Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Norway vis Alberta; how and why.

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    #Norway for the first time in its history has a #minority Conservative Government. It is the Socialist Governments of the years past that put the money in the bank.
    In addition every citizen is guaranteed a University education - free and health care coverage that is second to none.

    The Conservatives determined the #Heritage fund actually belonged to the oil companies as they put the money into it. On this philosophy they limited the growth of the fund to 5% taking everything above, putting it into General Revenues to be used in place of taxes, the oil being the biggest benefactor.

    #Norway keeps its *hundreds of billions of dollars off shore the purpose to allow small business and ordinary business to function. It is however an economies of scale. A hamburger would cost 50.00, the person behind the counter makes over 100,000 and Mac Donald's makes it all work as do other industries.

    It is very wrong for you to imply that a Conservative Government had anything to do with their wealth.

    Norway has the highest educated people in the world on average due to the opportunities in education made by the socialist Governments.  
    Norwegians do not want to live on mountain tops so a great many live around the world; some in Canada.  The World is their Oyster!

    Norwegians turn out 70% of their population for every vote there by keeping their Governments honest. Unlike Alberta who put a Conservative majority in place with only 22% of the popular vote.'

    Its time for Albertans to lose their inherent fear of so called Socialist Governments. Looking after the people is what socialism is. It is not the marching armies of the movies. #Universities take hard hits, yes. It is safe politically because statistically, Universities do not vote. Could say they get what they deserve.

    People living in #apartments are not considered in the stats; they are identified and taken out actually. Why? Because they don't count; they don't statistically vote.

    This takes me to the #flat tax under which the workers and their families, the middle and lower earning brackets pays the majority of the taxes!

    I want to see that changed to a normal progressive tax system again.

    I don't care who you vote for but its time to straighten out your life and go to the polls!

    I personally will support the Alberta Liberals.

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