Thursday, February 16, 2006

Harper goes for the Soft Sell in Health Care!

The Conservative health privatization is in deep trouble. The public are now aware! Who would have guessed Harper would be champion of the "soft sell" with BS like the limited use like up grading hip replacement and cataract surgery.

If you haven't the money you will get looked after at some level if you can survive for 9 months in pain and discomfort.

I'm waiting for him to announce his plan to change the law to include assisted suicide to further his plan of only the fit survive.

He sure has a lot of respect for seniors as does this gangster running Alberta! I have repeadly asked if we are dealing with Government in Alberta or Orginized crime?

Rather than look at the specifics he wants to talk about, look towards the vast opportunity this opens for the private health scenario!

Soon enough you will see the owner ship of your public hospitals disappear into a short list of private political friends, notably the insurance companies. They are all careful to stay away from the word "universal" or "universality"!

His game is on. I say call an election now that Canadians know the pace and scope of this savagery of the health system.

A two tier system I would put in is the Conservative vote buy their own health insurance and the rest of us stay with the public, universal health system.

You can tell I really love this crew
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