit's end about a problem at work. I discovered last year that my boss had personally changed the results of an expensive market research study our firm had paid for. In doing so, she ended up costing the company a ton of money because the original research results said that we shouldn't launch the new product. We did anyway, and our department is now in the dog house. I feel my job may therefore be in jeopardy. Should I go over her head and report her actions so at least upper management knows it wasn't my fault? I've since caught my boss in several other lies. I love my job here and the money's good, so what do I do? "This is a direct quote from the Workopolist web site."
John Clark

Friday, April 25, 2008

Alberta royalty an outright lie!

Alberta's Energy Minister has a job that is guaged on how well he can stall and delay changes, not how well he can help build this province. Billions of dollars are lost to this province every month due to the unchanged oil royalty scheme. Worse, Mr. Stelmach has said there may well be no changes at all to the Royalty scheme.

Mr. Knight refuses to answer the questions on the current rate of royalty charged. The Journal reported the royalty being reduced to 19% and Mr. Knight is still talking agreed rates of 25%.

At no point will he clearly state what the current rate of royalty being charged is and our all but useless opposition will not ask that question!

Certainly the Liberals are pandering to the Oil Companies; they are 750 Million dollars in debt. Where else are they going to get that kind of cash after two frittered away elections?

The stock market correctly identifies the Conservaives as being a lying deceitful bunch and as I pointed out prior to the election there is nothing in Stelmach's package for Alberta!

The stock market reports energy stocks a good deal: "There may be no urgency to act as long as oil and gas prices appreciate. In fact, we think there is a cause and effect between untrustworthy government and commodity price. "

John Clark

Monday, April 21, 2008

Alberta politicians elevate themselves

Alberta Conservatives declare their entitlement status by issuing themselves with Diplomatic Passports. This group of louts are not going to wait in line at any airport, thank you!

John Clark

Alberta Electricity is good to Electrical Business.

Alberta's high cost electricity is makes it impossible to bring on new industry and nearly impossible for consumers in Alberta to pay their power bills.

There is no protection for consumers from the Alberta Utilities boards.

What is a fair return?

Transalta Utilities have announced a 75 million dollar upgrade to the Sundance Generating Station. This will increase electricity production by 53 megawatts of power.

The numbers:
53 megawatts = 53,000 kw per hour.
Market for electricity is .07 per kwh.
When producing the new 53 megawatt will return $3710.00 per hour at .07 per kwh.

This expenditure will be paid for in 2.3 years. From that time on it is clear profit!

Wouldn't you like to start a business that will be paid for in less than 3 years?
John Clark

Friday, April 18, 2008 reply1

Reducing to 6kbs is lower than any industry in Canada or the US. Shaw are obviously protecting their cable PPV business.
Hello John,
Thank you for choosing Shaw Technical Support.
With the popularity of the Internet having grown so quickly, the challenge faced by all ISP's is upgrading the network fast enough to keep up with bandwidth needs. Since 2002, Shaw has increased bandwidth guidelines ten-fold. This has been possible only with continual upgrades to the network infrastructure. These upgrades are still being done continuously, but can only be done as quickie as manpower and operating budgets allow.

We recognize that there is the ability to transfer hundreds of Gigabytes of data in a relatively short time, but the current network could not provide this type of service without seriously impacting the speeds of most users.

Much as many of our cities find that the roadways are overcrowded, and are constantly trying to expand their infrastructure to keep up with the demand, so is the case for ISP's. In five years, we have expanded from 770,000 Internet customers to 1,500,000, almost double. We have also seen an extremely rapid growth in Digital Television customers (more than doubled). As well as needing continual upgrades to support these customers, there is also the task of upgrading areas where cabling is simply old and beginning to deteriorate.

We hope this information has been useful to you. When sending a reply to us, please remember to include all previous correspondence.
Thank you for choosing Shaw.
Bernice E-Mail Support Team Shaw Internet Service
Should you require further assistance in the future, you may reach us via any of the mediums listed below: Web:
(780) 490-3590 Option 1 then
Option 2Red Deer (403) 340-6420
Hinton 1 (800) 465-9605

Shaw Internet services “shape” the bandwidth you use. For those of you who use torrent sites, don’t bother buying the Shaw “Extreme” package thinking you will get better download speed. Simply won’t happen.

Shaw have limited these downloads to 6 kbs which on a bandwith that has the capability of 160 kbs is nothing!

