Friday, June 09, 2006

Right wing goose stepping bunch of bastards!

Stockwell day is warming up to take an end run on the internet here

In another article which I do not have a link to Stockwell day is about to change the rules for all federal agents to pretty much do what ever they want to whom ever they want in the name of investigation.

No holds barred! One of these Feds (Game warden; customs agent etc) can use any means necessary except excess force in the pursuit of their truth and, they will be protected under the law!

This is straight out of NAZI Germany!

With all this breaking news and the hind site into the Ontario "terrorist" BS that is catching so much news, I would have to guess a group of young men are being taken advantage of to open the door for a right wing enforcement program that only Stockwell day could imagine.

That will teach those kids to go paint balling in Canada!
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