Thursday, April 24, 2014

Alberta Conservative new game plan.

The Conservatives soiled their nest when they trashed Redford.  She on the other hand took one for the team staying out of sight; head down and still filling the seat.

The only thing that prevents her from resigning (and Cons are begging her to stay on at least for a while) is because if she resigned it would mean a bi-election which; they would loose.

The public knows that the whole party was part of Redford's fiasco. They wanted until she was gone to go public with the garbage to appear that they were distanced from it and, they are not; they were not.

They are staying out of the news with direct quotes.  The province is broke after their years in office and our taxes are going up sky  high but taken from our utility and gas bills rather than the phony 10% flat tax that serves only the corporations.  

The Edmonton Journal published a graph showing individuals in Alberta are paying the lions share of expenses (taxes) in this province at 40% of the total.

Indirect taxation - our utility bills is where the cities now get most of their money little being funded by the province.

They were robbing the Heritage Trust fund when oil was at its highest price!  This is about Conservative ideals pushing profit into the oil industry.   This money that is pushed into their pockets is not spent in Alberta!  It is spent in foreign investments.  

Alberta published in the Financial Post, that Alberta discounts its oil by 30% going though the door!  Yet; our oil is over produced!  From a marketing standpoint that is stupid beyond belief!.

Kinder Morgan pipeline to the coast reports it is overbooked by 40%!    Why not leave it in the ground?

Well, the Conservatives want to go into the next election singing "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" but after they get elected you will see those jobs dry up!

Indirect Taxation:  The new power lines are for DC current.  DC Current travels on the outside of the wire, not though it as does AC,  Consequently it is easier to determine what power to put on the line to serve the market.  There is no heat generated and there is no electrical  field surrounding the wire.  So, NIMBY people will not be able to fight power lines based on their phony irradiation suspicions.

Power companies expect as much as a 20% increase in profit levels because of these characteristics of DC Transmission.   Yet, Fortis who operate and own the lines are telling people there will be up to a 25% increase in power bills to pay for the new lines!

Why are the producers not paying for the lines out of windfall profits?

Alberta's water allotments are all given out.  They were stored and are still in the oil drilling companies and if the Conservatives or Wild Rose Party get in again, you will see these same oil companies selling water to municipalities for millions of dollars and, you will be paying those millions on your utility bills.  This is what you have done to yourself voting Conservative!

On the water side of things Harper has refused 3 times at the UN to declare water a human right in Alberta!
And, that neat website Water Canada is a Conservative site.   They are playing the population like a harp!

There is one reasonable vote to make in Alberta and that is for the Alberta Liberal Party!   Yes, they have been financed in part by the oil companies  but their policies include stopping the privation of schools and doing away with the mega health board.   That by itself is enough to turn this province around!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alberta Conservative Corruption

This You Tube presentation has taken a lot of work and good research.  The reason all of this can happen is because the RCMP cannot investigate the Alberta Government unless they first get permission from the Attorney General; a position Redford filled for many years.
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