Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ralph's Master plan unveiled

It is apparent Klein and Company have deliberately shorted infrastructure support to the communties in order to blackmail them into his privitzied water scheme. The Journal article coupled with Mr. Lougheed of ATCO dog and pony show saying what a good idea it was to bring the Peace River south in pipelines prompted this letter. Mr. Klein always has a chance to reply but usually tosses the ball to Environment who ignore when they can't lie.

Time to check with your municipal elected leaders and see what kind of a deal they have in mind for you; if ATCO gets involved your utility will double!

Honorable Ralph Klein, February 17, 2006
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re:- The occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein; The Master Plan.

Dear Premier:

The announcement and text in the Edmonton Journal article “Province has stalled over water treatment report” has brought into focus your total debilitating plan for Alberta. I have said before it is hard to distinguish between the Alberta Conservative Government and Organized Crime. This is so true!

Starting back in Mr. Dinning’s day (he probably co-authored of the plan) you slowly and surly cut down the support for Alberta’s infrastructure. Your mismanagement over the years did produce a debt for this province that you had to pay down. As well your party blew most of the Heritage trust fund. Some record! One is forced to ask why and how.

I believe you personally are driven by an adolescent extreme right wing viewpoint. As such your are condemned to moving ahead with ideals rather than plans. This however is where it stops.

I have said before you are a “one trick dog” and it was not until I read the ‘Journal article I realized how true that is. As with all of your schemes you first debilitate the service through chronic under funding then, you step up to the public and say to privatize it is the only way to save the day.

You did this in Parks and Camp grounds with millions dropped by the way side. You did this in Electricity with 60 billions of dollars apparently misplaced in the transactions. Misplaced? Certainly but remaining a total absolute loss for Albertans.

You are well on your way to doing this same number on Health Care; dam the fools who disagree.

Now you are starting it on the water however dwindling that resource is. You have left municipalities and cities with a water treatment plant the choice of going onto your pipeline, in which case they are promised financial help with the upgrade and maintenance of their water treatment plants or, do not join your pipeline scheme and suffer along on the municipal tax base for all their water needs.

There is still another 5 billion dollars needed in infrastructure because of your plan which is to privatize all of the infrastructure in the maintenance catch up.

By copy of this letter I am suggesting to the Association of Municipalities there is another alternative. Don’t party with you and your crew; wait until an honest Government comes to power and there will be fresh ideas put on the table.

Utility and services will remain in the hands of the Government and there may very well be the means to claw back that you have already taken from us!

John Clark
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