Friday, June 23, 2006



Not said in the article is that the Conservative’s plan on energy rebates comes off in time for the summer glut of power in the US which drives up the “market price” of electricity. Here is a link to the start of the gouge!

The Conservatives plan the deep gouge from our pockets! This scenario is planned not a year ahead bout 5 years ahead! There are no secrets here and, it is a good time to grab our coin! As usual seniors and fixed incomes are going to suffer most. Where is the Alberta index for Old age Pension? We are running cost wise 5 time the national average in costs and the penison are incremeinted on an abbreviated cost of living as determined nationally.

The monthly market rate will certainly be a better options cost wise for consumers. What would be better is a continuance of the power rebate to Albertans for the whole year. It is bad enough we pay for all the export of electricity in the power lines. And, we pay for the power lines so that the oil sands companies can export for free.

If anybody votes for a conservative in this next election they just have to be totally nuts!

EDMONTON - Your power bills could bounce in July, when regulated rates will more closely follow the ups and downs of the wholesale electricity market.

"We thought this was a more transparent way for consumers to see the actual price of electricity," says spokesman Jerry Bellikka at Alberta Energy, which ordered the change.

With retail rates now tied to a mix of one-month and one-year wholesale purchases, he says, consumers cannot easily see the basis of their bills. "The price of electricity today may not show on your bill for three months."

Power rebates are gone! Sell your kids!

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