The limiting as they are managing it screws up your modem, routers and switches. In effect it will overload the resource of your machine so you cannot get your internet pages, email etc until you shut down your torrent program.

Coming up will be industry comparison of services.

John Clark.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First evidence of pay your own way health care shows up

Seniors told they have used up all their allowance on Alberta Health Care cards. When senior contacted Alberta Health Care stating her health care card had been ruined when it was inadvertently put through the wash she was told “This is your last free health care card!” Future card will have to be paid for in cash.

Sign of things to come under this hawkish right wing Government. I would like to see their budget for body guards.

John Clark

Monday, April 14, 2008

Conservatives position for Bulk Water Export

The Conservatives want to Export bulk water!

Do you trust them to negotiate a new NAFTA?

The Conservative party of Canada appeared before the Privy Council to make the case that water exports were included in the present NAFTA agreement. They were defeated but said they would pursue this through the courts if needed.

The Conservative policies are set by large by the Fraser Institute and the CD Howe Institute. Both of these organizations have U S citizens and industry as a large segment of their membership.

I have come to think of these organizations as being the shadow government for the ruling Conservatives.

The articles outline Harper’s plan to talk to the provinces getting them to lobby for the agreement. With the Conservatives in charge in Alberta and Saskatchewan there will be no resistance to the privatization and export of our fresh water.

Do you really want to keep the Federal Conservatives in power for this exercise?
A must read

John Clark

Liberals move to prevent export of water!

Federal Liberals aggressively move to prevent export of water.

On September 12, 2007, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion called upon the government to work with the provinces and territories to close any possible loopholes in our water protection framework, and to pass backstop legislation banning bulk water exports. A Task Force on the protection of Canadian water resources should be established and would work to ensure that federal, provincial and territorial governments treat bulk water diversions in a consistent manner.

In addition, the Liberal Party has called on the Conservative government to immediately inform the governments of the United States and Mexico that bulk water removals from Canada’s major drainage basins will not be permitted and that the topic of water export will be excluded from all future Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) or related discussions.

As it has in the past, the Liberal Party will continue to protect Canada’s water resources through a comprehensive water strategy that works in partnership with our provinces, municipalities and First Nations communities.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about our country’s water resources; they are concerns that we share as well.


Scott Blurton
Electronic Communications Officer
Liberal Party of Canada.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Alberta Royalty lies are laid bare.

Royalty lies lay bare!
It is as I predicted before the election. There is nothing in this royalty regime for Albertans!

I read the original proposal with dismay. The increases as such were no increase at all but a means to shuttle crude from one account to another while subsidizing the oil up-grader scam.

Certainly the Conservatives knew they could not subsidize the up-graders as it would be against the rules of NAFTA. With Harper set to re- negotiate the NAFTA and the US hungry for tar sands crude, this may well change.

When Mel Knight says there will be no changes for 5 years he is saying they are willing to fight the royalty fight again in the next election. Why not? With a worse than useless Liberal opposition and the NDP solidly on their side, they did famous. All Stelmach had to do was parrot “We have a plan” without divulging it lay in the further privatization of Alberta’s Heritage, Schools, Water and trust funds.

It is also very important to notice that Mr. Knight does not state publicly or publish what exactly is being paid for royalties now. Amongst the field of lies and misdirection this Government lays down, keeping mind the reduction in royalty from 25% to 19% and he is saying no changes for 5 years!

I have said before and will say again “It is hard to distinguish this Government from Organized Crime”

John Clark

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alberta 19% royalty revisited

Mr. Mel R. Knight Minister
Alberta Energy
404 Legislature Building,
10800-97 Ave
Edmonton, AB T8V-0T8

Cc: Honourable Ed Stelmach, Premier.

Dear Mr. Knight:

I will make a reply easy for you! During one of your very rare public appearances during the past election you were asked in public forum “What about the 19% Royalty?” You blew this person off saying “That is a matter of record; that is old stuff!”

So, why does your on line information all refer to our no existent 25% royalty?

Meanwhile; after the Auditor General’s report addressing the potential of self serving profiteering by yourself and other members, Mr. Stelmach said publicly “We will certainly have to find another way of handling royalties”

Somewhere between Premier Stelmach’s “open Government” promise and his pointed direction of finding a new way to settle royalty rates would leave the casual observer to read this as being “more open” which seems not to be the case.

Certainly you will appreciate is a good advertisement for the Conservative nature of your Government.

John Clark
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