Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alberta's new cancer clinic - private?

The Honourable Ralph Klein
307 Legislature Bldg
10800 - 97 Avenue

Dear Premier:

It is clear that in the total absence of any imagination in the area of creating new industry you have centered on the Health Care as being a sustainable industry in Alberta.

Considering most of the Cancer’s can be contributed to the Oil Industry from living in the proximity of flares or because of truly shoddy work habits in the oil patch years ago, this will be a growth industry as the population ages. Good call! In addition, putting a major cancer research center in the middle of the incident area is truly a stroke of genius

On the downside which I think you should explain; one billion dollars is to be paid forout of private health care funding. This is the type of funding where people have to sell their homes, farms and any other chattel to pay the hospital bills because the private insurance will not cover them for cancer in some cases or addresses in others.

Most disturbing in your third way is the complete lack of universality in your despot
renditions of what is right.

Is every Albertan guaranteed equal access to this new facility; are they guaranteed
medical coverage for this that will not rob them of their life’s savings?

John Clark
Copy: Iris Evans
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