Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ralph’s team are active! Protect your babies!
Perhaps you have noticed Blue Cross on your radio and televisions regularly advising you how cheap it is to pay for your own prescriptions. By my estimate they are advertising on a frequency of 10 times over the frequency of other years.

As Ralph and company brush aside coverage under Alberta Health Care, you will be encouraged to look to Blue Cross as a cheap, better alternative.

Like wise seniors multi plans will be curtailed or cut, get the kids to put out!

Ralph is going to do the same to health care as he did with your parks, campgrounds, electricity and museums. Any one who thinks differently is walking on the verge of stupidity! Go after your MLA, with an email if nothing else.On the water front Mr. Laugheed is telling the world what a great move it would be to move the Peace River South in pipelines. (As predicted on Ralph’s World)

Calgary confirms they have 100 million cubic meters of water for an allotment which will change rapidly over the next 5 to 10 years. Most notable Calgary has no well water allotments. As the Bow and the Elbow Rivers slow and go stagnant, Calgary residents will have to buy their home water from Coca Cola or one of the other Agri-Food industry who have bought up the Aquifer from which the wells are drawn.Any one wants to guess who was the Mayor of Calgary who sold off the Aquifer allotments?

Mr Dinning who is the author of this whole dam mess is campaigning hard.

The cure? Turn out the vote! The stage is set now for nationalization of our most basic resources like water. Go for it!

John Clark
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