Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can Oberg save us?

Do you hear two hands clapping in a vacuum? Link

The conservative future appears to be much more of the same as far as health care and any number of resource and water programs are concerned! Do we want more of the same?

It appears to be the public’s fault that “The Third Way” was not successful. According to the hopefuls it is incumbent on us to learn to believe what they are saying. Yet they operate on hidden agenda, no attempt to properly budget and account for expenditures. Their choice of communication is by outright lies and misleading statement. How can we possibly trust this crew? That is what is missing. Perhaps Mr. Oberg can bring us along? Where’s the fresh air?

Where is the talk of accountability? An example; blowing up the hospital in Calgary cost some one something; where are the figures and the proper explanations? Cutting resource to drive up need and drive up costs artificially to drive up the bills. Create a problem by over use or under funding then, privatize it. That is what these guys are about.

The status quo is mentioned. Play on words can be fun. To point; “people should be allowed to buy insurance to cover those costs no covered by Alberta Health Insurance”

What this means in de-insuring a bunch of services in Alberta.
Capital health is busy drawing up lists to do just this. Where is the public discussion? Where is the public input? Are they too ashamed to put plans forward?

I think this is a very good time to hear from the opposition parties about their plans on a broad range of subjects including health care. Or, are they conceding a Conservative Government in again at the next election? Both parties are sitting on their laurels thinking they will be elected by default.

I say to them “Not so!”
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