Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dinning? God protect us!

Surprise! Jim Dinning wants to be premier!

He is the last person I would like to see in charge of the Conservative Party. He is the man who invented the plans to privatize the campgrounds etc. He is the man who drew up the plans for the privatization of the electrical facility. He is the man who was sitting next to Kline in the West Edmonton Mall fiasco. It is probably his name the courts are protecting for another 12 years! It is my personal view that Ralph Klein was Jim Dinnings front man.

Jim Dinning is the one who prescribed the oil royalty programs that we are in so much trouble over. He is the man who authored the privatization of our health care, a process that is on going whether or not it is described as the third way.

Dinning is a consultant for ATCO. No crime in that. Trans Alta have walked way from the central corridor power lines to Calgary. ATCO have presented to their share holders a plan to bring a line down the eastern part of the province for export. We have yet to hear who the Conservatives will give the building of the power line to from Genesee to the eastern border.

The senior’s plight in this province was authored by Jim Dinning. Fiscal Planning it is called. Mr. Dinning owns his own up scale seniors home. More fiscal planning.

This is time to talk of the poison cup! If you want to commit this province to further suicide look for Dinning!
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