Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Canadian Forces in Jeapoardy!

This just in:
Canadian forces facing prospect of huge resignations as their policies come head to head with the oil economy.

The untold story of the soldiers hurt in the last bombing attempt is out. The Canadian Soldiers are not allowed to carry bullets or magazines with bullets in their guns while on duty. They are under instruction not to shoot until shot at. This leaves them only with the action of avoidance as was the case in the explosion/roll over.

Our soldiers seen and identified the threat of a suicide bomber but under the "don't shoot first" order they tried to avoid by driving their vehicle through a ditch. Simultaneously the bomber exploded flipping the now vulnerable vehicle over on top of one of the occupants.

When these young men and woman are not on the building and reconstruction projects in Kandahar they are on patrol in the desert searching out "Taliban". Whether they are on the search or on the rebuild the rules are the same; no bullets or ammunition loaded in any equipment; no loaded magazines inserted. Don't shoot until shot at which is a trick for a bomber. Understand you can see your adversary loading and pointing his weapon yet, as a Canadian Soldier you are not allowed to load yours until actually fired upon! Brings a new meaning to "Cannon Fodder".

Other soldiers live in mortal fear of having to shoot a child bomber or soldier of which there are very many. Not near as many as really great young kids they are trying to help.

Sick and tired of the high risk; compounded by the "Canadian Solution" to a war people are leaving the Canadian Forces, well trained in top physical condition to join the oil patch at twice the money.

I am so very glad my kids are not in the Canadian forces.
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