Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Coal Bed Methane the Dream of Ages

Alberta has been working on this with very limited success for the last 25 years. Efforts are now more directed to how to snow the public than how to get the gas up without puncturing the water aquifers.

Coal bed methane in the news today.

Alberta is planning on using our dwindling fresh water to force the gas out of the coal bed. When you look at these two things together one has to wonder why the privatized water lines and who is going to pay!

A single coal bed methane battery can have more than 20 holes going through the water aquifer!

When the gas comes up, some of this water laden with lead mercury and other heavy metals like cyanide and it goes back into the water aquifer damaging for ever the quality of the drinking water.

Alberta Environment will be quick to tell you their disposal rules are second to none. Any of the used water or natural occurring water in the coal has to be sent down 1 km underground. They are talking of any water pockets they encounter in the coal. That’s all and well for the fluids they catch. What comes up with the gas and water and back into the aquifer is the unspoken risk! More misdiriection by this Government and the energy companies.

Montana has a different problem than Alberta. Theirs is one of saline or salt solutions embedded in the coal seam coming up with the gas that kills the vegetation for a lot of years. Alberta doesn’t seem to have a bunch of salt, yet but it does have its share of the other nasties.

When the oil seismic crews went through the County of Parkland near Edmonton all the wells went dry. The citizens said it was because the seismic perforated the water table (Aquifer) and Klein's direct respone was "Prove it!"

With events coming I would suggest you ask for water testing before they start and at an ongoing schedual of no more than 20 day intervals from an area circumference of the site !

Gas recovery sites a hundred miles away from your well water can contaminate your well. Press the Government for proper monitoring! Protect the water Aquifer.
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