Monday, April 27, 2020

Conservative and COVID 19

This virus is a match made for our RNA, the single strand like DNA. I t is my understanding this RNA is pretty much the same in all species! We have it crossing species in the Bronx Zoo. Two of their big cats have contracted it. It has been transmitted to House Cats. What next? It is manifesting itself in COVID Toes. An ugly looking mess growing inside your feet.

 It is manifesting itself into blood clots that cover the skin and the major organs. Even the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, covered in blood blisters! Science is a long way of finding a vaccination for this thing! It is on any scale horrendous. As far as immunity goes, it is not known if you can reinfect or not. Quite probably you will use your immunization to become a carrier. Bats have been found to carry up to 5 COVID viruses very similar to COVID 19.

The Conservative movement is made up of Fundamentalist Christians. This is where you Anit-Vax movement comes from too. These same people are pushing for herd immunization even though, there is no proof that will fix anything! The Conservatives are worse than a Virus!

There is going to be no quick cure for this and thousands more are going to die from it! Scheer same as usual is critical of the Government but offers not a thing by way of doing something different.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Corona Virus we are not yet gaining!

Meanwhile, 5 new, different Coronaviruses have been found in Bats.  Studies ongoing as to how they will mutate.  The Bronx zoo reports it's big cats were tested and found to be infected with COVID 19.  At has crossed still another species.  A house cat has also checked positive.

Google are designating posts with movies as 404  "can't find the website"  I will be putting up a list of Google Apps back doors.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

COVID - we are not moving out of it, we are approaching the centre!

All my reading on the subject (and, that's a lot) flattening the curve is important to protect our hospital System for the next round!  We are not moving out of the #COVID pandemic, we are approaching the centre of the forest.

As we garner from considerable history on pandemics, round two will be bigger and much meaner than round one!

Our biggest problem is politics.  The provincial Conservatives who were put into office by Bell Media are sensitive to Donald Trump's dilemma on trying to get re-elected in the USA and his thrust on re-starting the economy.  Canadian politicians with the notable exception of Ontario and Quebec are siding mindlessly with Trump's action in this direction.

If Trump turns on the economy doing away with the meagre show of social distancing in the US,
it will be tantamount to mass murder.   Christian fundamentalists are the heart of the Conservative movement.  They are your anti-vax people; the people who support herd immunization as a means to do away with the Virus.  They tend to think the pile of bodies are someone else's but, they will find this Virus does not discriminate and quite possibly can mutate before a vax is found.

As of now, there is no proof the serum transplants with antibodies are going to work as a cure although, they just may.  Another thing, there is no proof or even indications that the antibodies produced during an infection will in any way stop a new infection.

Today, news out that there are 5 new kinds of COVID (SARS) virus found in Bats.  Work is being done now to find out how quickly they will transfer to humans and other mammals.

Food for thought.

Friday, April 17, 2020

WHO, China, USA

Trump has turned the Covis 19 into a dirty conversation.  Here is a link to the action board members of the WHO.  Note China is fully represented but the US is either sending in political, unqualified appointments or not attending.  The countries on this list would know of an outbreak in the first 24 hours!  It is Trump's inaction with the WHO that is killing so many Americans!

As far as Trump's claims the WHO were late reporting.  That is simply a lie in place to allow him to escape the truth.  Here's the link to events notice, a virus discovered on December 31 and on January 1st WHO had set up the IMST (Incident Management Support Team) across 3 levels of Government.   By January 5th the details of the virus, what it was and the inherent danger of it was put forward to the world.

Autopsies have been performed around the world on earlier deaths Germany found the COVID 19 Virus in deaths in early December as did France.  The people at the time had no idea what it was!  China came forward with the DNA of the COVID 19 which, got the ball rolling.

Back to Trump.  In the dealings on the Mexico Canada US trade deal, the Mexican Government said the US is sending in people picked because of their political strip not their knowledge of the subject matter!  It appears he did the same thing with the WHO who had standards for membership.

Now, we have Scheer backing the US position, embellishing it with nonsense.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

XL pipeline permit rejected by US supreme court! Reprieve for Alberta Pensions.

Court has rejected the bid to start the XL Pipeline!
This was Kenny's bid to run opposition to the TransMountain Expansion. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kenny following Trump's act; not afraid to kill Albertans!

Trump and Kenny's position is that the WHO did not restrict travel from China in the first days of the outbreak!
The facts, as usual, are quite different.  At the point of time he references, we had no knowledge at all of what we were facing and the  WHO was on the ground trying to find the facts.

The US problems lay at the feet of their pricy overcharging private health care system.  Locked into profit mode none would take the time to do the necessary contact research and several weeks passed before states started their own actions.  There was no Federal leadership as there was in Canada.

According to Trump, this period was some kind of a joke Trump was saying time and again, I'm doing great, everything is going to be fine. 

Back to Kenny’s act now, he is threatening to put US trial meds into Canada if there is any delay in Canada's approval of the same tests.  The foreign tests are far from perfect, hot out of the door with profit the motive. Experimental is a kindness.

Time and again, Kenny is showing a reckless disregard for Albertan’s lives again!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The X L Pipeline on Alberta dime.

The #XL Pipeline is a waste of time and should not receive a cent from Alberta! It is Kenny's allegiance to the US coupled with a payoff to Conservative buddies that is putting this up.   Politically, it also pits teachers pensions against any move by the fed in the future to cancel it.   The Liberals should be moving on it now!

The US is self-sufficient in oil now, what they import, they process and export. For the first time in their history, they are exporting condensate to Mexico who, in turn, are now in a position to make the range of types of gasoline. This condensate excess comes from the Balkan shale play, and it can't be injected back into the feed as this will only produce higher quantities of condensate coming out.

Obama set all this in play by building 23000 miles of new pipelines between the US oil divisions. These divisions are now full to capacity, as is the US emergency storage used to balance the oil markets.

Point is whatever goes though this pipeline is adding to US exports and working against the promise of the Trans Mountain pipeline which the US sees as opposition and is supported by the Conservatives.

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