Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snelgrove Quits the Conservatives!

 There are a lot of stories being put out about how Snelgrove is unhappy with the leadership process and, that is why he is quitting.

This just doesn't make sense.  Why wait months, until prior to a new election to toss in the sponge?

I say that Snelgrove, burnt because he was the minister of finance when the theft of Alberta Pension Funds broke.  He had to wear the roses.  Then, Redford came up with a zero based accounting process for the new budget which does no consider any of the past histories and allows for a library of misrepresentations.

I'm pretty sure Snelgrove, a decent person took at look at the new scheme and said "NO!  NO MORE!" and dropped out of the club.
There have been about 10  high placed resignations to date and, there will be more before an election is called.

The Conservatives got their present grande majority with only 22% of the decided voters.  If the just half of the people who didn't vote showed up at the poles, there wouldn't be a conservative sitting!
If  you want a decent life in your province you have to get out there and vote when the time comes.  Nothing short of your vote is going to change anything!

In the interest of our industry, jobs and the well being of our families I am supporting the Liberals of Alberta. If your mind is not made up; join with me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lennox not up to their reputation and much worse!

Lennox put out a Furnace model XC13 024 230 01 with a faulty computer board in it.

When they discovered this, instead of offering a recall like most manufactures do, they wait until your furnace isn't working and sell you a new, revamped computer board for 500.00.

If you are looking for a new furnace I would suggest you look elsewhere!

Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust fund - deliquent!

The Alberta Heritage and Trust Fund has been under financial attack by the ruling Conservatives for more than a dozen years!

In this time more than 160 billion dollars has been taken out of the fund, put into the Governments General Operating funds where it has been used like a petty cash account to pay everyday expenses!  They have admitted to only 90 billion dollars to date but the draw continues ongoing.

This represents 160,000 loss for every man woman and child in the province of Alberta!  Broke? Now, you know why!

Many of the politicians who started the maximum draw down have left the Conservative party and are now running for the Wild Rose Party; most as officers of the party.  Alberta can look for nothing better if they are allowed to succeed. 

Recently, they have been busted for stealing Alberta Government and municipal pension funds in their trust.  This is a new deal for them, they have been doing it for just a couple of years taking from the accounts held by AIMCO.  This theft is for 10 to 12 billion dollars  (10 or 12 thousands of dollars for every man woman and child in the province). 

AIMCo have posted a 8 billion dollar loss this year alone. This, at a time when other pension funds in Canada have appreciated by .5 %.  The Alberta Government is their only real customer.

One has to wonder where the RCMP are.  AIMCO is not Government and holds no other protection from prosecution so far as I know.

If Albertans do not vote in this coming election and settle on a party outside of the Conservative club, we will have absolutely nothing left!

In the interest of our jobs and industry, I will be supporting the Liberal Party of Alberta often referred to as Red Conservatives.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Flaherty joines Alberta's efforts in Pension Theft!

This simply makes Flaherty culpable with Alberta in Pension Theft!  Earlier this week Alberta was busted for stealing Alberta's public pensions in their trust. 
We so very much need police investigation and intervention! I will make inquiries along those lines.
Now, a week later Flaherty is putting out fire controls, trying to make it possible for the Alberta Conservatives to weasel their way out of their shame.  The idea is right out of his hat, surprising absolutely every one!

It's not going to work!   People will not allow you to paint over the crime!  In any case, Alberta does not have the 10 billion dollars or more that it needs to replenish the pensions pilfered.

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