Friday, February 17, 2006

Dangerous Goods - The kit Developing

The Transport of Dangerous Goods training tells the owner he/she is responsible to stop or mitigate any leaks fires what not that may arise from the freight he/she is carrying. It does not tell you how to do this however.

Here is a list of things and their explanation that will be useful around the home or the shop as well as in a truck to meet or mitigate your circumstance as in spill leak fire etc.

Remember firemen work in teams and train with proper equipment including various flash gear devices. A situation may be stable until you enter into it! If you don't know and don't have a buddy then, best you stay away and call for help.

An insipient stage of a fire (starting fire) should have 2400 gallons of water available to put it out (that's 11,000 liter) of water. Phone for fire department support before you try with a garden hose!

The trick is being prepared and making a decision not to enter a circumstance because of limitation; that is very different than not knowing what to do and doing nothing!

1 soft rubber bounce ball 7 cm dia
1 ceiling lamp hook (butterfly fold down on one end and screw head on the other)
1 wing nut that fits the lamp hook screw

Take off the butterfly from the long screw, turn it around and screw it down onto the screw so its tip is next to the head of the screw.
Force the long screw through the rubber ball allowing end to protrude longer than 1/2 the span of the butterfly.
Add a 1/2" washer and a wing nut. Finished!

Make a second, smaller size.

Operation: A leak in a light container is handled best by turning the container in such a way the hole is at the top. Now, take the ball plug and push the butterfly through the container as you would through a ceiling. This leaves the ball next to the container. Turn the wing nut down onto the ball forcing it against the container. It will be effectively, temporarily patched. The softer the ball, the better the fit.

The next item of importance is:
The second important piece for your Dangerous Goods response kit is a bundle of wooden door wedges which can be picked up for a buck at most hardware stores. Also here a small, clear plastic bag. The bag can be used for a patch or to protect your hands. You must have your kit with you to do any good. In the trunk, under the seat; where-ever. Great package for a boat. If you have to go for a patch you will have lost the battle.

The trick here is:
They will not cause sparks.
They can be broken with your fingers to plug smaller holes.
One wedge can be used to tap a second, third or 5th into place.
On the marine side of things this is called soft patching. Similar tools on a larger scale as in 2 X 4s or larger along with mattresses can prevent a boat from sinking.

Your kit will not need any secondary tool to make it work.

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