Sunday, February 12, 2006

Conservative supporters looking for payback!

I think we, the Liberals have some problems in the Agenda. Mr. Klein of Alberta stated he would make no moves on health care until after the Federal Election.

The Quebec Courts have made a ruling on private for profit health care which effects Quebec but, not the other provinces.

We hear continually “we will defend the Canada Health Act”
I want to hear it won’t be changed in any way that will remove universality!

Mr. Martin who is excellent in answering direct questions has failed to respond to five attempts on the question “In consideration of the Quebec Health Care situation and in consideration of Mr. Klein’s insights; is it your intention to open the Canada Health Act for the purpose of changing it to include private for profit health care without penalty?”

I would hope each one of us challenge our candidates on what Mr. Martin plans to do with health care after the election. We all know the party position but, Mr. Martin’s position and intention seems to be different.

Mr. Martin seems to be further right wing than does Mr. Harper. We have cause for great concern here. Both parties would rather discuss real estate on the moon than health care! Challenge your candidates!

Note the item on Private Health Implications.

John Clark
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